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MEETING REPORT, August 11, 2016

Facilitating: Andres Ramirez

Attending: KW, JT, AR, DC, BD, JH, RB, SO

Blogging: RB

  • I Remember… (Voluntary – 5 minutes)
    AR—catching up via JT’s minutes; JT—bylaws conversation; JH—governance items were surprising
  • Scheduling monthly meetings (Dale -10 minutes)
    DC will issue a Doodle poll shortly; Thursdays are good, Fridays bad
  • Scheduling Orlando Readings session (Andres -10 minutes)
    Kristen’s availability—AR will send a Doodle poll, to DASIG members, after checking UTL calendar; UT Box doc with suggested readings…
  • Planning next events /disABILITY Advocacy training (Dale -10 minutes)
    BD (owner) will send email asking for volunteers—KW & RB volunteer; BD will contact PG re: this; training planned for this fall; discussed doing “Step 1” 1-hour training for just DASIG, followed by the 2-hour training that results in a certificate/ally-like card; having a panel for the 1st; DC reminds us about doc for event ideas; also, AR suggests offering sessions at multiple times; co-sponsor with Library Staff Council?
  • Meditation Spaces assessment group & new DASIG name (Andres -10 minutes)
    Spaces for multiple people to meditate or pray or reflect, more than a nappy-time space; will work with KWB on assessment, then CC will put it in the pipeline for renovation; KW—cost breakdown would be helpful to include, to get it a spot in the queue of renovations; creating *and* IDing existing spaces; “Tranquility Spaces”—one suggested name (SO); Also needs to be a flexible space, moveable furniture; BD—Are the spaces designated for this purpose at all times?—Yes, probably. 1st location in PCL, but could export to the branches later; AR—to develop guidelines for the creation of such spaces; RB—consultation with Counseling and Mental Health Center? JH—Jeff Stellmach, Quiet Room Coordinator, good guy to consult; discussion of relaxation apps; REST acronym is an acceptable name, ditto Tranquility Zone; SO—display or set-up listing resources from UTL (and CMHC?) on self-care, de-stressing, etc.; RB—stay in touch with Kimberly Burdine after R+P, so she can promote these spaces to students later; also Mary Steinhardt; possibility of space in the Scholar’s Commons area, should it be renovated; kitchen there, could provide tea, or have a secure box for tea fund donations; Keurig back there? Anyone want to own this? SO will, with a partner; KW can help with cost breakdown; SO—Timeline?—throughout the semester, depends on KWB’s schedule too; AR or DC will also assist
    DASIG name–SO–LSDAC, Library Staff Diversity Action Committee; AR—IDAC, Inclusivity & Diversity Action Committee; need full membership + poll for decision; will solicit more name suggestions by email
  • Recruiting & mentoring strategies for students (Andres -10 minutes)
    DC’s idea of having a mixer for SAs, perhaps in the spring; AR—How to reach this population, how to configure pool of people who want to be mentors in this area; JH—What’s the goal of the mentoring, the end result? AR—mentoring in a career sense, but opens floor to other ideas; KW—lack of diversity in the profession, see if we can spur students’ interest in librarianship? RB—want to invite iSchool students as well, to give their perspectives? DC—Ask Jee about the mentoring experience she had; AR—immediate steps? BD—Joe Dobbs has an iSchool mixer every fall, see if we could get 5-10 minutes during that; KW—do a short thing at an all-staff meeting; JH—see who else is doing something similar, big topic at last ACRL; DC—do we want to recruit a student member now? AR—ex officio? RB—ULN students? KW—they aren’t officially UTL staffers; JH—could look at 4th-year students;
    Diversity Statement Update: AR sent it to lh, hasn’t yet heard back but we should get back to her when our bylaws/charges are completed; may need to wait for restructuring to settle out; JH—want to get the diversity statement in our new postings as soon as we can, ask Doug if it’s been on VPC agenda or can go on August agenda;
  • It Made Me Think… (Voluntary – 5 minutes)
    RB—ambitious group, timeline out our plans
    AR—ambitious indeed, wants feedback about how much is on our plate
    SO—not overly ambitious, likes the ACTION in this group

Below are several points to keep in mind for this meeting:

We will be holding discussion of our Bylaws for a separate 2-hour meeting yet to be scheduled.  If you have not yet voted and would like to participate in the Bylaws discussion, please select times in the following Doodle Poll that you will be able to attend:

Due to busy schedules during August, Kristen Hogan has agreed to reschedule the Orlando Readings discussion session for September.

The disABILITY Advocacy training was voted as our next event for early Fall, and we will be looking for volunteers interested in helping organize this event.

Also, Dale and I contacted Facilties earlier in the summer about our charge regarding “safe spaces” and they provided the following guidance:

-isolate functional requirements of the space

-engage representative sample of the projected users of such a space.  At UC Berkeley their student government has pushed for similar spaces, quiet areas around campus that are available for students to meditate, rest, etc.  Here’s an article:

They are going to include one of these rooms in their new undergraduate library renovation:

They are focusing on the “REST zones” from a wellness perspective:

-meet with   Krystal Wyatt-Baxter to think about how best to systematically gather information that would take the ideas DASIG has for safe spaces and operationalize them in a way that we can consider it in the next renovation

-find another term rather than “safe spaces” as all of the libraries are meant to be safe spaces.