Year of Open events

The Year of Open is a joint effort by the University of Texas Libraries and Texas Learning Sciences to raise the profile of open content on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin, in the city of Austin, and in the surrounding area.

During the 2015-2016 academic year we hosted four speakers who talked about open education, digital technologies in higher education, and the reproducibility of research. We are working to make sure all event videos are available via our online archive, Texas ScholarWorks.

David Wiley, Sept. 29, 2015: The Future is Now and It’s Open

David Ernst, Nov. 5, 2015: Open Textbooks: Access, Affordability, and Academic Success

John Ioannidis, April 15, 2016: Performing, communicating and rewarding reproducible research

Randy Bass, May 10, 2016: Higher Education in the New Digital Ecosystem

Our Year of Open events (version 2.0) continued into the 2016-2017 academic year. Our first speaker was Clifford Lynch who talked about challenges and changes within the scholarly communication system. This video will be uploaded soon.

Please stay tuned for further information about Year of Open version 2.0 events.


Thank you to Clifford Lynch!

As part of our “Year of Open,” UT Libraries hosted CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch for a public presentation. Titled “Evolving Scholarly Practice and the New Challenges for Scholarly Communications, ” Dr. Lynch discussed multiple topics pertaining to digital scholarship, including data management, digital curation, research replication, and data packaging. He also held a special meeting with UT Librarians to discuss these topics in more depth. Learn more about Clifford Lynch.

Again, thank you for your incredible insight!

UT Austin supports OLH

UT Austin has joined an international consortium of libraries in supporting the Open Library of Humanities (OLH). OLH is a charitable organization that publishes open access humanities scholarship without charging any article processing charges. The costs of publication are supported by a consortium of over 190 partner libraries. OLH publishes in many humanities fields, including: classics, modern languages and cultures, philosophy, theology and history, political theory, sociology, anthropology, film and media studies, and digital humanities. We are excited to participate in this OA publishing model.

If you have any questions about our membership, please contact Colleen Lyon (c dot lyon at austin dot utexas dot edu) or your subject liaison.

Luminos and UT Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is a Futura Level member of Luminos. Luminos is a University of California open access monograph publishing program. It has the same selection, peer review, and production process as their traditional publishing model, but with a different mechanism for distributing the titles they publish. Instead of individuals or libraries purchasing a book, the digital edition of monographs published by Luminos will be available for free for anyone to download and read.

We are excited to be a part of Luminos, not only because it is a great way to support open access book publishing, but also because our membership in Luminos gives UT Austin faculty a 30% discount on the Title Publication Fee.

If you have questions about Luminos, please see their FAQs. If you have any questions about our membership, please contact Colleen Lyon (c dot lyon at austin dot utexas dot edu) or your subject liaison.

UT Austin joins MDPI

UT Austin recently joined MDPI as a member. Our membership in MDPI allows UT Austin authors to get a 10% discount on the article processing charge (APC) for journals. The APCs range in price from roughly $300-1800, and many journals have no APC. MDPI publishes over 150 journals in a wide range of disciplines. The A-Z list of journals is available here:

Taking advantage of this membership is very easy. Simply submit your article to an MDPI journal and select UT Austin from the Discount section – if it hasn’t been automatically selected based on your IP.

If you have any questions about the membership, please contact Colleen Lyon (c dot lyon at austin dot utexas dot edu) or your subject liaison.

UT Austin joins BioMed Central

UT Austin has joined BioMed Central (BMC) as a Supporter Member. This membership gives UT Austin authors two main benefits.

  1. 15% discount on article processing charges (APCs) for BioMed Central or SpringerOpen journals. A UT Austin author must be corresponding author to take advantage of the membership discount.
  2. In addition to being published in the journal, articles from UT authors will be automatically deposited in UT’s online archive, Texas ScholarWorks.

Taking advantage of the membership is easy! Submit your article to a BMC or SpringerOpen journal. If accepted for publication, your APC should be automatically reduced by 15%. If the reduction doesn’t happen automatically, you’ll have an opportunity to select UT Austin from a drop-down menu in the payment section and have the discount approved that way.

If you have any questions about the membership, please contact Colleen Lyon (c dot lyon at austin dot utexas dot edu) or your subject liaison.

Carla Hayden: New Librarian Of Congress

We at Texas ScholarWorks wanted to congratulate Carla Hayden on her appointment as the new Librarian of Congress! She is not only the first women to hold the post, but the first African American. We wish her luck and we are confident that she will provide the knowledge and experience this position demands. Best wishes, Carla!

ACRL issues policy statement on OA

The Association of College and Research Libraries has issued a policy statement about open access to scholarship by academic librarians. The statement encourages academic librarians to publish in open access journals or to archive their final manuscript in an open access repository. This seems a long overdue statement as librarians have been advocated for open access for many years. Good to finally see this!

OpenCon scholarship

Are you interested in creating better access to research and educational materials? Do you want to help make that a reality on the UT Austin campus? If so, please consider applying for a travel scholarship to attend OpenCon 2016. OpenCon is an academic conference for students and early career researchers about open access, open education, and open data. It takes place November 12th – 14th, 2016 in Washington DC.

The chosen applicant will receive a $2000 scholarship to attend the conference. Conference planners have designed the conference so that $2000 will cover all expenses. This conference is an excellent opportunity to learn more about open access, open education, and open data, and to learn how to advocate for these issues. The program includes keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops, hackathons, and an opportunity to lobby at the US Congress. It truly is an international conference – last year’s conference included attendees from 5 continents!

The UT Austin applicant chosen to attend OpenCon 2016 will be expected to share what they’ve learned once they return to Austin. We are open to what that engagement may look like – for instance, the attendee may choose to host a presentation upon their return or they may decide to push for more open access in a particular area on campus. Library staff will be available to help coordinate events and meetings, but the attendee is expected to do most of the content planning. The attendee will also be expected to give reports on the conference to both Student Government and to Graduate Student Assembly.


UT Austin graduate student or postdoctoral researcher. Attendee agrees to engage in the open discussion on campus and to give updates to undergraduate and graduate student government upon their return.

To apply:

Please send a statement (no longer than 500 words) discussing how you might like to engage our campus in open agenda discussions. This statement is not binding but rather is an opportunity to brainstorm ideas that can be further defined and redefined later. Submit your statement and resume/CV to Colleen Lyon,, by Thursday, June 30th, 2016. Applicants will be notified with a decision by July 15th, 2016. If you have questions about the conference or about the application process, please contact Colleen Lyon, 512-495-4244, or