“From Silence to Memory”: A Vital Resource for Using the AHPN Digital Archive

From Silence to MemoryFrom Silence to Memory: Revelations of the Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional is the English language translation of a 500 page report originally published by the AHPN in Spanish in 2011. The book is the single most important reference work for conducting research with the AHPN archival records as it provides extensively documented details on the overall structure of the National Police as well as the myriad units that were part of it, including their relationships to one another and their functions. The structure and functions of the National Police constitute the primary organizing principle for the the AHPN’s archival arrangement. From Silence to Memory also contains numerous exemplary cases of actual research conducted using the archive, including reproductions of the actual documents. These exemplary cases can be used as a guide or template for conducting research using the Digital Archive.

To view or download the full text of From Silence to Memory, which was translated and published by the University of Oregon, click on the link above and then click on the file link under “Files in this item”.