New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 12-17-2012

Kommunikationsräume im kaiserzeitlichen Rom / herausgegeben von Felix Mundt.
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2012.

Lovén, Bjørn.  The ancient harbours of the Piraeus.
Volume I, The Zea shipsheds and slipways /
Volume II, Finds, area 1 shipshed roof reconstructions and feature catalogue
Athens : Danish Institute at Athens ; Aarhus : Distributed by Aarhus University Press, 2011.

O’Leary, Joseph Stephen.   Christianisme et philosophie chez Origène /
Paris : Cerf, 2011.

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 12-10-2012

The “Dark Ages” revisited: acts of an international symposium in memory of William D.E. Coulson, University of Thessaly, Volos, 14-17 June 2007; edited by A. Mazarakis Ainian / University of Thessaly Press, 2011

Hippocrates / Hippocrates; with an English translation by W.H.S. Jones /London: W. Heinemann, 1923-

A Lexicon of Greek personal names, edited by P.M. Fraser and E. Matthews. / Oxford University Press, 1987-

Maier, Bernhard / Geschichte und Kultur der Kelten / Verlag C.H. Beck, 2012

Polybius / The Histories; translated by W.R. Paton; revised by Frank W. Walbank and Christian Habicht / Harvard University Press, 2010-

Studies in Latin literature and Roman history; edited by Carl Deroux / Latomus, 1979-