‘Tis the Season

Happy Holidays from the UT Videogame Archive! As appropriate for this festive season, we’ve received exciting gifts from several gracious donors. First up is Richard Anton, an attorney in the Austin area who donated an operational Apple II system along with loads of early Apple software, including a an original copy of Ultima II.

Ultima II Box Art / on the Apple II

Another recent donation comes from Amy Goldenburg, an active local IGDA member and human resources professional who has worked in the human resources and art departments of several Austin-area videogame studios. As part of a job search in the mid-1990s, Goldenburg compiled a clippings file on many local studios and developers. The file serves as a valuable historical resource for a field that evolves quickly and often ruthlessly; a “snapshot” of a studio or developer could fill crucial gaps in the history of Texas videogame development.

A particularly exciting gift comes from Gary Gattis, a long-time member of the Austin game development community, who co-founded Human Code Interactive in 1993 and later worked on the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG for Sony Online. Gattis has given us a wealth of design materials, including titles he produced from the Schoolhouse Rock and Enchanted Tales series as well as concept art and design documents from Digital Anvil (Chris Roberts’ post-Origin studio) and for a proposed yet unreleased cross-platform [TV series/MMORPG/DVD-ROM] interactive experience titled Avalon.

Map drafts from Avalon

We hope to continue receiving such interesting materials from these donors and others. As explained on our Donors page, donating materials to the UTVGA guarantees that your valuable work and/or collection will be preserved, quite literally making you a part of videogame history. We’ve worked to make the donation process as streamlined and painless as possible, so remember: ’tis the season! Until next time, happy holidays and happy gaming!