Looking for an electrical outlet in PCL? Don’t forget about the powered study tables!

Update: Just in time for PCL 24/5 in March 2013 – 24 new outlets, 30 new tables, and 60 new seats were added to the 5th floor!

PCL 5th floor







We know it’s tough to find the perfect space for studying in PCL this time of the year and we want to make certain you know that some of the tables in the building provide additional electrical outlets.

The 51 powered study tables that were installed recently added 612 new outlets to PCL this year alone!

Look for powered study tables like the one below in these places:

2nd/Entry level floor

  • Periodicals Room
  • UFCU Student Learning Commons
  • Reference Room
  • Study Carrels in PCL Lobby

4th floor

6th floor

Powered Study Tables on the 6th Floor of PCL

We’ve also installed new outlets throughout the building as part of other renovation projects and will continue to do so.  Don’t forget there are also 350 outlets on the 5th floor too. Total, you’ll find over 1500 accessible outlets located near study furniture in PCL.

We’re continuously working to improve the spaces in PCL for your work.  Right now, we’re looking at potential renovations to the 5th floor.  Do you have ideas for improving those spaces?  Share your ideas with us through this survey.  You can also stop by the 5th floor and contribute your ideas or enjoy reading the ideas contributed by others!

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Meghan Sitar has been the Instruction and Outreach Librarian in Library Instruction Services since 2005. In addition to coordinating outreach to undergraduates through the development of events, programs, and social media efforts, Meghan works with faculty to design assignments, exercises, and instruction sessions to integrate information literacy into first-year undergraduate programs on campus.
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