Tip Jar Post #23: Virtual Tours of the UT Science Libraries

Google Map of Libraries on the UT campus

View the interactive Tip Jar Library Tours in a larger map

There are tons of libraries around campus, but many of them are tucked away into smaller corners of departmental buildings or on the edges of campus. So, we’re bringing them into the light with our Tip Jar Library Tours! We can’t wait to share these hidden gems where you’ll find study spaces, WiFi, printers, scanners, helpful librarians, millions of resources at your fingertips, and of course, comfortable seats to do work and nap.

While each library has it’s own unique characteristics, just like the collections and materials that it holds, there are still many¬†similarities¬†across our libraries to make your library touring consistent and pleasant. Check out the videos below of four University of Texas’s Science Libraries. We’ll be releasing more library tours in February!



The Physics Math Astronomy Library is located in RLM on the Northeast side of campus.



The Mallet Chemistry Library is located in WEL (Welch Hall).



The Life Science Library is located in the Main Building — or the Tower — on the West Mall.



The Walter Geology Library is located in JGB on the East Mall.


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