Books in Other Libraries August 2011

Ancient History

Dennison, Matthew / Livia, Empress of Rome: a biography /
St. Martin’s Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   DG 291.7 L5 D45 2010

Ferdière, Alain / Gallia Lugdunensis: eine römische Provinz im Herzen Frankreichs; aus
dem Französischen von Andrea Rottloff / Verlag Philipp von Zabern, 2011
PCL Stacks   DC 63 F4715 2011 

Freeman, Philip / Alexander the Great / Simon & Schuster, 2011
PCL Stacks   DF 234 F74 2011 

Geymonat, Mario / The great Archimedes / Mario Geymonat; R. Alden Smith, translator and
editor / Baylor University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   Q 143 A62 G4913 2010 

Justinian / herausgegeben von Mischa Meier / Wissenschaftliche
Buchgesellschaft, 2011
PCL Stacks   DF 572 M446 2011 

Legras, Bernard / Les reclus Grecs du Sarapieion de Memphis: une enquete sur
l’Hellenisme Egytien / Peeters, 2011
PCL Stacks   HV 8654 E3 L46 2011 

Osgood, Josiah / Claudius Caesar: image and power in the early Roman empire /
Cambridge University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   DG 284 O84 2011 

Price, S. R.F. / The birth of classical Europe: a history from Troy to Augustine / Viking, 2010
PCL Stacks   D 80 P73 2011 

What happened to the ancient Library of Alexandria? / edited by Mostafa El-Abbadi and Omnia
Mounir Fathallah / Brill, 2008
PCL Stacks   Z 722.5 W53 2008  

Writings of early scholars in the ancient Near East, Egypt, Rome, and Greece: translating
ancient scientific texts; edited by Annette Imhausen and Tanja Pommerening / De Gruyter, 2010
PCL Stacks   Q 124.95 W7 2010  
Also available online


Barzan II: le Sanctuaire au temple circulaire (“Moulin-du-Fâ”): tradition celtique
et influences gréco-romaines / Diffusion de Boccard, 2010
PCL Stacks   DC 801 B19822 B379 2010 

Contrôle et distribution de l’eau dans le Maghreb antique et medieval / École française de
Rome, 2009
PCL Stacks   TD 319 A355 C66 2009 

Düring, Bleda S. / The prehistory of Asia Minor: from complex hunter-gatherers to early urban
societies / Cambridge University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   GN 855 T83 D87 2011

Greaves, Alan M. / The land of Ionia: society and economy in the Archaic period / Wiley-Blackwell, 2010
Available online

Landscapes through the lens : aerial photographs and historic environment / edited by
David C. Cowley, Robin A. Standring, and Matthew J. Abicht / David Brown Book
Co., 2010
PCL Stacks   CC 77 H5 L36 2010 

Liverani, Paolo / The Vatican necropolis: Rome’s city of the dead; Brepols, 2010
PCL Stacks   -Q- DG 795 L5713 2010 

Schachner, Andreas / Assyriens Könige an einer der Quellen des Tigris: archäologische
Forschungen im Höhlensystem von Birkleyn und am sogenannten Tigris-Tunnel; E.
Wasmuth, 2009
PCL Stacks   -Q- DS 156 B57 S33 2009 

Phönizisches und punisches Städtewesen: Akten der internationalen Tagung in Rom vom 21. bis 23.
Februar 2007 / Von Zabern, 2009
PCL Stacks   -Q- DS 80.3 P4965 2009

Spolien im Umkreis der Macht: Akten der Tagung in Toledo vom 21. bis 22. September 2006 =
Spolia en el entorno del poder: actas del coloquio en Toledo del 21 al 22 de
septiembre 2006 / Von Zabern, 2009
PCL Stacks   -Q- DP 44 S665 2009

Van de Noort, Robert / North Sea archaeologies: a maritime biography, 10,000 BC to AD 1500 /
Oxford University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   CC 77 U5 V36 2011  


Andreae, Bernard / Apelles von Kolophon: das Telephosbild aus Herculanum im
antiken und modernen Kunsturteil / Steiner, 2011
PCL Stacks   AS 182 M232 2011 NO.2

Exploring ancient sculpture: essays in honour of Geoffrey Waywell / edited by Fiona
Macfarlane and Catherine Morgan / University of London, 2010
Fine Arts Library   NB 85 E97 2010  
Contains: Donna Kurtz, “New electronic resources for the study of Classical
sculpture,” pp. 245-251.

The horse: from cave paintings to modern art; Edited by Nicolas Chaudun / Abbeville Press
Publishers, 2010
Fine Arts Library   N 7660 C5413 2010  

Metropolitan Museum of Art / How to read Greek vases / Yale University Press, 2010
Fine Arts Library   NK 4645 M475 2010 

Prusac, Marina / From face to face: recarving of Roman portraits and the late-antique
portrait arts / Brill, 2010
Available online

Stansbury-O’Donnell, Mark / Looking at Greek art / Cambridge University Press, 2011
Fine Arts Library   N 5630 S735 2011 

Zanker, Paul / Roman art / translated by Henry Heitmann-Gordon / J. Paul Getty Museum, 2010
Fine Arts Library   N 5760 Z3313 2010

Inscriptions / Papyri

Kramer, Johannes, Dr. / Von der Papyrologie zur Romanistik / De Gruyter, 2011
PCL Stacks   PA 3343 K73 2011 

Literature/ Language/ Theater

Aeschylus / The oresteia / edited by Peter Burian and Alan Shapiro / Oxford University Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   PA 3827 A7 B87 2011 

Kallendorf, Craig / A catalogue of the Junius Spencer Morgan Collection of Virgil in the
Princeton University Library / Oak Knoll Press, 2009
PCL Stacks   PA 6825 K367 2009  

Luque Moreno, Jesús / Versus quadratus: crónica milenaria de un verso popular / Universidad
de Granada, 2009
PCL Stacks   PA 6047 L878 2009

Mastronarde, Donald J. / The art of Euripides: dramatic technique and social context /
Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   PA 3978 M365 2010 

Roman comedy: five plays by Plautus and Terence / translated with introduction and notes by
David Christenson / Focus Pub., 2010
PCL Stacks   PA 6165 R58 2010 

Scodel, Ruth / An introduction to Greek tragedy / Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   PA 3131 S39 2010 

Bernhard / Handbuch der griechischen Literatur der Antike Bd. 1 /  C.H. Beck, 2011
Available online

Philosophy/ Ethics

Aristotle & the stoics reading Plato; edited by Verity Harte, M. M. McCabe, R. W.
Sharples and Anne Sheppard / University of London, 2010
PCL Stacks   B 394 A75 2010 

Hughes, Bettany / The hemlock cup: Socrates, Athens and the search for the good life /
A.A. Knopf, 2011
PCL B 316 H84 2011 

Les sophistes / traductions, présentations et notes par Mauro Bonazzi / Flammarion, 2009
PCL Stacks   B 288 S668 2009 V.1, V. 2

Plato / Meno; and, Phaedo / edited by David Sedley; translated by Alex Long /
Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   B 377 A5 L55 2010 

Plato’s Laws: a critical guide; edited by Christopher Bobonich / Cambridge University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   JC 71 P264 P53 2010  
Also available online

Porter, Burton Frederick / What the tortoise taught us: the story of philosophy /
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011
PCL Stacks   B 74 P67 2011 

Religion/ Mythology

Christianity and monasticism in upper Egypt / edited by Gawdat Gabra, Hany N. Takla /
American University in Cairo, 2008
PCL Stacks   BX 134 E3 C57 2008  V.1 , V. 2

From Roman to early Christian Thessalonikē: studies in religion and archaeology / edited by
Laura Nasrallah, Charalambos Bakirtzis, and Steven J. Friesen / Harvard
University Press, 2010
PCL Stacks   DF 261 T49 F76 2010 

Gleba, Margarita / Votives, Places and Rituals in Etruscan Religion: Studies in Honor
of Jean MacIntosh Turfa / BRILL, 2008
Available online

Signals of belief in early England: Anglo-Saxon paganism revisited / edited by Martin
Carver, Alex Sanmark and Sarah Semple / Oxbow Books, 2010
PCL Stacks   BL 980 G7 S54 2010  

Wills, Garry / Augustine’s Confessions: a biography / Princeton University Press, 2011
PCL BR 65 A62 W55 2011

Witetschek, Stephan / Ephesische Enthüllungen / Peeters, 2008
PCL Stacks   BS 2825.52 W57 2008 V.1

Politics/ Law

Liebs, Detlef / Hofjuristen der römischen Kaiser bis Justinian / vorgetragen in der Sitzung
vom 14. November 2008 [von] Detlef Liebs / Beck, 2010
PCL Stacks   AS 182 M823 2010 HEFT 2

Social History

Greek prostitutes in the ancient Mediterranean, 800 BCE-200 CE / edited by Allison
Glazebrook and Madeleine M. Henry / University of Wisconsin Press, 2011
PCL Stacks   HQ 113 G74 2011 
Also available online

Mouritsen, Henrik / The Freedman in the Roman World / Cambridge University Press, 2011
Available online

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 9-19-2011

Archaic state interaction: the eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age; edited by William A. Parkinson and Michael L. Galaty  / School for Advanced Research Press, 2009

L’argent dans les concours du monde grec : actes du colloque
international Saint-Denis et Paris, 5-6 décembre 2008
 / Presses universitaires de Vincennes, 2010

Budin, Stephanie Lynn /  Images of woman and child from the Bronze Age: reconsidering fertility,
maternity, and gender in the ancient world
 / Cambridge University Press, 2011

Corpus vasorum antiquorum: France. Musée du Louvre FASC.42 / Paris, E. Champion [1923]-

New Book arrivals at Classics, week of 9-12-2011

D.M. Carter (ed) / Why Athens?: a reappraisal of tragic politics  / Oxford University Press, 2011

Eric H. Cline (ed) / The Oxford handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean (ca. 3000-1000 BC) / Oxford University Press, 2010

Kearns, Emily /  Ancient Greek religion: a sourcebook / Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

Kidder, Kathleen / Love together with me: egalitarian pederasty in Theocritus’ Idyll 29 / 2011

Magini, Leonardo /  Astronomy and calendar in ancient Rome: the eclipse festivals / Oxford University Press, 2010

Nicola Terrenato and Donald C. Haggis (ed) / State formation in Italy and Greece: questioning the neoevolutionist paradigm / Oxbow Books, c2011

West, M. L. (Martin Litchfield) / The making of the Iliad: disquisition and analytical commentary / Oxford University Press, 2011

New Book Arrivals at Classics, week of 9-06-2011

Bechert, Tilmann.
Kreta in römischer Zeit /
Darmstadt : Philipp von Zabern Verlag, ©2011

Pfeiffer, Stefan.
Der römische Kaiser und das Land am Nil : Kaiserverehrung und Kaiserkult in Alexandria und Ägypten von Augustus bis Caracalla (30 v. Chr. – 217 n. Chr.) /
Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag, 2010.

Smith, Amy Claire, 1966-
Polis and personification in classical Athenian art /
Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2011.

Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.
Metamorphoses. Italian & Latin
/a cura di Alessandro Barchiesi ; con un saggio introduttivo di Charles Segal ; testo critico basato sull’edizione oxoniense di Richard Tarrant ; traduzione di Ludovica Koch.
Fondazione Lorenzo Valla ; Milano : A. Mondadori, 2005-
vol. 1

New Book arrivals week of 8-29-11

A Greek-English lexicon, c.3

The Homer encyclopedia / edited by Margalit Finkelberg.

Patrasso colonia di Augusto e le trasformazioni culturali, politiche ed economiche della provincia di Acaia … = Hē Patra apoikia tou Augoustou kai hoi politistikes, politikes kai oikonomikes allages tēs eparchias tes Achaias …

Pompeii : art, industry, and infrastructure / edited by Eric Poehler, Miko Flohr, and Kevin Cole

Plenum exiliis mare : Untersuchungen zum Exil in der römischen Kaiserzeit / Frank Stini.

Strattis : die Fragmente : ein Kommentar / Christian Orth.

Déserteurs et transfuges dans l’armée romaine à l’époque républicaine /
Catherine Wolff

La Sicilia in età arcaica : dalle apoikiai al 480 a.C. / a cura di
Rosalba Panvini e Lavinia Sole

Das Poseidonheiligtum bei Akovitika in Messenien : Struktur und
Entwicklungszusammenhang eines regionalen Zentrums : Ergebnisse einer Notgrabung  1969 und einer Nachuntersuchung mit Prospektion 2005 / herausgegeben von Moritz
Kiderlen und Petros G. Themelis


New Book arrivals week of 8-22-11

Anonymus Londinensis / De medicina; edidit Daniela Manetti / De Gruyter, 2011PA 3404 A47 2011

Biles, Zachary P. / Aristophanes and the poetics of competition / Cambridge University Press, 2011PA 3879 B355 2011

Living through the dead: burial and commemoration in the classical world; edited by Maureen Carroll and Jane Rempel / Oxbow Books, 2011DE 61 B87 L59 2011

Magical practice in the Latin West: papers from the international conference held at the University of Zaragoza, 30 Sept.-1 Oct. 2005 / Brill, 2010BF 1591 M3444 2010

Nadeau, Robin / Les manières de table dans le monde gréco-romain / Presses universitaires François-Rabelais de Tours, 2010GT 2853 G8 N34 2010

Pompejanische Inschriften: der heutige Bestand vor Ort im Stadtgebiet und in den Nekropolen / Reclam, 2010CN 533 P66 2010