New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 01-30-2012

Appianus / Histoire romaine; texte établi et traduit par Paul Goukowsky / Belles Lettres, 1997-

Aristotle / Problems; edited and translated by Robert Mayhew / Harvard University Press, 2011

Cassius Dio / Histoire romaine; texte établi, traduit et annoté par Marie-Laure Freyburger et Jean-Michel Roddaz / Belles Lettres, 1991-

The chora of Metaponto 3: archaeological field survey Bradano to Basento; edited by Joseph Coleman Carter and Albert Prieto / University of Texas Press, 2011

Local cultures of South Italy and Sicily in the late Republican period: between Hellenism and Rome; edited by Fabio Colivicchi / Journal of Roman Archaeology, 2011

The making of Pompeii: studies in the history and urban development of an ancient town; edited by Steven J.R. Ellis / Journal of Roman Archaeology 2011

Martianus, Capella / De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii / Belles lettres, 2003-

Plautus; edited and translated by Wolfgang de Melo / Harvard University Press, 2011-

Polybius / The histories; translated by W.R. Paton / Harvard University Press, 2010-

Zografou, Athanassia / Chemins d’Hécate: portes, routes, carrefours et autres figures de l’entre-deux / Centre international d’étude de la religion grecque antique, 2010

Books in Other Libraries January 2012

Ancient History

Bloomer, W. Martin / The school of Rome: Latin studies and the origins
of liberal education / University of California Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   LA 81 B45 2011  
Also available online

Dahlheim, Werner /Augustus: Aufrührer, Herrscher, Heiland: eine Biographie /
Beck, 2010
PCL Stacks   DG 279 D34 2010 

Della Dora, Veronica / Imagining Mount Athos: visions of a holy place,
from Homer to World War II / University Of Virginia Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   BX 385 A8 D45 2011 

Halfmann, Helmut / Marcus Antonius / Primus, 2011
PCL Stacks        DG 260 A6 H35 2011

Patterson, Lee E. / Kinship myth in ancient Greece / University of
Texas Press, 2010
PCL Stacks        GN 585 G85 P37 2010

Rader, Olaf B. / Friedrich II.: der Sizilianer auf dem Kaiserthron:
eine Biographie / Beck, 2010
PCL Stacks   DD 151 R28 2010 

Reimann, Norbert / Der Nachlass des Freiherrn vom Stein im Archiv des
Grafen von Kanitz auf Schloss Cappenberg / LWL-Archivamt für Westfalen, 2009
PCL Stacks   DD 416 S8 R45 2009 v. 1, 2

Strobel, Karl / Kaiser Traian: eine Epoche der Weltgeschichte /
Friedrich Pustet, 2010
PCL Stacks   DG 294 S77 2010 

War, democracy and culture in classical Athens; edited by David M.
Pritchard / Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks        DF 285 W3 2010


Archaeology and anthropology of salt: a diachronic approach:
proceedings of the international colloquium, 1-5 October 2008, Al. I. Cuza
University (Iași, Romani); edited by Marius Alexianu, Olivier Weller,
Roxana-Gabriela Curča / Archaeopress, 2011
Geology Library           TN 900 A73 2011

Beyond the Ubaid: transformation and integration in the late prehistoric
societies of the Middle East; edited by Robert A. Carter and Graham Philip /
Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2010
PCL Stacks        CB 251 C55 NO.63

The bioarchaeology of the human head: decapitation, decoration, and
deformation; edited by Michelle Bonogofsky / University Press of Florida, 2011
PCL Stacks        GN 63.8 B56 2011

Gremillion, Kristen J. / Ancestral appetites: food in prehistory /
Cambridge University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks        GN 799 F6 G74 2011

Mee, Christopher / Greek archaeology: a thematic approach / Wiley-Blackwell,
PCL Stacks   DF 77 M47 2011 

Pappalardo, Umberto/ Pompeji, Leben am Vulkan / von Zabern, 2010
PCL Stacks        DG 70 P7 P377 2010

Søreide, Fredrik / Ships from the depths: deepwater archaeology /
Texas A&M University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks        CC 77 U5 S675 2011

Literature / Language / Theater

Aeschylus / Persians; Seven against Thebes; and, Suppliants; translated, with an introduction and notes, by Aaron Poochigian /Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   PA 3827 A655 2011  

C.S. Lewis’s lost Aeneid: arms and the exile; edited with an introduction by
A.T. Reyes  / Yale University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   PR 6023 E926 Z5997 2011 

Cavafy, Constantine / Selected prose works; translated and annotated
by Peter Jeffreys / University of Michigan Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   PA 5610 K2 A2 2010 

Jiménez Patón, Bartolomé / Comentarios de erudición: “libro
decimosexto” / Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
PCL Stacks        PA 6410 J554 2010

Krebs, Christopher B./ A most dangerous book: Tacitus’s Germania from
the Roman Empire to the Third Reich / W.W. Norton, 2011
PCL Stacks        PA 6706 G4 K736 2011

Leonhardt, Jürgen / Laten: Geschichte einer Weltsprache / Verlag C.H. Beck,
PCL Stacks        PA 2057 L46 2009

Ovid / Love poems, Letters, and Remedies of Ovid; translated by David
R. Slavitt / Harvard University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   PA 6522 A213 2011 

Sharrock, Alison / Reading Roman Comedy: Poetics and Playfulness in
Plautus and Terence / Cambridge University Press, 2009
Available online

Sophocles / Oedipus Rex; a verse translation by David Mulroy  / University of Wisconsin Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   PA 4414 O7 M75 2011  
Also available online

Verdegem, Simon / Plutarch’s Life of Alcibiades: story, text and
moralism / Leuven University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks        PA 4369 A6 V47 2010

Military History

Daubner, Frank/ Militärsiedlungen und Territorialherrschaft in der
Antike [electronic resource] / Walter de Gruyter, Inc., 2010
Available online

Waterfield, Robin / Dividing the spoils: the war for Alexander the
Great’s empire / Oxford University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   DF 235.4 W38 2011 

Philosophy/ Ethics

Aristotle / Nicomachean ethics; translated, with an interpretive
essay, notes, and glossary by Robert C. Bartlett and Susan D. Collins /
University of Chicago Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   B 430 A5 B37 2011  

Lennox, James G. / Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle: Essays in Honor of
Allan Gotthelf / Cambridge University Press, 2010
Available online

McKirahan, Richard D. / Philosophy before Socrates: an introduction with texts
and commentary / Hackett,1994
PCL Stacks        B 187.5 M35 1994

Plato / Werke; im Auftrag der Kommission für Klassische Philologie der
Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur zu Mainz herausgegeben von Ernst
Heitsch und Carl Werner Müller / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1993
PCL Stacks   B 360 H45 1993 v. 1-9

Seeck, Gustav Adolf / Platons Theaiteto: ein kritischer Kommentar / C.H. Beck, 2010
PCL Stacks   B 386 S44 2010 

Politics / Law

Démocratie athénienne, démocratie moderne: tradition et influences:
neuf exposés suivis de discussions; par Pasquale Pasquino … [et al.] /
Vandœuvres, 2009
PCL Stacks        DF 285 D456 2009

Lorey, Isabell / Figuren des Immunen: Elemente einer politischen
Theorie / Diaphanes, 2011
PCL Stacks        JC 88 L674 2011

Tempest, Kathryn / Cicero: politics and persuasion in ancient Rome / Continuum, 2011
PCL Stacks   DG 260 C5 T46 2011 

Winters, Jeffrey / Oligarchy / Cambridge University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   JC 419 W56 2011 
Also available online

Religion/ Mythology

Buxton, Richard / Forms of Astonishment: Greek Myths of Metamorphosis
/Oxford, 2009
Available online

Religiöser Fundamentalismus in der römischen Kaiserzeit; Pedro Barcelo (hg) /
F. Steiner, 2010
PCL Stacks        BL 803 R475 2010

Unterberger, Gerald / Der Stier mit der Weltsäule: ein archaisches
Mythenbild vom Bau der Welt / Praesens, 2011
PCL Stacks        BL 443 B8 U58 2011

Science / Technology / Medicine

Body, disease and treatment in a changing world: Latin texts and
contexts in ancient and medieval medicine: proceedings of the ninth
International Conference “Ancient Latin Medical Texts,” Hulme Hall,
University of Manchester, 5th-8th September 2007 / Édtions BHMS, 2010
PCL Stacks  R 131 A2 C6355 2007

Creese, David E. / The monochord in ancient Greek harmonic science /
Cambridge University Press, 2010.
Fine Arts Library          ML 3809 C87 2010

L’insegnamento delle technai nelle culture antiche: atti del Convegno,
Ercolano, 23- 24 marzo 2009; a cura di Amneris Roselli e Roberto Velardi / F.
Serra, 2011
PCL Stacks        T 125 C66 2009

Social History

Davis, Whitney / Queer beauty: sexuality and aesthetics from
Winckelmann to Freud and beyond / Columbia University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   BH 39 D383 2010