New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 08-26-2013

Betancourt, Philip P. / The dams and water management systems of Minoan Pseira / INSTAP Academic Press, 2012

Chiabà, Monica / Roma e le priscae Latinae coloniae: ricerche sulla colonizzazione del Lazio dalla costituzione della repubblica alla guerra latina / EUT, 2011

Horace / Satires; translated by John Svarlien / Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., 2012

Iamblichus / Réponse à Porphyre: (De mysteriis); texte établi, traduit et annoté par Henri Dominique Saffrey et Alain-Philippe Segonds / Les Belles lettres, 2013

Mann, Joel Eryn / Hippocrates, On the art of medicine / Brill, 2012

Roman republican villas: architecture, context, and ideology; Jeffrey A. Becker and Nicola Terrenato, editors / University of Michigan Press, 2012

Tecușan, Manuela / The fragments of the Methodists / Brill, 2004-

Two Hippocratic treatises on sight and on anatomy; edited and translated with introduction and commentary by Elizabeth M. Craik / Brill, 2006

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 08-19-2013

Bressan, Marianna / Il teatro in Attica e Peloponneso tra età greca ed età romana: morfologie, politiche edilizie e contesti culturali / Quasar, 2009

Corpus vasorum antiquorum. Deutschland. Berlin–Antiquarium / Beck, 1938-

Die Artemis von Pompeji und die Entdeckung der Farbigkeit griechischer Plastik / in Kommission bei Harrassowitz Verlag, 2011

Marginesu, Giovanni / Gli epistati dell’Acropoli: edilizia sacra nella città di Pericle, 447/6-433/2 a.C / Pandemos, 2012

Menander / Tome II, Introduction générale (la vie et l’oeuvre de Ménandre). Introduction au tome II (le papyrus du Caire). Le héros. L’arbitrage. La tondue. La fabula incerta du Caire; texte établi et traduit par Alain Blanchard / Les Belles lettres, 2013

Morandi, Alessandro / Epigrafia di Bolsena etrusca / “L’Erma” di Bretschneider, 1990

Sylloge nummorum Graecorum / Oxford University Press, 1931-

Verdan, Samuel / Le sanctuaire d’Apollon Daphnéphoros à l’époque géométrique / Ecole suisse d’archéologie en Grèce, 2013

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 08-12-2013

Dueck, Daniela /  Geography in classical antiquity / Cambridge University Press, 2012

Graf, Fritz / Ritual texts for the afterlife: Orpheus and the Bacchic Gold Tablets / Routledge, 2013

Hoepfner, Wolfram / Halikarnassos und das Maussolleion: die modernste Stadtanlage und der als Weltwunder gefeierte Grabtempel des karischen Königs Maussollos / Philipp von Zabern, 2013

Näf, Beat / Testimonia Alt-Paphos / Verlag Philipp von Zabern, 2013

Nooter, Sarah / When heroes sing: Sophocles and the shifting soundscape of tragedy / Cambridge University Press, 2012

Ogden, Daniel / Drakōn: dragon myth and serpent cult in the Greek and Roman worlds / Oxford University Press, 2013

Palladius / The work of farming (Opus agriculturae); and, Poem on grafting; a new translation from the Latin by John G. Fitch / Prospect Books, 2013

Taylor, Lily Ross / The voting districts of the Roman Republic: the thirty-five urban and rural tribes / University of Michigan Press, 2013

Tibullus / Elegies; translated by A.M. Juster / Oxford University Press, 2012

Vleeming, S. P. / Demotic and Greek-Demotic mummy labels and other short texts gathered from many publications (short texts II 278-1200) /  Peeters, 2011

Books in Other Libraries August 2013

Ancient History

Agoranomes et édiles: institutions des marchés antiques; textes réunis par Laurent Capdetrey et Claire Hasenohr / Ausonius, 2012
PCL Stacks HF 375 A36 2012

Barow, Horst / Roads and bridges of the Roman Empire; translation into English and editing, Friedrich Ragette / Axel Menges, 2013
Architecture Library DG 28 B37 2013

Beard, Mary / The fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii lost and found / Harvard University Press, 2008
PCL Stacks DG 70 P7 2008

Belonging and isolation in the Hellenistic world; edited by Sheila L. Ager and Riemer A. Faber / University of Toronto Press, 2013
PCL Stacks DF 77 B46 2013
Further information

Bett, Richard / Sextus Empiricus / Cambridge, 2005
Available online

A Companion to Roman Imperialism; edited by Dexter Hoyos / Brill, 2003
Available online

De Light, Luuk / Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers: Studies in the Demographic History of Roman Italy 225 BC-AD 100 / Cambridge University Press, 2012
Available online

Evans, Richard J. / A history of Pergamum: beyond Hellenistic kingship / Continuum, 2012
PCL Stacks DS 156 P4 E93 2012
Also available online
Further information

Gelb, Norman / Herod the Great: statesman, visionary, tyrant / Rowman & Littlefield, 2013
PCL Stacks DS 122.3 G45 2013
Further information

Gibson, Alisdair / The Julio-Claudian Succession: Reality and Perception of the “Augustan Model” / Brill, 2012
Available online

Gwynn, David M. / The Roman Republic: a very short introduction / Oxford University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 231 G89 2012
Further information

Hadas-Lebel, Mireille / Philo of Alexandria: a thinker in the Jewish diaspora; translated by Robyn Fréchet / Brill, 2012
Available online

Kriwaczek, Paul / Babylon: Mesopotamia and the birth of civilization / St. Martin’s Press, 2012
PCL Stacks DS 69.5 K75 2012
Further information

Langford, Julie / Maternal megalomania: Julia Domna and the imperial politics of motherhood / Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013
Available online

McCall, Jeremiah / The sword of Rome: a biography of Marcus Claudius Marcellus / Pen & Sword Military, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 253 M33 M33 2012
Further information

Mirto, Maria Serena / Death in the Greek world: from Homer to the classical age; translated by A. M. Osborne / University of Oklahoma Press, 2012
PCL Stacks GT 3170 M5713 2012

Nuove ricerche sulla legge granaria del 374/3 a.C.; a cura di Anna Magnetto, Donatella Erdas, Cristina Carusi / Edizioni ETS, 2010
PCL Stacks  KL 4380 N86 2010

Pettinger, Andrew / The Republic in danger: Drusus Libo and the Succession of Tiberius / Oxford University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 282 p48 2012
Further information

Raphael, Frederic / A Jew among Romans: the life and legacy of Flavius Josephus / Pantheon Books, 2013
PCL Stacks DS 1156.9 J6 R37 2013
Further information

Schiavone, Aldo / Spartacus / translated by Jeremy Carden / Harvard University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 258.5 S3513 2013
Also available online
Further information

Soupios, Michael A. / The Greeks who made us who we are: eighteen ancient philosophers, scientists, poets and others / McFarland, 2013
PCL Stacks B 168 S68 2013
Also available online

Toner, J.P. / Roman disasters / Polity Press, 2013
PCL Stacks DG 78 T654 2013

Welch, Kathryn / Magnus Pius: Sextus Pompeius and the transformation of the Roman republic / Classical Press of Wales, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 260 P6 W453 2012

Zarnowski, Frank / The Pentathlon of the Ancient World / McFarland & Company, 2013
Available online

Zhmud, Leonid / Pythagoras and the early Pythagoreans; translated from Russian by Kevin Windle and Rosh Ireland / Oxford University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks  B 243 Z4513 2012 


Evans, Jane Derose / A Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Republic / Wiley, 2012
Available online

Patrich, J. / Studies in the archaeology and history of Caesarea Maritima: Caput Judaeae, Metropolis Palaestinae / Brill, 2011
Available online

Recycling Rome; ediderunt Turid Karlsen Seim, Marina Prusac / Scienze e lettere, 2012
PCL Stacks N 5320 A2811 V.25

St. Clair, William / Lord Elgin and the marbles / Oxford University Press, 1967
Fine Arts Library NB 92 S7 1967


Faraone, Christopher A. / Vanishing acts on ancient Greek amulets: from oral performance to visual design / University of London, 2012
PCL Stacks DF 129 F37 2012

Spivey, Nigel Jonathan / Greek sculpture / Cambridge University Press, 2013
Fine Arts Library NB 90 565 2013
Also available online
Further information

Vessels and variety: new aspects of ancient pottery; edited by Hanne Thomasen, Annette Rathje and Kristine Bøggild Johannsen /
Museum Tusculanum Press, 2013
Fine Arts Library Recent Arrivals NK 3840 V47 2013

Language / Literature

Albrecht, Michael von / Grosse r̈omische Autoren: Texte und Themen / Heidelberg, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 6008 A397 2013  BD.1

Caston, Ruth Rothaus / The elegiac passion: jealousy in Roman love elegy / Oxford University press, 2012
PCL Stacks PA 6059 E6 C37 2012

Du Quesnay, Ian / Catullus: Poems, Books, Readers / Cambridge University Press, 2012
Available online

Elmer, David F. / The poetics of consent: collective decision making and the Iliad / Johns Hopkins University, 2012
PCL Stacks PA 4037 E55 2013
Also available online

Griffith, Mark / Aristophanes’ Frogs / Oxford University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks PA 3875 R3 G75 2012
Also available online

Kwapisz, Jan / The Muse at Play: Riddles and Wordplay in Greek and Latin Poetry / De Gruyter, 2012
Available online

Myth, truth, and narrative in Herodotus / edited by Emily Baragwanath and Mathieu de Bakker / Oxford University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks PA 4004 M98 2012

Panayotakis, Stelios / The story of Apollonius, King of Tyre: A Commentary / De Gruyter, 2012
Available online

Rea, Jennifer A. / Legendary Rome: myth, monuments and memory on the Palantine and Capitoline / Duckworth, 2007
PCL Stacks PA 6047 R43 2007

Shelton, Jo-Ann / The Women of Pliny’s Letters / Taylor and Francis, 2012
Available online

Sophokles / Konig Odipus / De Gruyter, 2012
Available online

Translation and the classic: identity as change in the history of culture; edited by Alexandra Lianeri and Vanda Zajko / Oxford University Press, 2008
PCL Stacks PA 3012 t735 2008
Further information

Vergados, Athanassios / The “Homeric Hymn to Hermes”: Introduction, Text and Commentary / De Gruyter, 2012
Available online

Military History

Champion, Jeff / The tyrants of Syracuse: war in ancient Sicily / Pen & Sword Military, 2010
PCL Stacks
PCL Stacks DG 975 S9 C48 2010 V.1
PCL Stacks DG 975 S9 C48 2010 V.2   

Elton, Hugh / Frontiers of the Roman Empire / Indiana University Press, 1996
PCL Stacks DG 59 A2 E44 1996
Further information

Heckel, Waldemar / The marshals of Alexander’s empire / Routledge, 1992
PCL Stacks DF 234.2 H38 1992
Further information

Hughes, Ian / Aetius: Attila’s nemesis / Pen & Sword Military, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 322.5 A4 H944 2012
Further information

Matthew, Christopher Anthony / A storm of spears: understanding the Greek Hoplite at war / Casemate, 2012
PCL Stacks U 33 M38 2012

Matthews, Rupert / Alexander at the battle of the Granicus / Spellmount, 2008
PCL Stacks DF 234.5 M38 2008

Men of bronze: Hoplite warfare in ancient Greece; edited by Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano / Princeton University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks U 33 M46 2013
Also available online
Further information

The Oxford handbook of warfare in the classical world; edited by Brian Campbell and Lawrence A. Tritle / Oxford University Press, 2013
Available online

Pitassi, Michael / The Roman navy: ships, men & warfare 350 BC-AD 475 / Seaforth Publications, 2012
PCL Stacks V 39 P583 2012

Roth, Jonathan P. / The logistics of the Roman army at war (246 B.C. – A.D. 235) / Brill, 1999
PCL Stacks DG 89 R675 1999

Shelton, Rose Mary / Rome’s wars in Parthia: blood in the sand / Vallentine Mitchell, 2010
PCL Stacks DG 215 P37 S54 2010
Further information

Wees, Hans van / Greek warfare: myth and realities / Duckworth, 2004
PCL Stacks U 33 W43 2004
Further information

Philosophy / Ethics

Brill, Sara / Plato on the limits of human life / Indiana University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks B 398 S7 B75 2013
Further information

The Continuum companion to Plato; edited by Gerald A. Press / Continuum, 2012
PCL Stacks B 395 C643 2012
Further information

Desmond, William D. / Philosopher kings of antiquity / Continuum, 2011
PCL Stacks B 398 P45 D47 2011
Also available online
Further information

Gill, Mary Louise / Philosophos: Plato’s missing dialogue / Oxford University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks B 395 G55 2012
Further information

Ranasinghe, Nalin / Socrates and the gods: how to read Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito / St. Augustine’s Press, 2012
PCL Stacks B 370 R36 2012

Tyrrell, William Blake / The sacrifice of Socrates: Athens, Plato, Girard / Michigan State University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks B 316 T97 2012

Politics / Law / Commerce

Arena, Valentina / Libertas and the Practice of Politics in the Late Roman Republic / Cambridge University Press, 2012
Available online

Beck, Hans / A Companion to Ancient Greek Government / Wiley, 2013
Available online

Dialogues on Plato’s Politeia (Republic): selected papers from the ninth Symposium Platonicum; edited by Noburu Notomi and Luc Brisson / Symposium Platonicum, 10th, 2010
PCL Stacks  JC 71 P6 S96 2010 

Hollander, David B. / Money in the late Roman Republic / Brill, 2012
PCL Stacks HG 237 H636 2012

The monetary systems of the Greeks and Romans; edited by W.V.
Harris / Oxford University Press, 2008
Available online

Religion/ Mythology

Beatrice, Pier Franco / The transmission of sin: Augustine and the pre-Augustinian sources / Oxford University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks BT 720 B413 2013
Further information

Blondell, Ruby / Helen of Troy: beauty, myth, devastation / Oxford University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 3015 R5 H3725 2013
Further information

Gibson, Marion / Imagining the pagan past: gods and goddesses in literature and history since the Dark Ages / Routledge, 2013
PCL Stacks GR 141 G48 2013
Also available online
Further information

Social History

Beaumont, Lesley A. / Childhood in Ancient Athens: Iconography and Social History / Taylor and Francis, 2013
Available online

Eshleman, Kendra / The social world of intellectuals in the Roman Empire: sophists, philosophers, and Christians / Cambridge University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 78 E75 2012
Further information

James, Sharon L. / A Companion to Women in the Ancient World / Wiley, 2012
Available online

Williams, Craig / Reading Roman friendship / Cambridge University Press, 2012
Available online


Butler, Sarah J. / Britain and its empire in the shadow of Rome: the reception of Rome in socio-political debate from the 1850s to the 1920s / Bloomsbury, 2012
PCL Stacks DA 5333 B885 2012
Also available online
Further information

The courtesan’s arts: cross-cultural perspectives; edited by Martha Feldman and Bonnie Gordon / Oxford University Press, 2006
Fine Arts Library HQ 111 C68 2006 TEXT
Fine Arts Library Remote Storage HQ 111 C68 2006 CDROM

Davis, Paul K. / Masters of the battlefield: great commanders from the classical age to the Napoleonic era / Oxford University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks U 51 D38 2013
Also available online
Further information

Kila, Joris / Heritage under siege: military implementation of cultural property protection following the 1954 Hague convention / Brill, 2012
PCL Stacks KZ 6535 A61954 K55 2012
Also available online

Levinson, Sanford / Loyalty: NOMOS LIV / NYU Press, 2013
Available online

Nyquist, Mary / Arbitrary rule: slavery, tyranny, and the power of life and death / University of Chicago Press, 2013
PCL Stacks JC 381 N97 2013

Perfect bodies: sports, medicine, and immortality / edited by Vivienne Lo / British Museum, 2012
PCL Stacks BF 697.5 B63 P465 2012