New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 06-03-2013

Greco, Emanuele / Topografia di Atene: sviluppo urbano e monumenti dalle origini al III sec. d.C. / Pandemos, 2010-

Hartley, Brian / Names on terra sigillata: an index of makers’ stamps & signatures on Gallo-Roman terra sigillata (Samian ware) / University of London, 2008-

LRFW 1: late Roman fine wares: solving problems of typology and chronology: a review of the evidence, debate and new contexts; edited by Miguel Ángel Cau, Paul Reynolds and Michel Bonifay / Archaeopress, 2011

Musica e archeologia: reperti, immagini e suoni dal mondo antico; a cura di Giulio Paolucci e Susanna Sarti / Quasar, 2012

Plautus / Plautus; edited and translated by Wolfgang de Melo / Harvard University Press, 2011-

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