Books in Other Libraries November 2011

Ancient History

Alston, Richard / Reflections of Romanity: discourses of subjectivity
in Imperial Rome / Ohio State University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks  PA 6003 A45 2011 

Bar-Kochva, Bezalel / The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature:
The Hellenistic Period / University of California Press, 2010
Available online

Bosworth, R. J. B. / Whispering city: modern Rome and its histories
/ Yale University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks  DG 809 B67 2011 

Goltz, Andreas / Barbar – König – Tyrann: Das Bild Theoderichs des
Großen in der Überlieferung des 5. bis 9. Jahrhunderts / Walter de Gruyter,
Available online

Heldmann, Konrad / Sine ira et studio: das Subjektivitätsprinzip der römischen
Geschichtsschreibung und das Selbstverständnis antiker Historiker / Verlag C.H.
Beck, 2011
PCL Stacks   DG 205 H45 2011 

The Oxford handbook of Hellenic studies / edited by George
Boys-Stones, Barbara Graziosi, and Phiroze Vasunia / Oxford University Press,
Contains “Papyrology” by David Armstrong
PCL Stacks   DF 235 O94 2009 

The Oxford handbook of Roman studies / edited by Alessandro
Barchiesi and Walter Scheidel / Oxford University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks  DG 209 O94 2010 

Where on Earth Is Ithaca? A Quest for the Homeland of Odysseus
/Eburon B V 2010
PCL Stacks   DF 221.I84 G6413 2010 

Wilkinson, Toby A. H. / The rise and fall of ancient Egypt /
Random House, 2010
PCL Stacks   DT 83 W658 2010 

Winrich, von Trier / Der Streit zwischen Schaf und Lein:
Lateinisch / Kliomedia, 2010
PCL Stacks   PA 8445 W495 C6515 2010 


Human bioarchaeology of the transition to agriculture / edited by
Ron Pinhasi, Jay T. Stock / Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
PCL Stacks   CC 79.5 H85 H857 2011  
Also available online

Sjögren, Lena / Fragments of archaic Crete: archaeological studies on time
and space / Uppsala Universitet, 2008
PCL Stacks   DF 221 C8 S55 2008   


Contemporary art and classical myth / edited by Isabelle Loring
Wallace and Jennie Hirsh / Ashgate, 2011
Fine Arts Library   N 7760 C65 2011 

Lesure, Richard G. / Interpreting ancient figurines: context,
comparison, and prehistoric art / Cambridge University Press, 2011
Fine Arts Library   NB 70 L47 2011 
Also available online

Senseney, John R. / The Art of Building in the Classical World: Vision,
Craftsmanship, and Linear Perspective in Greek and Roman Architecture /
Cambridge University Press, 2011
Architecture Library   NA 2750 S45 2011  
Also available online

Poeschke, Joachim / Italian mosaics, 300-1300 / translated from the German by
Russell Stockman / Abbeville Press Publishers, 2010
Fine Arts Library   NA 3790 P6313 2010  

Katalog der antiken Bildwerke; Skulpturensammlung, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen
Dresden / Hirmer, 2011-
Fine Arts Library   NB 87 D73 S738 2011  BD.2 V.1
Fine Arts Library   NB 87 D73 S738 2011  BD.2 V.2

Woolf, Greg / Tales of the Barbarians: Ethnography and Empire in
the Roman West / John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2010
Available online

Literature/ Language/ Theater

Kanavou, Nikoletta / Aristophanes’ Comedy of Names: A Study of
Speaking Names in Aristophanes / De Gruyter, 2010
Available online

L’Antiquité entre Moyen Âge et Renaissance: l’antiquité dans les livres
produits au nord des Alpes entre 1350 et 1520; sous la direction de Chrystèle
Blondeau et Marie Jacob/ Presses universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2011
PCL Stacks  PQ 151 A58 2011 

Norman, Larry F. /The shock of the ancient: literature and history
in early modern France / University of Chicago Press, 2011
PCL Stacks  PQ 251 N67 2011 

Seneca / On benefits; translated by Miriam Griffin and Brad Inwood
/ University of Chicago Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   PA 6661 D213 2011 
Also available online

Strauss Clay, Jenny / Homer’s Trojan Theater: Space, Vision, and
Memory in the Iliad / Cambridge University Press, 2011
Available online


Al-Khalili, Jim / The house of wisdom: how Arabic science saved
ancient knowledge and gave us the Renaissance / Penguin Press, 2011
PCL New Books Collection – Main Lobby   Q 127 A5 A4 2011 


Blackson, Thomas A. / Ancient Greek philosophy: from the
Presocratics to the Hellenistic philosophers / Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
PCL Stacks  B 171 B53 2011 

Davis, Michael / The soul of the Greeks: an inquiry / University
of Chicago Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   B 187 S6 D38 2011  
Also available online

Plato / The last days of Socrates; translated with introduction and notes by
Christopher Rowe / Penguin, 2010
PCL Stacks   B 358 R69 2010 

Religion / Mythology

Bremmer, Jan / The Gods of Ancient Greece: Identities and
Transformations / Edinburgh University Press, 2010
Available online

The content and setting of the Gospel tradition; edited by Mark Harding and
Alanna Nobbs / W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2010
PCL Stacks  BS 2555.52 C66 2010 

Dunning, Benjamin H. / Specters of Paul: sexual difference in
early Christian thought / University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   BT 704 D87 2011 

La mythologie de l’antiquité à la modernité: appropriation,
adaptation, détournement / Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2009
PCL Stacks   PN 56 M94 M982 2009 

Longenecker, Richard N. / Introducing Romans: critical issues in Paul’s
most famous letter / William B. Eerdmans Pub., 2011
PCL Stacks   BS 2665.52 L66 2011 

Matyszak, Philip / The Greek and Roman myths: a guide to the
classical stories / Thames & Hudson, 2010
PCL Stacks  BL 723 M378 2010 

Moreira, Isabel / Heaven’s purge: purgatory in late antiquity /
Oxford University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   BT 843 M67 2010 

Unbinding Medea: interdisciplinary approaches to a classical myth
from antiquity to the 21st century; edited by Heike Bartel and Anne Simon /
Legenda, 2010
PCL Stacks  BL 820 M37 U53 2010 

Social History

A companion to families in the Greek and Roman worlds; edited by
Beryl Rawson / Wiley-Blackwell Pub., 2011
Chapter 1: Family and household, ancient history and archaeology: a case-study
from Roman Egypt / Lisa Nevett
Available online

McCorriston, Joy / Pilgrimage and household in the ancient near East /
Cambridge University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks  BL 619 P5 M43 2011   

Schochow, Maximilian / Die Ordnung der Hermaphroditen-Geschlechter:
eine Genealogie des Geschlechtsbegriffs / Akademie Verlag, 2009
PCL Stacks   HQ 78 S36 2009 

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 11-07-2011

Communicating identity in Italic Iron Age communities; edited by
Margarita Gleba and Helle W. Horsnæs / Oxbow Books, 2011

A companion to Linear B; edited by Yves Duhoux and Anna Morpurgo Davies / Peeters, 2007-

Coralini, Antonella / Cultura abitativa nella Cisalpina romana / All’insegna del giglio, 2010-

Lactantius / Divinarum institutionum libri septem; ediderunt, Eberhard Heck et Antonie Wlosok
/ K.G. Saur, 2005-

Morgan, Llewelyn / Musa pedestris: metre and meaning in Roman verse; Oxford University Press, 2010

Pliny, the Younger / Lettres; texte établi, traduit et commenté par Hubert Zehnacker /
Belles lettres, 2009-

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 10-31-2011

Anthologie grecque; Texte établi et traduit par Pierre Waltz / Les Belles lettres, 1928-

Brulet, Raymond /  La céramique romaine en Gaule du Nord: dictionnaire des céramiques; la
vaisselle à large diffusion / Brepols, 2010

Dio, Chrysostom /  Œuvres: Dion de Pruse dit Dion Chrysostome; texte établi,
traduit et annoté par Cécile Bost-Pouderon
/ Les Belles Lettres, 2011

Heraclitus / Fragments; texte établi, traduit, commenté par Marcel Conche /
Presses universitaires de France, 1986

Histoire Auguste; texte établi et traduit par J.-P. Callu, A. Gaden, O.
Desbordes / Les Belles lettres, 1992-

Marathon: the battle and the ancient deme; edited by Kostas Buraselis, Katerina Meidani / Kardamitsas, 2010

Menaechmi: Sarsina, 30 settembre 2006 / Quattro venti, 2007

Proclus / Commentaire sur le parménide de Platon / Belles lettres, 2007-