New Book arrivals week of 2-21-11

Alexandridou, Alexandra / The early black-figured pottery of Attika in context (c. 630-570 BCE) / Brill, 2011
NK 4648 A47 2010

Macrobius / Saturnalia; edited and translated by Robert A. Kaster / Harvard University Press, 2011
PA 6156 M237 2011 V.1
PA 6156 M237 2011 V.2
PA 6156 M237 2011 V.3

Plautus / Plautus; edited and translated by Wolfgang de Melo / Harvard University Press, 2011-
PA 6156 P5 2011 V.1

Prusac, Marina / From face to face: recarving of Roman portraits and the late-antique portrait arts / Brill, 2011
NB 1296.3 P78 2011

New Book arrivals week of 2-14-11

Athenaeus / The learned banqueters; edited and translated by S. Douglas Olson / Harvard University Press, 2006-
PA 3612 A87 2006 V.7

A companion to ancient Macedonia; edited by Joseph Roisman, Ian Worthington / Wiley-Blackwell, 2010
DF 261 M2 C66 2010

Podolak, Pietro / Soranos von Ephesos, Peri psyches: Sammlung der Testimonien, Kommentar und Einleitung / Walter De Gruyter, 2010
PA 4435 S2 P47 2010

New Book arrivals week of 2-7-11

Arnobius / Contre les gentils; texte établi, traduit et commenté par Henri Le Bonniec / Les Belles lettres, 1982-
PA 6169 A1 A76 1982 V.6

Les arpenteurs romains; texte établi et traduit par Jean-Yves Guillaumin / Belles lettres, 2005-
PA 6169 A1 A77 2005 T.2

Ashley, James R. / The Macedonian Empire: the era of warfare under Philip II and Alexander the Great, 359-323 B.C. / McFarland, 2004
DF 233.2 A84 2004

Mayor, Adrienne / The Poison King: the life and legend of Mithradates, Rome’s deadliest enemy / Princeton U P, 2010
DS 156 P8 M39 2010

Books in Other Libraries February 2011

The Aigina treasure: Aegean Bronze Age jewellery and a mystery revisited / edited by J. Lesley Fitton with a technical report by Nigel Meeks ; with essays by Dyfri Williams … [et al.]/ British Museum Press, 2009
Fine Arts Library NK 7307 A44 2009

Corpus der römischen Funde im europäischen Barbaricum. Deutschland / bearbeitet von Rudolf Laser und Hans-Ulrich Voss; unter Mitwirkung von Horst Geisler … [et al.]/ R. Habelt
Band 7. Land Nordrhein-Westfalen…
PCL Stacks DD 53 C67 1994 Bd. 7

The Mediterranean from 50,000 to 25,000 BP: turning points and new directions / edited by Marta Camps and Carolyn Szmidt/ Brown Bk. Co., 2009
PCL Stacks GN 772.25 M43 2008

Pigs and humans: 10,000 years of interaction / edited by Umberto Albarella … [et al.]/Oxford University Press, 2007
Contents incl: Sofie Vanpoucke, Bea De Cupere, & Marc Waelkens, “ Economic and ecological reconstruction at the Classical site of Sagalassos, Turkey, using pig teeth” pp. 269-284;
Umberto Albarella, Filippo Manconi, Jean-Denis Vigne, & Peter Rowley-Conwy, “Ethnoarchaeology of pig husbandry in Sardinia and Corsica” pp.285-308 ;
Anne-Sophie Dalix & Emmanuelle Vila, “ Wild boar hunting in the Eastern Mediterranean from the 2nd to 1st millennium BC” pp. 359-373
PCL Stacks SF 395 P54 2007

Polities and power: archaeological perspectives on the landscapes of early states / edited by Steven E. Falconer and Charles L. Redman/ University of Arizona Press, c2009
PCL Stacks CC 75.7 P65 2009

Pour une archéologie du rite: nouvelles perspectives de l’archéologie funéraire / études réunies par John Scheid/ École française de Rome, 2008
Contents incl: Sébastien Lepetz et William Van Andringa, “Archéologie du rituel: méthode appliquée à l’étude de la nécropole de Porta Nocera à Pompéi,” 105-126
PCL Stacks DG 103 P68 2008

Sagona, A. G./ Ancient Turkey/ Routledge, 2009
Series: Routledge world archaeology
Fine Arts Library DR 431 S238 2009
Andrianou, Dimitra/ The furniture and furnishings of ancient Greek houses and tombs / Cambridge University Press, 2009
Architecture Library NK 2305 A53 2009

Kastenmeier, Pia/ I luoghi del lavoro domestico nella casa pompeiana/ L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2007
Fine Arts Library NA 327 P6 K37 2007

Pesando, Fabrizio/ Gli ozi di Ercole: residenze di lusso a Pompei ed Ercolano/ L’Erma di Bretschneider, c2006
Fine Arts Library NA 327 P6 P47 2006
De Puma, Richard Daniel/ Art in Roman life: villa to grave / Richard Daniel De Puma; with contributions by Jane Milosch … [et al.]/ “L’Erma” di Bretschneider, 2009
Fine Arts Library DG 78 D47 2009 TEXT
Fine Arts Library Accompanying Materials ASK AT FINE ARTS LIB CIRC DESK
DG 78 D47 2009 DVDROM

The New Acropolis Museum / edited by Bernard Tschumi Architects; contributions by Dimitrios Pandermalis … [et al.]/ Skira Rizzoli, c2009
Note: heavily illustrated.
Fine Arts Library NA 6700 A84 N493 2009

Pappalardo, Umberto/ The splendor of Roman wall painting / photographs by Luciano Romano/ J. Paul Getty Museum, 2009
Fine Arts Library ND 2575 P28 2009

Penser et représenter le corps dans l’antiquité: actes du colloque international de Rennes, 1-4 septembre 2004 / sous la direction de Francis Prost et Jérôme Wilgaux/ Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2006
PCL Stacks DF 78 P45 2006
Alexander & his successors: essays from the Antipodes: a companion to Crossroads of history: the age of Alexander; Alexander’s empire: formulation to decay / Pat Wheatley & Robert Hannah, editors/ Regina Books, 2009
PCL Stacks DF 234 A44 2009

Brownworth, Lars/ Lost to the West: the forgotten Byzantine Empire that rescued Western civilization / Crown Publishers, 2009.
PCL Stacks DF 552 B76 2009

Cartledge, Paul/ Ancient Greece: a history in eleven cities / Oxford University Press, 2009
PCL Stacks DF 77 C34 2009

Dando-Collins, Stephen/ The ides: Caesar’s murder and the war for Rome/ Wiley, c2010
PCL Stacks DG 267 D26 2010

Doumanis, Nicholas/ A history of Greece/ Palgrave, 2010
PCL Stacks DF 757 D68 2010

Grainger, John D./ The cities of Pamphylia /Oxbow Books, c2009
PCL Stacks DS 156 P27 G73 2009

Haegemans, Karen/ Imperial authority and dissent: the Roman Empire in AD 235-238/ Peeters, 2010
PCL Stacks DG 306 H345 2010

Katouzian, Homa/ The Persians: ancient, mediaeval, and modern Iran/Yale University Press, 2009
PCL Stacks DS 272 K375 2009

Macedonian legacies: studies in ancient Macedonian history and culture in honor of Eugene N. Borza / Timothy Howe, Jeanne Reames, editors/Regina Books, c2008
PCL Stacks DF 233 M33 2008

The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Greece and Rome / Michael Gagarin, editor in chief; Elaine Fantham, associate editor in chief/ Oxford University Press, 2010, v.1-7
PCL Reference DE 5 O95 2010
Classics Reference DE 5 O95 2010

Potholm, Christian P./ Winning at war : seven keys to military victory throughout history / Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2010
PCL Stacks U 104 P835 2010
L’onomastica dell’Italia antica: aspetti linguistici, storici, culturali, tipologici e classificatori / a cura di Paolo Poccetti/ École francaise de Rome, 2009
PCL Stacks P 323.4 I8 O55 2009

Renan, Ernest/ Histoire de l’étude de la langue grecque dans l’occident de l’Europe depuis la fin du Ve siècle jusqu’à celle du XIVe / texte introduit et édité par Perrine Simon-Nahum ; textes latins et grecs revus et traduits par Jean-Christophe de Nadaï/ Cerf, 2009
PCL Stacks PA 240 E8 R46 2009
Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin/ Arion’s lyre: archaic lyric into Hellenistic poetry / Princeton University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks PA 3092 A53 2010

DuBois, Page/ Out of Athens: the new ancient Greeks/ Harvard University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks PA 3052 D83 2010

Hall, Edith / Greek tragedy: suffering under the sun/Oxford University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks PA 3131 H35 2010

Hardie, Philip R. / Lucretian receptions: history, the sublime, knowledge / Cambridge University Press, 2009
PCL Stacks PA 6029 P45 H37 2009

Macintosh, Fiona/ Sophocles: Oedipus tyrannus /Cambridge University Press, 2009
Series: Plays in production
PCL Stacks PA 4413 O7 M23 2009

Mitchell-Boyask, Robin/ Aeschylus: Eumenides / Duckworth Publishers, 2009
Series: Duckworth companions to Greek and Roman tragedy
PCL Stacks PA 3825 E7 M58 2009

Oliensis, Ellen/ Freud’s Rome: psychoanalysis and Latin poetry/ Cambridge University Press, 2009
PCL Stacks PA 6047 O45 2009
Also available online

Philostratus / edited by Ewen Bowie and Jaś Elsner/ Cambridge University Press, 2009
Series: Greek culture in the Roman world
PCL Stacks PA 4272 Z5 P55 2009

Robson, James/ Aristophanes: an introduction/ Duckworth, 2009
PCL Stacks PA 3879 R63 2009
Diels, Hermann/ Griechische Philosophie: Vorlesungsmitschrift aus dem Wintersemester 1897/98/Hermann Diels; herausgegeben von Johannes Saltzwedel/Steiner, 2010
PCL Stacks B 173 D54 2010

Mansfeld, Jaap/ Aëtiana: the method and intellectual context of a doxographer: v. 3. Studies in the doxographical traditions of ancient philosophy/ E.J. Brill, 1997-
PCL Stacks B 535 A254 M36 1997 V.3

New perspectives on Aristotle’s De caelo / edited by Alan C. Bowen and Christian Wildberg/ Brill, 2009
Contains: Hankinson, R.J./ “Natural, unnatural, and preternatural motions: contrariety and the argument for the elements in De Caelo 1.2-4”/ p. 83

PCL Stacks QB 41 A73 N49 2009

Plato/ Gorgias, Menexenus, Protagoras / edited by Malcolm Schofield; translated by Tom Griffith/ Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks B 358 S36 2010

Pleger, Wolfgang H./ Platon / WBG, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, c2009
PCL Stacks B 395 P59 2009
Hiers, Richard H./ Justice and compassion in biblical law /Continuum, 2009
PCL Stacks BS 1199 L3 H54 2009
Also available online

Hirshman, Marc./The Stabilization of Rabbinic Culture, 100 C.E. -350 C.E. [electronic resource] : Texts on Education and Their Late Antique Context/ Oxford University Press, USA, 2009
PCL Stacks BM 501 H57 2009

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples / The Latin letters of C.S. Lewis / C.S. Lewis, Don Giovanni Calabria ; translated and edited by Martin Moynihan/ St. Augustine’s Press, 2009
PCL Stacks BX 5199 L53 A4 2009

Nasrallah, Laura Salah/ Christian responses to Roman art and architecture : the second-century church amid the spaces of empire/Cambridge, 2010
Architecture Library BR 163 N37 2010

Pinch, Geraldine/ Magic in ancient Egypt/ revised edition/ University of Texas Press, 2009
PCL Stacks BF 1591 P56 2009
Science & Technology
Ambraseys, N. N. (Nicholas Nicholas) / Earthquakes in the Mediterranean and Middle East: a multidisciplinary study of seismicity up to 1900 / Cambridge University Press, 2009
Incl. Chapter 3, Catalog of earthquakes
Geology Library QE 536.2 M43 A43 2009

Borgongino, Michel/ Archeobotanica: reperti vegetali da Pompei e dal territorio vesuviano/ L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2006
Fine Arts Library QE 945 I8 B67 2006

Chrisomalis, Stephen/ Numerical notation: a comparative history/Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks QA 41 C47 2010

Eratosthenes/ Eratosthenes’ Geography / fragments collected and translated, with commentary and additional material, by Duane W. Roller/ Princeton University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks G 87 E6 2010

Riddle, John M./ Goddesses, elixirs, and witches: plants and sexuality throughout human history/ Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
Contents include: 6. Hermes, herbs, elixirs and witches, p.129-148.
Life Science Library RS 164 R53 2010

Rudman, Peter S./ The Babylonian theorem : the mathematical journey to Pythagoras and Euclid, Prometheus Books, 2010
Physics-Math-Astronomy Library QA 22 R859 2010


Perrin-Saminadayar, Eric/ Education, culture et société à Athènes: les acteurs de la vie culturelle athénienne, 229-88: un tout petit monde / De Boccard, 2007
PCL Stacks DF 95 P47 2007

La vengeance, 400-1200 / sous la direction de Dominique Barthélemy, François Bougard et Régine Le Jan/ École française de Rome, 2006
PCL Stacks GN 495 V46 2006

Rotman, Youval / Byzantine slavery and the Mediterranean world / Youval Rotman ; translated by Jane Marie Todd/ Harvard University Press, 2009

PCL Stacks HT 865 R6713 2009

Miscellaneous/Bonus titles

Aristoxenus/ Die Fragmente des Aristoxenos aus Tarent / neu herausgegeben und ergänzt, erläutert und übersetzt von Stefan Ikarus Kaiser/ Olms, 2010
PCL Stacks ML 168 A7 K35 2010

Cartledge, Paul/ Forever young: why Cambridge has a professor of Greek culture: an A.G. Leventis inaugural lecture given in the University of Cambridge, 16, February 2009/ Cambridge University Press, 2009
PCL Stacks DF 212.5 C35 C37 2009

Die metrischen Inschriften der römischen Republik / herausgegeben von Peter Kruschwitz /De Gruyter, 2007
PCL Stacks CN 513 M47 2007

Gay, Volney P. (Volney Patrick)/ Progress in the humanities?: comparing the objects of culture and science/ Columbia University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks AZ 341 G39 2010

Mason, Zachary/ The lost books of the Odyssey/ Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010/
A brilliant and beguiling reimagining of Homer’s classic story about the hero Odysseus and his long journey home after the fall of Troy.”
PCL New Books Collection – Main Lobby PS 3613 A8185 L67 2010

Nelson, Cary/ No university is an island: saving academic freedom/ New York University press, 2010
PCL New Books Collection – Main Lobby LB 2322.2 N45 2010