Meeting Notes 7/13/17

DAC July monthly meeting

Thursday, 7/13/17, 11:00am-noon, PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Roxanne / Blogger: Kristin

Attendees: Andres, Roxanne, Gilbert, Carla, Loretta, Gina, Bonnie, Rebecca, Kristin

Absent: Jennifer

I remember (all – 5 minutes)

Co-chair Nominations (Andres – 10 minutes)

Only one nominee, but nomination declined. Andres spoke about what it means to be a co-chair and what types of expectations are in place. He discussed the need for documentation going forward with the group. We still need folks to sign up for meeting facilitation and blogger positions on the SharePoint meeting leader document.

Reflection Space update (Kristin – 10 minutes)

                The walls and paint are up now. We did receive a staff comment on the colors being too bright. Our furniture vendor was unable to provide us with a price quote for our order, therefore we are going to use another vendor to get the furniture before the start of school. We were informed that we will not be able to get the low lumen LED bulbs to provide softer lighting in the space. We will be using an item called a bulb sleeve that will dim the fluorescent bulbs.

 Building a Barrier-Free Campus Exhibit update (Andres – 10 minutes)

We were approached by SSD about partnering to host this exhibit in a UTL space.  He is still waiting on final budget approval.  Andres is working with Thao to plan an opening reception event.   Andres is trying to locate a good location for the exhibit to be set up. The content is primarily centered on UT Arlington and their leadership in implementing accessibility on their campus.  Andres is looking for DAC members to assist with the exhibit planning.

Campus Climate Response Team report (Andres – 5 minutes)

                Jennifer and Andres met with a member of the Campus Climate Response Team about a CCRT report regarding an incident at PCL.  This has been resolved.   Campus community members may report racist, derogatory or violent flyers, incidents or activities on campus by using the “Report an Incident” form on the Campus Climate Response Team website.

It Made Me Think… (all – 5 minutes)

RESOURCES: After Charlottesville

These resources were provided by Dr. Betty Jean Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Inclusion and Equity, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Guide: The Alt-Right on Campus: What Students Need to Know

What UVA did wrong when white supremacists came to campus

When White Supremacists Descend, What Can a College President Do?

What it’s like to be a Black student as white supremacists march in your college town



Thursday 8/10, 11:00am-noon, PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Andres / Blogger: Rebecca

  • I remember (all – 5 minutes)
  • New Co-chair (Andres – 5 minutes)
  • DAC Annual Report (Andres – 20 minutes)
  • BeVocal Training / Co-teacher opportunity (Jennifer – 10 minutes)
  • PCL ADA parking spaces (Gina – 10 minutes)
  • It Made Me Think… (all – 5 minutes)