DAC Meeting February 22, 2018

Present: Andres, Gina, Gilbert, Claudia, Jennifer, Roxanne, Rebecca, Loretta, Elle, Nicole, and Adriana

Consuelo Artaza and Carlos Castañeda Diversity Pilot Residency Program

Jennifer gave an update. We have a donor who has committed to $100,000 to cover two residents for two years as a Librarian I as a pilot program. The Provost Office has committed to providing $133,000. We have $33,000 that needs to be raised by UTL, which Advancement is working on. Likely, this money will be available in raised April.

Meanwhile, the Vice Provost Cabinet will determine who should be on the committee to make recommendations to structure the pilot program.

Roxanne asked about lessons learned. Jennifer explained that Syracuse University and North Carolina State University have both shared their ACRL resident program experiences. Both of their programs have the residents rotate through and work in the different areas of the library in their first year. Prior to year two, residents pick an area that they want to focus, where they do project work or work at a service point.

We discussed possibly staggering assignments, and giving the residents the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Some expressed concern that this seems to be an aggressive schedule to have two residents in place by the fall semester. We also discussed how important it will be to have a dedicated formal mentor through the residency. Loretta pointed out that having two residents in the same unit, at the same time may be overwhelming. Questions came up: What product are the residents expected to produce at the end of their residency? Will they be expected to write a paper about their experience? What will success look like? Who will supervise the residents? Will they change supervisors during the second year when they are working in a specific area? We will continue to discuss these questions in future DAC meetings

Diversity and Inclusion Fair, April 11, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Learning Lab

Tabling will start at 11 a.m., and the panel discussion will be from 12-1 p.m.

We discussed what the panel discussion will be, and decided this is when the groups can share what their committees do. We’re working with Thao about the promotional image. We are waiting to hear back from diversity groups on campus to see if they want to participate in the fair.

Queering the Record, March 6, noon-6 p.m., PCL Learning Lab 3

This is a collaborative function between UTL and iSchool that will be held in PCL. This is an opportunity to identify topics that need pages. It’s a drop in as you are able event. The information will be taken to the Wikipedia edit-thon.

Lessons Learned

We considered if we should hold a lessons learned. Feedback was this is a beneficial to evaluate what we accomplished in the previous year, and to determine what our goals are for the new year.

Kristin will look at open dates for this to be held. Andres will contact Krystal Wyatt-Baxter to see if she can facilitate the session.

March 2 All Staff Meeting

Andres and Gina will give the update announcing the disAbility training and Queering the Record.

We discussed finding a place on the new web site that describes Diversity Action Committee (DAC). Roxanne suggested in the Values area, Diversity https://www.lib.utexas.edu/about/mission-vision-values Allyssa Guzman will be contacted to see if we can include information about DAC in this web location.


DAC February Meeting agenda

February DAC Meeting agenda

Thursday 2/22, 11am-12noon

PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Roxanne   Blogger: Jennifer

  • I remember (all)
  • Queering the Record wiki-edit-athon update (Gina -10 minutes)
  • Diversity Alliance update (Jennifer – 15 minutes?)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Fair update (Roxanne & Andres – 10 minutes)
  • Dates & format for Lessons Learned and Open Meeting sessions (Andres -5 minutes)
  • All-Staff update announcement (Gina – 5 minutes)
  • Topics to discuss at next LSC- Admin meeting (Andres – 5 minutes)
  • It made me think (all)

DAC December Monthly Meeting

Location: PCL 4.102

Start Time: 12/13/2017 11:00 AM -12:00 NOON

Facilitator:  Andres / Blogger:  Roxanne


  • I remember… (All – 5 minutes)
  • LSC/Admin/DAC meeting brief report  (Gina & Andres – 5 minutes)
  • GRA spring involvement (Andres – 15 minutes)
  • UT Diversity & Inclusion groups update (Gina – 5 minutes)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Fair planning (Andres – 10 minutes)
  • HoT Bingo fundraiser planning (Kristin – 10 minutes)
  • Communication Officer update (Kristin – 5 minutes)
  • It made me think… (All – 5 minutes)