The Classics Library is located on the ground floor of Waggener Hall, at the corner of Speedway and Inner Campus Drive, and is entered through Room 1.

The library primarily serves the needs of faculty, graduate students and upper-division majors in classics, archaeology, art history, philosophy, architecture and comparative literature. However, we are open to the entire university community, as well as the general public, and welcome all users. You will need a valid UT ID, or courtesy borrowers’ card to check out materials.

The Classics Library is an open and closed stack facility. The books on Archaeology, Art and Numismatics are kept in closed stacks down the corridor from the main library. Staff will be only to happy to go and retrieve items from this room for you. Certain categories of materials, including reference books, are limited to library use. However, these items can be checked out for two hours as we have no on-site photocopier.

There are four computer terminals for utilizing the library catalog. Two are in the reference room and two in the circulation area. Three of them are set up for access to the internet and our numerous databases and resources. You will need an EID and password to logon to these PC’s, as with all University of Texas at Austin libraries. Priority use of library computers and networks will be given to academic research. Assistance will be given to any library user on how to use the catalog and other resources, just ask at the circulation desk. Please note that we have no on-site printer. However, we do have a free color scanner.

For a copy of our room guide follow this link. For a copy of our room’s facilities follow this link and for a copy of which of our rooms specific call numbers are in follow this link.

Library Hours
Fall and Spring
Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm (the circulation desk always closes at 4.45pm)
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Monday – Friday 9am-noon – 1pm-5pm

For further information contact:
Gina Giovannone – Supervisor
Classics Library, WAG 1
The General Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin , Texas 78713-7330

Phone: (512) 495-4690

Email: ginagiovannone@mail.utexas.edu

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