Books in Other Libraries September 2013

Ancient History

Anastasiadēs, V. I. / Interest and self-interest in ancient Athens / Georg Olms Verlag, 2013
PCL Stacks DF 277 A538 2013

Bru, Hadrien / Le pouvoir impérial dans les provinces syriennes: représentations et célébrations d’Auguste à Constantin (31 av. J.-C.-337 ap. J.-C.) / Brill, 2011
PCL Stacks DG 59 S9 B78 2011

Dillon, Matthew / The ancient Greeks: history and culture from archaic times to the death of Alexander / Routledge, 2012
PCL Stacks DS 214 D55 2012

Gering, Jens / Domitian, dominus et deus?: Herrschafts- und Machtstrukturen im Römischen Reich zur Zeit des letzten Flaviers / Verlag Marie Leidorf, 2012
PCL Stacks   DG 291 G47 2012 

Greek baths and bathing culture: new discoveries and approaches; edited by Sandra K. Lucore and Monika Trümper / Peeters, 2013
PCL Stacks GT 2845 G73 2013

Hickey, T. M. / Wine, wealth, and the state in late antique Egypt: the house of Apion at Oxyrhynchus / University of Michigan, 2012
PCL Stacks TP 559 E3 H42 2012
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Identitätsbildung und Identitätsstiftung in griechischen Gesellschaften: Vorträge gehalten im Rahmen eines Symposiums von 28.-29. Jänner 2010 / Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, 2012
PCL Stacks   DF 135 I35 2012 

Martin, Thomas R. / Ancient Rome: from Romulus to Justinian / Yale, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 209 M38 2012
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McCarthy, Michael R.  / The Romano-British peasant: towards a study of people, landscapes, and work during the Roman occupation of Britain / Windgather Press, 2013
PCL Stacks DS 145 M39 2013

McKeown, J.C. / A cabinet of Greek curiosities: strange tales and surprising facts from the cradle of western civilization / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks DF 78 M35 2013
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Schulz, Raimund / Feldherren, Krieger und Strategen: Krieg in der Antike von Achill bis Attila / Klett-Cotta, 2012
PCL Stacks   DE 88 S38 2012 

The splendors and miseries of ruling alone: encounters with monarchy from archaic Greece to the Hellenistic Mediterranean; edited by Nino Luragh / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2013
PCL Stacks JC 75 M65 S754 2013

Steinbock, Bernd / Social memory in Athenian public discourse: uses and meanings of the past / University of Michigan, 2013
PCL Stacks DF 285 S74 2013
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Sub imagine somni: nighttime phenomena in Greco-Roman culture; edited by Emma Scioli and Christine Walde / Edizione ETS
PCL Stacks   PA 3014 D73 S824 2010 

Villa Landscapes in the Roman North: Economy, Culture and Lifestyles/ editors Nico Roymans & Ton Derks / Amsterdam University, 2011
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Bilsel, S. M. Can / Antiquity on display: regimes of the authentic in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum / Oxford, 2012
PCL Stacks CC 72 B75 2012
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Cohen, Getzel M. / The Hellenistic settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India / University of California, 2013
PCL Stacks DS 75 C65 2013
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Pullen, Daniel / The Early Bronze Age Village on Tsoungiza Hill / American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2011
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Ancient Mediterranean art : the William D. and Jane Walsh collection at Fordham University; edited by Barbara Cavaliere and Jennifer Udell / Fordham University, 2012
Fine Arts Library Recent Arrivals N 5335 N4 F674 2012

Neils, Jenifer / Women in the ancient world / British Museum Press, 2011
Fine Arts Library HQ 1127 N45 2011

Sinisgalli, Rocco / Perspective in the visual culture of classical antiquity / Cambridge, 2013
Fine Arts Library NC 748 S535 2013
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Language / Literature

Devine, A. M. / Semantics for Latin: an introduction / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 2071 D49 2013

Erôs in ancient Greece; edited by Ed Sanders, Chiara Thumiger, Chris Carey, and Nick J. Lowe
 PCL Stacks   PA 3015 L67 E76 2013
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Euripides / Iphigenie bei den Taurern / Reclam, 2011

PCL Stacks PA 3976 G4 I64 2011

Holway, Richard / Becoming Achilles: child-sacrifice, war, and misrule in the Iliad and beyond / Lexington Books, 2012
 PCL Stacks   PA 4037 H7725 2012
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Lawrence, Stuart / Moral awareness in Greek tragedy / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 3136 L39 2013

Newlands, Carole E. / Statius, poet between Rome and Naples / Bristol Classical Press, 2012
PCL Stacks   PA 6698 N495 2012 

One hundred Latin hymns: Ambrose to Aquinas; edited and translated by Peter G. Walsh, with Christopher Husch / Harvard, 2012
PCL Stacks  BV 468 O5413 2012 
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The Orphic hymns; translation, introduction, and notes by Apostolos N. Athanassakis and Benjamin M. Wolkow / Johns Hopkins, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 4529 E5 2013
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Polybius and his world: essays in memory of F.W. Walbank / edited by Bruce Gibson and Thomas Harrison / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks   DE 86 P65 2013
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Robbins, Emmet I. / Thalia delighting in song: essays on ancient Greek poetry; edited by Bonnie MacLachlan / University of Toronto, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 3092 R62 2013
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Military History

Cartledge, Paul / After Thermopylae: the oath of Plataea and the end of the Graeco-Persian Wars / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks DF 225.7 C37 2013
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Philosophy / Ethics

Pearson, Giles / Aristotle on desire / Cambridge, 2012
PCL Stacks B 485 P385 2012
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Scolnicov, Samuel / Eurthydemus: ethics and language / Academic Verlag, 2013
PCL Stacks   B 369 S365 2013 

Politics / Law

Hatra: politics, culture and religion between Parthia and Rome / edited by Lucinda Dirven / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2013
PCL Stacks   DS 70.5 H3 H387 2013 

Religion / Mythology

Cauville, Sylvie / Offerings to the gods in Egyptian temples; Bram Calcoen, translator / Peeters, 2012
PCL Stacks BL 2443 C3813 2012

Demacopoulos, George E. / The invention of Peter: apostolic discourse and papal authority in late antiquity / University of Pennsylvania, 2013
PCL Stacks   BX 1805 D377 2013 
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Gilchrest, Eric J. / Revelation 21-22 in light of Jewish and Greco-Roman utopianism / Brill, 2013
PCL Stacks   BS 2825.52 G48 2013 
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Kalantzis, George / Caesar and the lamb / Cascade Books, 2012
PCL Stacks   BT 736.2 K35 2012
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Kindt, Julia / Rethinking Greek religion / Cambridge, 2012
PCL Stacks   PA 3015 L67 E76 2013 
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Law, T. M. / When God spoke Greek: the Septuagint and the making of the Christian Bible / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks BS 744 L39 2013
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Petit, Thierry / Oedipe et le chérubin: les sphinx levantins, cypriotes et grecs comme gardiens d’immortalité / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011
PCL Stacks BL 829 S66 P48 2011

Rowan, Clare / Under divine auspices: divine ideology and the visualisation of imperial power in the Severan period / Cambridge University Press, 2012
PCL Stacks BL 803 R69 2012
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Science / Medicine

Siegel, Rudolph E. / Galen’s system of physiology and medicine: an analysis of his doctrines and observations on bloodflow,
respiration, tumors and internal diseases / S. Karger, 1968
PCL Stacks R 126 G8 S5 c.2