Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor of DDCE led us in a workshop focused on reflecting on how our own social identities affect our work.

Dr. Taylor asked us to name various people categories, and grouped our answers in to personal and social columns, personal being characteristics that others would attribute to us and social being less visible characteristics. She then discussed a handout on Levels and Types of Oppression.

We all filled out the Intersections of Identities worksheet, and then paired up to discuss our answers. Dr. Taylor then directed us to draw a circle and write inside it all of our characteristics that are “in group,” as in, powerful or privileged. Outside the circle we wrote our “out group” characteristics, those for which we might experience oppression. We were invited to share our circles if we chose to.

The exercises were a useful know-yourself experience, but it was not clear how to use them to affect the culture of the UT Libraries.

Agenda for Meeting #6 (8/29/14)

  1. Small group report outs (45 minutes total, each group’s report and feedback is 10 – 12 minutes)
    1. Each group presents their charge and their ideas within the group to address those charges. (7-8 minutes each presentation)
    2. After each group presents, DASIG opens up the discussion to give feedback on proposed initiatives. (2-3 minutes for each group)
  2. Next steps for proposals(10 minutes)
    1. DASIG agrees upon recommendations and next steps to fill in any gaps in the small group work’s proposals.
    2. DASIG decides upon deadlines for each small group’s final proposal and a separate deadline to compile our ideas in to a proposal to the incoming VP/director
    3. Decide whether or not or when to present the materials to the Executive Management Team
  3. Discuss sharing our goals and initiatives with Libraries’ staff (5 minutes)
  4. Discuss Kristen’s and Jee’s visit to Learning Commons Group where they will discuss diversity and the design and planning of the Learning Commons (may be a topic to discuss via email if time does not allow)

Agenda for Meeting #5 (7/21/14)

1:00-1:10: Check In:
Round robin: Read last meeting’s minutes. Each member shares one idea, collaboration, etc. suggested by the panel that you would most like to implement here in the Libraries or to learn more about.

Action Item:
1. Please read Cindy’s blog post from our panel discussion. What inspires you? What can we implement now here in the Libraries? What do you want to tell the incoming director about our campus and what the Libraries can do to make it better?

1:10-2:10: Report out on best practices in diversity:
We’ll go around the room and share best practices in diversity that we have discovered in our independent research. This could be a mission or vision statement, hiring practices, a job posting/position description, event, policy, blog post, article, whatever AND it can come from another library, from the corporate world, or from an organization on campus or in Austin. We’ll spend some time sharing what we have found and use it to inform our proposal to the incoming director.

Think about…

  • ideas, plans, services, collaborations, policies, positions, etc. that we can present in the proposal to the new director moving forward. We want to get his/her attention with a well-researched proposal.
  • collecting documents on our wiki’s Resources page that will inform our drafting of the proposal.

Action Item:

2. Bring (or post to the wiki) an article, conversation, blogpost, event, mission/vision statement, etc. that you want to serve as an inspiration to our group moving forward with recommendations to the new director. Be ready to talk about why it is important.

2:10-2:25: Define our small-group work on peer education/research:
As a group we will identify which and how many areas we will research in preparation for our next meeting.

By email: We will sign up for/break into groups and outline plans for the research.
Our research will help us to draft recommendations for the proposal to the new director.

We should think about:

  • Events and speakers for our group and for our connection with LSC Staff Enrichment Committee. These events will inspire ideas and collaborations that will inform our work with peer institutions, campus partners, etc.
  • Drafting a working definition of diversity for the Libraries

Action Item:
4. Please come ready with your thoughts (even though they may change during the session!) about the issues you would like to see our small groups research.

2:25-2:30: Check Out:
Early on, we said we wanted to see a building energy rather than separate meetings. In the spirit of this interconnection, we will close out with a round robin description of how we see connections between our previous and current sessions.

Action Item:
5. Please look at the DASIG Blog in advance of the meeting so that we are prepared to see the threads in our work together.