Agenda (4-21-2014)

1:00-1:05: Check In: What I remember from last meeting… Round robin: each member shares one thing they clearly remember

1:05-1:10: Discussion: Share proposal for framework for achieving our goals: spend six months to build our skills and vocabularies then work together to determine how we’ll address our issues and achieve our outcomes

1:10-1:25: Small group discussion: In groups of four (based on reading for today), draft list of what skills/vocabularies we need to build for this work

1:25-1:40: Big group discussion: Come up with a core list of skills we’ll work on building

1:40-1:55: Discuss process for next steps: Small groups may be in charge of finding out what we need to do to build skills, we’ll be in conversation by email in the next weeks, by the next meeting we will be ready to set up a speaker/webinar/reading to discuss to begin our skill building.

1:55-2:20: Leadership Development: Discuss how the SIG prepares us as leaders – what does it look like to be a leader in our daily work?; Discuss roles of: co-chairs, co-facilitators, bloggers, attending members

2:20-2:25: Schedule next meeting, volunteer co-facilitator, blogger

2:25-2:30: Close Out: One phrase from the session that made you think, followed by “it made me think”