Using XML editor

Steps to create a TARO-ready finding aid using an XML editor such as Oxygen or XMetal, or Notepad++

These directions assume a general understanding of how to work with XML. Please note that TARO is in the process of converting from the old style dtd-compliant EAD XML files to schema-compliant EAD XML files in 2016. Repositories will be contacted individually in 2016 to convert to schema compliance – starting July 2016.






The below information on DTD-compliant encoding is SOON TO OBSOLETE, after conversion to schema format in 2016

Set up your XML editing environment for DTD-compliant files
Go to the official EAD2002 dtd page to either download a zipped folder of the rules files, or scroll to the bottom of the page and right click to download all the rules files individually.

If using XMetal, the TARO encoding guidelines describe where to place these downloaded rules files.
If using Oxygen, just have the downloaded rules files in the same folder as the EAD files you will be creating.

  • Begin with an EAD template file if desired (download a dtd-compliant XML finding aid template)
  • Open the template file in the editor. (Note: If your set up is correct, the template should show up as being valid – use the validation tool to make sure)
  • Follow TARO encoding guidelines to encode the finding aid – these are still dtd-compliant guidelines until your repository is converted to schema compliance later in 2016
    • be sure to encode the <eadid> tag according to the guidelines, and that when you save your work, your filename is made to match the value in the <eadid>
    • how do TARO filenames work?
  • Check that your file is valid, using the XML editor’s validation tool, and save it
  • Open your Secure Shell Transfer software (or similar secure software), configured to access TARO

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