DAC November Monthly Meeting 

Location: Benson Conference Room 1.208 (SRH)

Start Time: 11/13/2017 11:00 AM -12:00 NOON

Facilitator: Gina / Blogger: Carla


  • I remember (All – 5 minutes)
  • Communication Officer Team duties (Bonnie & Kristin – 10 minutes)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Fair planning (Andres – 15 minutes)
  • Recruiting student members (Gina – 10 minutes)
  • Scheduling spring training sessions (Andres & Gina – 10 minutes)
  • Topics to cover for LSC/ Admin meeting (Andres – 5 minutes)
  • It Made Me Think (All – 5 minutes)


DAC October monthly meeting minutes:

Monday 10/23, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m, PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Bonnie / Blogger: Andres

Present: Bonnie, Andres, Gina, Rebecca, Jennifer, Gilbert, Kristin, Roxanne, Carla

Absent: Loretta

I remember (all – 5 minutes):

Bonnie and the group recalled the co-chairs providing a well-received DAC update at the October All Staff meeting.  Andres recalled how it was a group member’s suggestion at the last meeting that prompted the co-chairs to ask Doug to be added to the All Staff agenda.  A point was raised about planning the frequency of DAC updates at All Staff meetings.  It was suggested co-chairs plan on quarterly updates, or to adjust this schedule depending on news or announcements to share with staff.

[ACTION ITEM: Co-chairs schedule regular quarterly DAC updates at All Staff meetings]

Communication Officer Team – (Andres & Gina – 10 minutes)

Gina formally announced that Kristin and Bonnie have agreed to serve as Communication Officer Team, and are working on listing and dividing duties between them.  The DAC bylaws may need to be revised.

[ACTION ITEM: Bonnie and Kristin will draft a list of duties and will share these with the group.]

Monthly meeting scheduling / meeting at branches (Kristin – 5 minutes)

Announcement that volunteers are needed to serve as facilitators/bloggers for our upcoming meetings.  It’s suggested that we decide meeting by meeting, at the conclusion for the following meeting.  Reminder that our upcoming meeting needs to be scheduled, at the Benson if possible. Looking forward to returning to a more regular meeting schedule.

[ACTION ITEM: Kristin will send out Doodle Poll to schedule upcoming monthly meetings.  November meeting will be scheduled at Benson.]

Recruiting Student Members – Strategies for spring? (Gina – 5 minutes)

Discussion over potential for recruiting hourly/ GRA/ ULN intern students onto DAC.  Because of difficulty with scheduling, may try recruiting GRAs in the spring.

As has been previously noted, undergrads will likely have difficulty attending regular scheduled meetings.  However, could be included as Student Associate Members and assisting with projects or events and providing input (through forums or informal focus groups) and making connections with full-time staff members.  Students would need to ask permission from supervisors and be clear that DAC participation is paid work time, which may make it prohibitive for some to participate.

Noted ULN interns are not technically UT Library staff.  Suggestion that DAC request having a dedicated ULN intern next fall, with co-chairs as supervisors.  Assignment is 10 hours/ week, so would need consistent tasks to assign.  The call for ULN interns is in January.  Is there specific research we want to undertake?  Potential to design a diversity-related iSchool Capstone project to propose.  Capstone fair is November 2nd.

[ACTION ITEM: Anyone attending Capstone fair should see if there is interest in diversity research-related capstone project. Follow up conversation at next meeting.]

Session with Assistant VP /Office of Diversity and Inclusion – (Gina – 5 minutes)

From a conversation between Gina and Jennifer, it was suggested it would be helpful to host a session about support for activism on campus.  Considering the current national political tensions that are being manifested on UT campus and campuses across the country, it would be helpful for employees to understand where boundaries are in showing support for political activities and activism on campus, for example signing solidarity statements that circulate on campus, usually by faculty.  Suggested before holiday break we contact Dr. Betty Jean Taylor of DDCE to facilitate a session for interested staff to discuss guidelines for expressing solidarity.

Session will not replace monthly meetings, as other groups may have interest.  Co-chairs can collect questions and topics for the session.  The notes and takeaway points for the session can be then be shared through lib-all or on blog.

[ACTION ITEM: Andres/ Gina will reach out to Dr. Taylor to begin scheduling this meeting.]

Spring Panel & Event Planning – Potential topics for April 11 (Andres – 10 minutes)

Andres suggested Spring Panel event in April could bring together representatives from Diversity & Inclusion groups across campus (such as department faculty groups, PEFSA, etc.) for a conversation about what they are working on, challenges and opportunities to partner.  Roxanne suggested expanding to hosting a half-day D&I fair, enabling groups to do tabling in addition to the panel discussion.

Suggestion to ask DDCE and GSC to co-sponsor, in addition to other external partners. SAC Ballroom would need to be rented, involving $$, instead could host at Learning Lab 1.  Roxanne volunteered to help organize the fair.  Carla mentioned the ¡A Viva Voz! Celebration at Benson is usually also in early April.

[ACTION ITEM: Co-chairs will reach out to potential partners for interest and input.]

Hearts of Texas planning – February Bingo! (Kristin – 5 minutes)

Kristin shared that in February DAC will sponsor our first Hearts of Texas (HoT) fundraising event, on February 14th, appropriately Valentines’ Day.  Hot Hearts.  Picking Bingo allowed for a fairly simple event, not requiring much work on our part, aside from promotion.  We can choose what charity to benefit; the list of applicable charities was sent out earlier to the group.  We may consider some type of diversity theme to the Bingo.

[ACTION ITEM: Follow up planning conversation at next meeting.]

Brief LSC/ Admin meeting agenda discussion (Jennifer – 5 minutes)

Jennifer brought up the upcoming LSC/Admin meeting, and the group discussed topics to cover.  Andres intends to discuss DAC’s plans to develop a list of campus diversity and inclusion groups and our potential reaching out to liaisons to facilitate communication with these groups.  Jennifer mentioned that by the time of the meeting there may be news about the potential diversity initiative. Andres asked that any additional topics be emailed to the co-chairs for inclusion.

[ACTION ITEM: Co-chairs will share the DAC agenda ahead of the LSC/Admin meeting.]

It made me think… (All – 5 minutes)

Roxanne reflected that a great deal of our meeting discussion resulted in agreement, and that for a diversity group it is healthy to put forth a variety of opinions and perspectives.

Bonnie shared that stepping in to the Communication Officer role, she has considered the importance of speaking out, and that a lack of a shared message is a message in itself.

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