New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 05-26-2014

Barter, Money and Coinage in the Ancient Mediterranean: (10th-1st centuries BC); actas del IV Encuentro Peninsular de Numismática Antigua (EPNA), Madrid, 2010; María Paz Garcia-Bellido, Laurent Callegarin, Alicia Jiménez Díaz (editores) / Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 2011

Blum, Stephan W. E. / Die ausgehende frühe und die beginnende mittlere Bronzezeit in Troia: archäologische Untersuchungen zu ausgewählten Fundkomplexen der Perioden Troia IV und Troia V.1 & V.2 / Philipp Von Zabern, 2012

Corpus vasorum antiquorum FASC.29; The J. Paul Getty Museum –
Malibu / Philipp von Zabern, 2011

Crowley, Janice L. / The iconography of Aegean seals / Peeters, 2013

Devolder, Maud / Construire en Crète minoenne: une approche énergétique de l’architecture néopalatiale / Peeters, 2013

Thesaurus cultus et rituum antiquorum (ThesCRA) INDEX/ J. Paul Getty Museum, 2004-2014

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 05-12-2014

Archaeology and the cities of Asia Minor in late antiquity; edited by Ortwin Dally and Christopher Ratté / University of Michigan, 2011

Fotheringham, Lynn S. / Persuasive language in Cicero’s Pro Milone: a close reading and commentary / University of London, 2013

Hoff, Ralf von den / Divus Augustus: der erste römische Kaiser und seine Welt / C.H. Beck, 2014

Numismatica e antichità classiche NO.42 / Arti Grafiche Gaggini-Bizzozero

Pollini, John / From republic to empire: rhetoric, religion, and power in the visual culture of ancient Rome / University of Oklahoma Press, 2012


New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 05-05-2014

Borg, Barbara / Crisis and ambition: tombs and burial customs in third-century CE Rome / Oxford University Press, 2013

Homer in print: a catalogue of the Bibliotheca Homerica Langiana at the University of Chicago Library; edited by Glenn W. Most and Alice Schreyer / The University of Chicago Library, 2013

The neolithic settlement of Knossos in Crete: new evidence for the early occupation of Crete and the Aegean islands; edited by Nikos Efstratiou, Alexandra Karetsou, and Maria Ntinou / INSTAP Academic Press, 2013

Papapostolou, I. A. / Early Thermos: new excavations 1992-2003 / The Archaeological Society at Athens, 2012

Purves, Alex C. / Space and time in ancient Greek narrative / Cambridge University Press, 2013

Books in Other Libraries May 2014

Ancient History

Balzaretti, Ross / Dark Age Liguria: Regional Identity and Local Power, c. 400-1020 / Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013
Available online

Beard, Mary / Confronting the Classics: Traditions, Adventures and Innovations / Profile, 2013
Available online

Clayman, Dee L. / Berenice II and the golden age of Ptolemaic Egypt / Oxford, 2014
PCL Stacks  DT 92 C54 2013  
More information

Crouwel, J. H. / Chariots and Other Wheeled Vehicles in Italy Before the Roman Empire / Oxbow Books, 2012
Available online

Konig, Jason / Ancient libraries / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Santangelo, Federico / Divination, Prediction and the End of the Roman Republic / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Schuller, Wolfgang / Cicero, oder, Der letzte Kampf um die Republik: eine Biographie /
Beck, 2013
PCL Stacks DG 260 C5 S38554 2013  

Southern, Pat / Augustus / Routledge, 1998
PCL Stacks DG 279 S68 1998
Available online

Women in the ancient Near East: a sourcebook; edited by Mark W. Chavalas / Routledge, 2012
PCL Stacks HQ 1137 M628 W65 2014
More information


Across the border: Late Bronze-Iron Age relations between Syria and Anatolia : proceedings of a symposium held at the Research Center of Anatolian Studies, Koç University, Istanbul, May 31 – June 1, 2010; edited by K. Aslıhan Yener / Peeters, 2013
PCL Stacks  -Q- DS 94.5 A637 2013

The archaeology of household; edited by Marco Madella, Gabriella Kovacs, Brigitta Kulcsarne-Berzsenyi and Ivan Briz i Godino / Oxbow Books, 2013
PCL Stacks  CC 77 H68 A74 2013

Archäologie im Mittelmeer: auf der Suche nach verlorenen Schiffswracks und vergessenen Häfen; Michaela Reinfeld (Hrsg.) / Philipp von Zabern, 2013
PCL Stacks Q- D 973 A73 2013

Barham, Lawrence / From hand to handle: the first industrial revolution / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks GN 772 B37 2013  
More information

Comparative issues in the archaeology of the Roman rural landscape: site classification between survey, excavation and historical categories; edited by Peter A.J. Attema and Günther Schörner / Journal of Roman Archaeology, 2012
PCL Stacks  DG 76 C66 2012

Computational approaches to archaeological spaces; edited by Andrew Bevan, Mark Lake / Left Coast Press, 2013
PCL Stacks  CC 79 S63 C66 2013  

Cunliffe, Barry W. / The Roman villa at Brading, Isle of Wight: the excavations of 2008-10; line illustrations by Barry Cunliffe, Simon Pressey and Alison Wilkins; Photographs by Ian Cartwright and others / Oxford University School of Archaeology, 2013
PCL Stacks DA 145 C866 2013

Dawson, Helen / Mediterranean voyages: the archaeology of island colonisation and abandonment / Left Coast Press, 2013
PCL Stacks GN 848 D38 2013

Experimental archaeology and theory: recent approaches to archaeological hypotheses; edited by Frederick W. F. Foulds / Oxbow Books, 2013
PCL Stacks CC 81.5 E95 2013

Forschungen in Gadara / Umm Qays von 1987 bis 2000; Adolf Hoffmann – Claudia Bührig (Hrsg.) / Verlag Marie Leidorf, 2013
PCL Stacks DS 154.9 U85 F67 2013

Souvatzi, Stella / Space and Time in Mediterranean Prehistory / Taylor and Francis, 2013
Available online

Veii, the historical topography of the ancient city: a restudy of John Ward-Perkins’s survey; edited by Roberta Cascino, Helga Di Giuseppe and Helen L. Patterson / British School at Rome, 2012
PCL Stacks DG 70 V3 V45 2012  

Walsh, Kevin / The archaeology of Mediterranean landscapes: human-environment interaction from the Neolithic to the Roman period / Cambridge, 2014
PCL Stacks GF 541 W35 2014


Segal, Arthur / Temples and sanctuaries in the Roman East: religious architecture in Syria, Iudaea / Palaestina and Provincia Arabia / Oxbow Books, 2013
Architecture Library NA 335 M628 S449 2013


Coulié, Anne / La céramique grecque aux époques géométrique et orientalisante. 1, XIe-VIe siécle av. J.-C. / Picard, 2013
PCL Stacks NK 3840 C68 2013  

Dirschedl, Uta / Die griechischen Saulenbäsen / Reichert Verlag, 2013
Architecture Library NA 2873 D577 2013  

Hertel, Dieter / Die Bildnisse des Tiberius / Reichert Verlag, 2013
Fine Arts Library NB 115 H47 2013

McHam, Sarah Blake / Pliny and the Artistic Culture of the Italian Renaissance: The Legacy of the Natural History / Yale, 2013
Fine Arts Library N 6915 M44 2013

Oakley, John Howard / The Greek vase: art of the storyteller / British Museum Press, 201
Fine Arts Library NK 4645 O23 2013

Literature / Language

Adams, J.N. / Social Variation and the Latin Language / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Branscome, David / Textual rivals: self-presentation in Herodotus’ Histories / University of Michigan, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 4004 B73 2013
More information

Burrow, Colin / Shakespeare and classical antiquity / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks PR 3037 B87 2013
More information

Cribiore, Raffaella / Libanius the sophist: rhetoric, reality, and religion in the fourth century / Cornell, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 25 C7 V.63  
More information

Curley, Dan / Tragedy in Ovid: Theater, Metatheater, and the Transformation of a Genre / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Denecke, Wiebke / Classical world literatures: Sino-Japanese and Greco-Roman comparisons / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 3010 D46 2013 
More information

Downie, Janet / At the limits of art: a literary study of Aelius Aristides’ Hieroi logoi / Oxford University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks  PA 3874 A7 Z5 2013  
More information

Euripides’ Medea: a new translation; translated and edited by Diane J. Rayor / Cambridge University Press, 2013
PCL Stacks  PA 3975 M4 R39 2013  
More information

Haubold, Johannes / Greece and Mesopotamia: Dialogues in Literature / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Hodkinson, Owen / Epistolary Narratives in Ancient Greek Literature / Brill, 2013
Available online

Lachenaud, Guy / Les routes de la voix: l’antiquité grecque et le mystère de la voix / Belles lettres, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 3015 V63 L33 2013

Lovatt, Helen / The Epic Gaze: Vision, Gender and Narrative in Ancient Epic / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Nagy, Gregory / The ancient Greek hero in 24 hours / Harvard, 2013
Available online

Nervegna, Sebastiana / Menander in antiquity: the contexts of reception / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Sophocles / The other four plays of Sophocles: Ajax, Women of Trachis, Electra, and Philoctetes; translated by David R. Slavitt / Johns Hopkins, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 4414 A2 S527 2013  
More information

Sophocles / The Theban plays / Sophocles; translated with introductions by Peter J. Ahrensdorf and Thomas L. Pangle / Cornell, 2014
PCL Stacks PA 4414 A2 A37 2014
More information

Will, Wolfgang / Demosthenes / Primus, 2013
PCL Stacks PA 3952 W55 2013

Military History

English, Stephen / Mercenaries in the Classical World: To the Death of Alexander / Frontline Books, 2012
Available online


Baraz, Yelena / A Written Republic: Cicero’s Philosophical Politics / Princeton, 2012
Available online

Gerson, Lloyd P. / From Plato to Platonism / Cornell, 2013
PCL Stacks B 395 G47 2013

Herman, Arthur / The cave and the light: Plato versus Aristotle, and the struggle for the soul of Western civilization / Random House, 2013
PCL Stacks CB 245 H4286 2013  
More information

Robinson, Thomas M. / Plato’s “Sophist” Revisited / De Gruyter, 2013
Available online

Politics / Law

Golden, Gregory K. / Crisis Management during the Roman Republic: The Role of Political Institutions in Emergencies / Cambridge, 2013
Available online


Harte, Verity / Politeia in Greek and Roman Philosophy / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Tucker, Aviezer / Plato for everyone / Prometheus Books. 2013
PCL Stacks B 395 T83 2013  
More information

Religion / Mythology

The Cambridge companion to ancient Mediterranean religions; edited by Barbette Stanley Spaeth / Cambridge, 2013
PCL Stacks BL 687 C36 2013  
More information

Fujii, Takashi / Imperial cult and imperial representation in Roman Cyprus / Steiner, 2013
PCL Stacks  DG 124 F85 2013
Available online

Hutton, Ronald / Pagan Britain / Yale, 2013
PCL Stacks BL 980 G7 H865 2013
More information

Johnson, Aaron P. / Religion and Identity in Porphyry of Tyre: The Limits of Hellenism in Late Antiquity / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Koortbojian, Michael / The divinization of Caesar and Augustus: precedents, consequences, implications / Cambridge University, 2013
PCL Stacks DG 124 K66 2013  
More information

MacLeod, Sharon Paice / The divine feminine in ancient Europe: goddesses, sacred women, and the origins of western culture / McFarland, 2013
PCL Stacks GN 803 M33 2013  
More information

Robb, Graham / The discovery of Middle Earth: mapping the lost world of the Celts / W.W. Norton, 2013
PCL Stacks D 70 R64 2013
More information

Stang, Charles M. / Apophasis and pseudonymity in Dionysius the Areopagite: “no longer I” / Oxford, 2012
PCL Stacks BR 65 D66 S73 2012

Verhoef, Eduard / Philippi: How Christianity Began in Europe / Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013
Available online

Science / Medicine

Synaesthesia and the ancient senses; edited by Shane Butler and Alex Purves / Acumen, 2013
Available online

Social History

Haeussler, Ralph / Becoming Roman?: Diverging Identities and Experiences in Ancient Northwest Italy / Left Coast Press, 2013
Available online

Huebner, Sabine R. / The Family in Roman Egypt: A Comparative Approach to Intergenerational Solidarity and Conflict / Cambridge, 2013
Available online

Williams, Craig A. / Reading Roman friendship / Cambridge, 2012
Available online


Brotton, Jerry / A history of the world in twelve maps / Viking, 2013
PCL Stacks G 1030 B7 2013  
More information

Burton, Stacy / Travel narrative and the ends of modernity / Cambridge, 2014
PCL Stacks PR 756 T72 B87 2014
More information 

Foley, John Miles / Oral tradition and the internet: pathways of the mind / University of Illinois Press, 2012
PCL Stacks GR 44 E43 F63 2012
More information

Heiken, Grant / Dangerous neighbors: volcanoes and cities / Cambridge, 2013
Geology Library QE 522 H37 2013  
Also available online
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Kanas, Nick / Solar system maps: from antiquity to the space age / Springer, 2013
PCL Stacks QB 501 K36 2013  
More information

Manuwald, Gesine / Nero in opera: librettos as transformations of ancient sources / De Gruyter, 2013
Fine Arts Library Recent Arrivals ML 1800 M36 2013  
Available online

Suarez, Michael and Woudhuysen, H.R. / The book: a global history / Oxford, 2013
PCL Stacks Z 4 B66 2013
Also available online
More information