Meeting Recap – July 8, 2015

Present: Allyssa Guzman, Andres Ramirez, Ann Marchock, Ben Rodriguez, Dale Correa, Gilbert Borrego, Jee Davis, Kelly Kerbow-Hudson and Ronda Rowe

Absent: Brittany Deputy, Cindy Fisher, Frank Meaker, Jennifer Heath and Roxanne Bogucka

Discussion of changing membership, as this would be Kelly’s last DASIG meeting before beginning her new position at HRC. With Kelly and Kristin both taking new positions within the UT Community, this provides the opportunity to continue working with them in a new context. In light of changing membership and the considerable responsibilities of chairing the group, Jee announced that Dale has accepted co-chair position allowing for continuing leadership next year.

Report from All-Gender Restroom Group:
Dale and Jee reported from their productive meeting with Frauke, stressing importance of needing ADA symbol and Braille to comply with campus standards. The group reviewed the survey results and feedback provided by respondents from the Disability Center, noting adverse responses to binary gender figures, and conflation of gender and disability. Agreed on signage with active ADA icon and plain toilet icons with text reading Accessible All Gender Restroom with Braille.

[After hearing back from campus project management, they have chosen to follow the UT standard for all-gender restrooms. This opens the possibility of working with our campus partners for future discussion about the campus standard.]

DASIG Priorities Survey Results:
Andres shared results of priorities survey and discussed difficulties in grouping responses, as there was often overlap. The highest two priorities voted for were Staff Training Opportunities and Fostering Campus Collaboration. Responses also heavily favored topics of Same Sex Marriage Equality and Current Issues of Racial Justice. Dale suggested establishing a regular yearly program: one event in the Fall semester and one in the Spring as a model for forthcoming years.

LGBTQA Identities Training:
Confirmed Gilbert, Ben, Andrés, Jee and Roxanne to help set up room for July 30 training session – 9:30-11, NHG 1.720* [Note room changed to PCL 1.124].
Allyssa, Andres and Ann confirmed for August 12 (2-3:30, PCL 1.124)

Ben presented the opportunity for one of his student workers, studying app development, to potentially develop a UT campus All Gender Restroom locator app. Will need to contact the Gender and Sexuality Center about their existing list of gender-neutral restrooms. Dale presented the possibility of including the “I’ll Go With You” Facebook group. All Gender Restroom subcommittee would discuss the app during their next meeting.

Considering next year’s annual National Diversity in Libraries Conference (NDLC) August 2016 in UCLA, Jee encouraged the group to consider proposing a topic for members to present at the conference. Group brainstorming about presentation topic. Those interested can sign up for NDLC updates through ACRL.

Ben initiated a discussion about political correctness and deciding terms and vocabulary as a group. Preferred vocabularies can be highlighted through readings terms and vocabulary. Reference Desk has a training module.

Meeting recap — June 4, 2015

Present: Allyssa Guzman, Andrés Ramírez, Ann Marchock, Cindy Fisher, Dale Correa, Gilbert Borrego, Jee Davis, Jennifer Heath, Kristen Hogan, Kelly Kerbow-Hudson, Ronda Rowe, and Roxanne Bogucka

Absent:  Brittany Deputy, Frank Meaker,

New Members Orientation
Jee welcomed the new DASIG members and provided an orientation on the origins of DASIG.  She encouraged everyone to read the blog post from the first meeting on March 31, 2014 to gain a thorough overview of what DASIG would do.  In particular, Jee said that DASIG is based on a participatory membership and seeks to find leadership opportunities for everybody on the group.  A call for a facilitator and a blogger will be made before each monthly meeting and members are encouraged to volunteer. Collaboration is really important to the work of this group. And the final meeting of each year (usually held in February) will be a Lessons Learned session.

Discussion and Decision on DASIG priorities for this year
Kelly led a discussion about what is important for the DASIG members to work on this next year. Cindy passed out a handout that had all the topics created as part of the recent brainstorming session grouped into broader categories.  After a lively discussion of ways we can approach selecting the topics that will be the focus of DASIG for the next year, the group decided that we will use Qualtrics to vote.  Andre will put this out via email within the next few days.

Report from the first meeting of the all gender restroom group
Dale reported that timelines are set for providing content for the all gender restroom sign. Dale and Jee will be meeting with our campus contact on the language needs within the next week. Roxanne and Ronda will be setting up a student focus group to gather ideas. Staff focus group will be provided by members of DASIG. Recommendation will be given to Learning Commons group by August 1st.

Prospects of working with Kristen Hogan as Education Program Coordinator at DDCE
Kristen provided an overview of her new position at DDCE.  Among other responsibilities, Kristen will teach the course that prepares students to become facilitators of LGBTQ workshops.  As DDCE provides lots of training that library staff can attend, this will present great staff development opportunities.  Kristen’s new office is in the Student Activity Center (right above the Starbucks!)