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Paging Hardware: Proof of Concept

Before the 2016 SAA Conference, I compiling work done by Matthew Cepeda, from his time as the VGA Intern, Michael Nugent, from his capstone project with the VGA, and myself, as the current VGA Intern, to create a more comprehensive form of the proof-of-concept hardware checkout system for Briscoe Digital Archivist Jessica Meyerson to present.

The hardware checkout system was a system started to craft a way to easily check hardware artifacts out to researchers in the Reading Room while opening up a dialogue with other involved parties (Head of Public Services, Reference Archivist, and Archive Pages). The final deliverable contains a SKU system for hardware items and associated peripherals, instructions for assembly and disassembly of hardware systems, an example call slip, and other relevant documentation.

Through completing this work we produced a poster with an overview of the system as well as a  Google Drive folder with all of the pieces that were used.


Current UTVGA Metrics

The beginning of my time as the newest Videogame Archive Intern was spent learning more about the collections that made up the VGA.

While picking through the different collections to learn about them and their creators I was able to create an infographic to show the main metrics that make up the VGA.