Agenda for Meeting #6 (8/29/14)

  1. Small group report outs (45 minutes total, each group’s report and feedback is 10 – 12 minutes)
    1. Each group presents their charge and their ideas within the group to address those charges. (7-8 minutes each presentation)
    2. After each group presents, DASIG opens up the discussion to give feedback on proposed initiatives. (2-3 minutes for each group)
  2. Next steps for proposals(10 minutes)
    1. DASIG agrees upon recommendations and next steps to fill in any gaps in the small group work’s proposals.
    2. DASIG decides upon deadlines for each small group’s final proposal and a separate deadline to compile our ideas in to a proposal to the incoming VP/director
    3. Decide whether or not or when to present the materials to the Executive Management Team
  3. Discuss sharing our goals and initiatives with Libraries’ staff (5 minutes)
  4. Discuss Kristen’s and Jee’s visit to Learning Commons Group where they will discuss diversity and the design and planning of the Learning Commons (may be a topic to discuss via email if time does not allow)