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Meeting Notes 2/09/2017

Present: Roxanne,  Gilbert,  Melanie,  Allyssa, Jennifer,  Stacy,  Andres, Jessica

Diversity Action Committee (DAC)/Library Staff Council (LSC) Meeting

If we want Dr. Haricombe’s feedback regarding the work of DAC, what’s the process? What should be brought up at LSC Admin meeting?  These questions will be brought up in the February 21 LSC/Admin meeting that Andres will attend.

Our DAC minutes will go out with LSC minutes, now that we are a standing committee of LSC.  DAC will use LSC comment form.  If the need arises, we can explore other options to receive comments.

Are there expectations that DAC will prepare an annual report? If so, what are the guidelines?

We discussed for the need to address the campus climate report in regards to our hiring.  Our goal is to promote diversity in our recruiting, hiring and retention practices.  We discussed having members of DAC on Personnel Committee. We currently have two such members.  For the March meeting, Jennifer will provide a list of where we advertise our positions, which includes advertising to under-represented targeted audiences.  We explored if there is a way to get impressions from under-represented applicants who are not position accepting offers? The Library HR Office can reach out to the candidate to ask.

Lessons Learned Session

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter will lead our Lessons Learned, scheduled for March 8 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. in PCL 1.124. This will be potluck, which will include vegetarian and gluten-free items.

Facilitator, Krystal, will ask questions in advance, which will include our hopes for outcome of Lessons Learned session, DAC’s successes and challenges over the last year. Other questions will be about our leadership positions:  How is that going?  Also, how is our transition going from an staff interest group to a standing committee under Library Staff Council?  How is communication officer position going?  We will also document the transition process.

Chill Space Update

Chill space update: Stacy and Andres reported for future renovation we can incorporate considerations for chill spaces.  We can seek out partnerships with other organizations on campus, and to provide recommendations. WE discussed seeking informal feedback.  More quiet spaces are desired in libraries.  What was DAC charge? We can’t designate space only for prayer that is not study space. Typically, such spaces have no desks, may have benches, be a comfortable place. No food or drink allowed. No power outlets. This is a viewable area with doors that cannot lock, no fluorescent light, and provides a calm environment.

Spring Panel Update

Gilbert and Jennifer reported that the spring panel is on track, scheduled for April 13, 1-2:30 in PCL Learning Lab 1.  All panelists have been contacted and PG Moreno has agreed to moderator the discussion.

Recruitment/Spring Open House

During our open house, this will be an introduction of who we are, and what we’re committed to doing.  This is an exercise to inform people, as well as to recruit new members.  Everyone is encouraged to talk to other staff members about Open House.  Please reach out to those who aren’t on other committees. This is also an opportunity to affirm our commitment of why we’re on DAC.  We’ll also explore what has worked well at previous Open Houses to encourage people to join DAC.

It’s time to nominate new co-chair. Melanie will roll off.  Doodle poll to determine May calendar date


Meeting Notes 1/12/17

Held in Life Sciences Library
In attendance: Gilbert (facilitator), Stacy, Jennifer, Andres, Allyssa, Roxanne, Kristin, Jessica (Blogger)

Transition from DASIG to DAC
Andres reported:
Blog: has been renamed, but we still need to change the URL
Listserv: is changed to DAC, but the subject headings still say DASIG…  Gilbert asked if there’s a way to forward from the old address to the new (Andres will check)

-About page has new text (all agreed we should put the mission statement there, and that we don’t need further explanation than that)
-Documents folder: older DASIG documents are in a sub-folder. Main folder contains there are facilitator/blogger guidelines, bylaws, and various other resources.
-There are only a handful of registered members listed on sharepoint. People need to get themselves registered/signed up.

Note that session leaders are now called “meeting leaders”
Moving forward: Andres suggested we need a clear communications plan document to describe where stuff goes, what the process is for communications, etc.
Official announcement:

-will be going out probably at Feb all staff meeting (but we are waiting to make sure everything is squared away to avoid confusion).
-we need to make few key points: transition, name change, announcement of new relationship with LSC, announce the upcoming open house.

Open house not scheduled yet, but we could announce that we’re thinking about April. Allyssa pointed out we should do the open house close to the members transition. Lessons learned session probably happening in March.

Lessons learned
Andres reported:
This is traditionally an annual self-assessment session, held in February. Usually this is facilitated by an outsider. Facilitated by Dr Betty Jean Taylor last year (possibly also the yr before).
Discussion: who should do it this year? should we even do one this year? It’s not in the bylaws…yet. We do probably want some form of assessment to talk about leadership, strengths of group, goals setting, etc., but maybe not necessary?
Last year: Dr Taylor solicited questions prior to the session via a Qualtrics survey. Asked about what were strengths/challenges of group last year, priorities, etc.
Kristin suggested we ask Krystal Wyatt-Baxter — she could walk us through the whole assessment plan.
Jennifer recommended Deborah Fields (training specialist here on campus).
Kim Burdine and Joey Hannah were recommended by Kristen Hogan (GSC)
Everyone agrees we ought to go ahead and do it.
We all seem to agree Krystal would be a great
Andres will send an email soliciting suggestions and close it 1/13. He’ll ask for nominees next week.
We also took a vote to confirm that we all agree we need a session (unanimous yes)
Andres will forward us the results from last year (and solicit suggestions for facilitators)

Meeting with Dr. haricombe
Dr. haricombe has approved/signed the event form, she is pleased and wants to talk with us “early january” to hear more results.
Andres invited her to this meeting but also suggested a separate meeting to discuss:
-clarifying communications plan, managing expectations. What do we want her to share out? Where are the boundaries, etc.
(e.g. staff wanted response to PULSE shootings, is it appropriate for us to respond to tragedies like this officially/formally?)
-What does lorraine think? What is she faced with (wrt Pres and Provost office). What can/can she not say?
Someone noted that we don’t really blog on our blog — this could be a place to share more info/thoughts related to current events?
We want to be responsible, but to have checks in our group, checks within UTL, etc.
We should also clarify when a committee report is expected and what it should contain.
JH: President’s office is going to be pushing for faculty more representative of students. Ripple effects will be beneficial for our recruitments, etc. lorraine is asking how we make our own recruitments more reflective too.
JH suggests that Andres/Melanie go to next LSC admin meeting
Andres will send an email inviting her to the next meeting, telling her where we are, etc. make sure our meetings are on her calendar.
RB: will our group have a role in fact finding, etc. about the more representative hiring push? Jennifer suggests we explore that and dig deeper with what we’ve done, etc. we’re doing well

Spring Panel Update

Jennifer reported that they have set a date (April 13th), and a room (Learning Lab 1) and they have talked to many panel members
Team has been working with Thao on basecamp and Thao will let Travis know about it.

-Announce at Feb all staff
-put on HR update
-put on Lib calendar
-tell our partners DDCE OIE GSC

Final Title has been settled: Gilbert will send that around.
Dr. haricombe also has an event in april (about breaking down barriers) — this is more of a collab with non-ut austin universities, but fits nicely with the theme
call for logos/graphics

RB: question about events like this and what kind of admin/official support there is for our evaluations (i.e. as professional development opportunities)

Meeting Notes 12/8/2016

Attendees: Roxanne, Jennifer, Jessica, Andres, Loretta, Kristin, Allyssa, Melanie, Gilbert, Stacy

I remember:

  • Melanie: Dale offered several suggestions to support the Muslim community in the aftermath of the presidential election.
  • Stacy: That it was a very emotional meeting.
  • Jessica: Was not at last meeting but remembers the time period as being very emotional.


Facilitator/blogger signup (Andres):

  • Some new members are hesitant to blog/facilitate due to uncertainty about procedures, so Andres put together a guide. Andres shared a draft of a Guide for DAC Meeting Facilitators before meeting to give the group a chance to preview it.  Will be open to comments and corrections, then will post to DAC SharePoint for future reference.
  • From discussion during a co-chair planning meeting, Melanie and Andres wanted to take the opportunity for the group to consider any possible changes on how we run meetings. Andres suggested a revision (which he has mailed out to us, since this meeting.)
  • This is our last meeting as DASIG – at the next meeting our committee name will be DAC (Diversity Action Committee) and we’ll be an independent external committee, working in partnership with LSC.
  • Open up for discussion – members agreed that it was a good idea.
  • Discussed the need to go back and tag older blog entries to reformat/revise to new standards.
  • Discussed pre-assigned blogging/facilitation, consensus was to continue to ask for volunteers at the end of each meeting.

Spring meeting schedule (Melanie):

  • One-and-a-half hour meeting time proposed by Melanie


    • Pro: One hour seems very rushed, sometimes business needs more discussion;
    • Con: more than an hour is a harder commitment. One hour keeps us on topic, disciplined.
    • Suggestion was made to tack on an extra optional 15 minutes/half hour as needed. We will try this out next time. We will book the meeting room for an hour and a half and direct people to agenda/blog.
  • Melanie proposed having DASIG (DAC by next meeting time) hold their meetings at other locations to avoid having meetings solely at PCL. This would allow us to have greater outreach and visibility at branch locations.
    • Roxanne and Stacy will look into arrangements for holding meetings at the Life Science Library and the Walter Geology Library.
    • Melanie will investigate the possibility of meetings at other locations.
  • Decision to continue Thursday meeting timeslot 11am-12pm, with add-on optional 30 minutes for open discussion.
  • Melanie will schedule Spring meetings in room 3.120 before winter break, with branch location updates pending.

Blog updates (Allyssa):

  • Allyssa worked with Gilbert and Melanie on updating our blog’s side bar navigation.
  • They pared down the categories and tags: 4 categories: Events & Training, Meeting Agenda, Meeting Notes, and Resources for Staff. The Uncategorized category could not be deleted.
  • Tags are to be used to describe the topic of the post and its source. Notes and Agendas do not need tags.
  • Please don’t use too many tags. Keep them at or under five tags max. Tag your source, be specific, and look at tags on your source article.
  • Blog updated with new DASIG/DAC name
  • Discussed coming up with a new tagline and or a new header image to coincide with our name change and becoming a standing committee. Andres suggested photo of one of the Gloria Anzaldua quotes outside the PCL learning labs.
  • All old posts are categorized but not tagged.
  • A question was raised about whether blog search bring up articles that have been posted?

Event Updates:

Strategic planning meeting with Thao (Andres):

  • Event forms will be submitted by us directly to Doug.
  • Thao is mostly interested in events that require assistance such as promotion, refreshments or AV support.
  • The person(s) in charge of an event will be in charge of submitting future event forms and of corresponding BaseCamp projects.
  • Events with an audience outside of UTL could potentially have a larger budget.
  • Events will not have “Signature” as part of the title. The term Signature is reserved for high-profile events involving the Vice-Provost and the Advancement Team.
  • Discussed potentially co-sponsoring future events with other campus organizations.

Spring Panel Event (Jennifer + Gilbert):

Spring panel event will be Thurs April 13 from 1pm-2:30pm in the PCL Learning Lab

  • Tentatively titled: Breaking Down the Barriers to Access
  • Panelists will discuss disability access, open access to materials, web access, and post-custodial access.
  • We will need to specify what Colleen’s section will cover.
  • Daniel Jacobs, DDCE Captioning Services would like to participate.
  • PG Moreno will participate – perhaps ADA/facilities access issues.
  • Theresa Polk can speak on post-custodial access. If she can’t make it for whatever reason we may ask for another presenter from Benson.
  • Each will spend 10 minutes explaining what/how they provide access to information and what are our challenges to providing access.
  • Adam McBride could be a possibility for an open education piece (Open education resources.)
  • We would like to engage the wider UT community with this panel discussion.
  • Jennifer will send out a Qualtrix poll to solidify the final panel title.
  • Could a panelist be a moderator instead?  Suggested to ask PG Moreno to be facilitator.  Agreed.

(Brief) UTL Space Assessment update (Kristin/Stacy)

  • We’re code-naming the project “Chill Space” – removing the Safe Space language and its inferences.
  • We’re working through some data/research.
  • Will be meeting Monday, Dec. 19 with Andres to discuss how we can utilize Krystal in the assessment.
  • We’ve had requests for more migraine-free kinds of spaces (no fluorescent lighting?)
  • Determining if the assessment would be for more of a separate space or for a general inclusive chill space atmosphere.

DAC transition action items
Announcement of new status/name/by-laws/Sharepoint presence/communication plan

  • Setting the expectations around DAC communications/promotion/recognition within UTL
  • We Discussed:
    • What we need to update before we announce ourselves.
    • Blog and listserv renaming
    • Articulating our communications plan
    • Look at email about suggested Sharepoint updates from Melanie and comment
    • Add Guide to facilitate/blog for DAC meetings
    • Current list of campus partners + context
    • Quick response resource list on hand
  • Discussed whether there was an automated way to track other org’s events on campus – still investigating effective approach that isn’t too much effort.
  • Discussed how we want to solicit comments from people?
  • Will we refer to LSC anon comment form and expect they will work their way to us if they are important?
  • Comment would end up as an agenda item at an LSC meeting
  • We need to make sure LSC knows we want to accept comments from them that are relevant to DAC
  • Some people might want to just comment to DAC not be filtered through LSC
  • With our own comment form there would be no filter through another committee
  • We would need to develop a process for rapid handling of comment submissions

It Made Me Think …

  • Lots of Sharepoint updates are needed.

Next meeting:
Blogger: Jessica
Facilitator: Gilbert