Checkout System, Stage 3: Locate and Retrieve Hardware

In the last post, the imagined research team has made its request and, with the help of reference staff, filled out the top portion of the UTVA Hardware Request slip using the name and SKU# of one of the Mattel Intellivision IIs. In this post, we move to the third stage of the system/workflow: locating and retrieving the hardware.

At this stage, the responsibility shifts to the page(s). In an earlier post, I mentioned that pages would likely be the ones to retrieve and assemble the gaming systems. And recall, in the imagined research scenario, there are other patrons in our reading room and the reference archivist tends to all their needs.

Finding objects in the Briscoe’s collections is a two-part task. Items must first be located intellectually via access tools. Then items must be located physically within the building via navigational tools.

Once given the UTVA Hardware Request slip, the pages access the UTVA Hardware Master Inventory List hosted on the UTVA Wiki page.

Proof-of-Concept_CheckOutSystemUsing this list, the pages can fill out the rest of the request slip by writing down the location of the console and the SKU#s, names, and locations of the associated peripherals. Please recall that this in an excerpt of the real list. When using the bigger list, utilizing a search feature will likely be helpful.

If needed, there are written instructions available for this stage in the previously mentioned UTVA ‘informational packet.’

ResearchRequest_UTVAWikiOnce the request slip is complete, the pages have to find the different locations in the building. Note that one item is in the UTVA cabinet in the reading room and the others are in SRH 2.322 (SRH as the Briscoe’s building).

As I mentioned earlier, I took digital images of many things during this project in order to give people as many different access tools as possible. Some of these images reflect the different locations in the Briscoe: the Reading Room, the UTVA cabinet, SRH 2.322, etc. Some examples are below:














Along with images of hardware, navigational images are found in folders on the desktop of the staff computers in the Reading Room. I created a “Resources” page on the UTVA Wiki that staff can use when looking for access and/or navigational tools.

UTVA_Hardware_ResourcesPreexisting floor-by-floor maps of the Briscoe that indicate the locations of the various collections and rooms are already posted in the staff elevator and on every floor, usually multiple times.

The UTVA-specific access tools that I created were designed to help staff and pages get started on a UTVA hardware research request. Once locations have been identified, the retrieval process folds (hopefully) into existing Briscoe practices.

In the next post, the pages will have gathered the collection materials and will move to assembly.



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