Meeting Agenda — 11/17/14

1. Report on DASIG accomplishments (5 minutes) – Kristen Hogan

2. Discuss how we can apply the work of DASIG, and things we have learned as DASIG members, to our daily work (15 minutes) – Begin in small groups (10 minutes) then transition to a large group for sharing (5 minutes)

3. Discuss and prepare for the Diversity Action Libraries-wide event (20 minutes) – During our last DASIG meeting, the opinion was expressed that we would like to have a reprise of the panel discussion we had on June 16, only this time it would be open to the entire Libraries staff. The panel will discuss best practices for working with students of color and LGBTQ students. We also want to schedule time during this event for small group conversations, facilitated by the panel specialists, about how to apply this information to our daily work. We are thinking about having this event at the beginning of December (possibly December 10?).
We are going to start preparing for this event before our Nov. 17 meeting. We will send out an email, including a call for participation, before the Nov. 17 meeting, and we will also talk about the details in person.
Action Items:
• Please come ready with your thoughts about how best to prepare for and organize the event, and any other ideas or questions about the event
• Please be prepared to volunteer for some aspect of organizing the event. We are looking forward to you volunteering when we send out the call for participation email before the Nov. 17 meeting:
o Meeting with Jason Sick for event planning and planning for refreshments
o Meeting with panel members
o Meeting with Staff Council about the event
o Meeting with Travis Willmann about photographing the event
o Writing the Library Update posting about the event
o Helping to arrange furniture, set up food, etc. on the day of the event
o Helping to clean up after the event
o Other things that need to be done???

4. Mini-workshop: Finalizing the documents to present to Dr. Lorraine Haricombe (35 minutes) – We want to complete the documents we are going to present to Dr. Haricombe during this meeting. We can start with a brief discussion about the concept of the Short-Term Actions versus the Long-Term Actions (5 minutes). Then we can break into our small groups, and refine and condense our small group Wiki posts (30 minutes). We will provide laptops for this activity.

5. Report out from the small groups about our finalized documents and decide on an editor to pull the separate documents together into a whole package suitable for presentation to Dr. Haricombe (10 minutes)
Action item:
• Please consider volunteering to be the editor of this very significant presentation document

6. Plan for December’s DASIG meeting (5 minutes)
o Verify co-facilitators and blogger for next meeting
o Discuss a basic agenda or ideas for next meeting (Do we want to bring in a speaker/webcast/reading to continue our education within the group?)
o Discuss any action items required to be performed before next meeting
Action item:
• Please be ready to discuss your thoughts about what should be on the agenda for December’s meeting

Meeting Recap for 10/20/2014

Introduction to new moderation and facilitation

This will give members time to collect their thoughts and give them time to compose their ideas. So, after each segment of the meeting well will break for a few minutes to allow this to happen.

Discuss Dr. Taylor’s workshop and exercises

It was talked about how every time she meets with us we leave learning new things about ourselves. Would it be beneficial for staff in the libraries to do some of the self-work like the circle and how privilege affects us. A survey of what kind of training we need before we move forward so that we can say these are the areas our coworkers have pointed out that are issues. Collecting this data would allow the organizers to better prepare and address issues that are prevalent in the libraries. Discussion about aligning this with LSC to help get support for this to happen or asking Jennifer Heath to design a class for this type of training through HR in the LL series. This could be a required class for certain levels and optional for others, but open to all.

Discuss how to spend the money saved from Dr. Taylor waiving her speaker fee

Possibly asking that the Panel that we had in our fourth meeting return and make it available to all staff to partake in as an enrichment committee event. Possible held during intersession like the last all staff meeting we had over in the Main building.

We would like to have people leave with a deliverable.

Another option is to make a series were each part of the series may reach different groups. There was some concern about staff attendance. One possible fix is that after each series part there are break out groups that participants then sign up for to continue the discussion, these would meet with other groups from other sections.

Look into a facilitator to drive the meeting so all staff can part take. Do we wait for Dr Haricombe to arrive or could it be held when she is in town house hunting.

Discuss next step proposals

What do we want to show the incoming VP? Show off how this group was started by staff and the visible gap between staff and Admin. Provide and history on the group.

Local training that can be added to you review/evaluation.

Ally Training? By Shane over at Gender Studies

Take the base of the Ally Training and broaden its base to cover diversity in its whole

Work on getting diversity worked into our hiring matrix like how the State of Oklahoma currently have.

Over the next meeting nail down what we would like to bring to the new VP

Informal forum for mid-term DASIG check-in

Finish the approval of the definition of Diversity over email within the next week so we can move it to the Ads to approve.

Stress the fact that Diversity is not viable in job postings, and many people do not apply to UT because they fear retribution or the like.

How much work should we do on asking for a Diversity position moving forward?

Confirm next meeting co-facilitators and bloggers

This will be emailed out to find a replacement for one Co chair and blogger.

Ending round robin exercise



Introduction to new moderation and facilitation (10 minutes). –To respect the range of communication styles and provide all members the time and space they need to feel comfortable contributing to the group conversations

Discuss Dr. Taylor’s workshop and exercises (20 minutes) –- begin in small groups (10 minutes) then transition into a large group for sharing (10 minutes)

Discuss how to spend the money saved from Dr. Taylor waiving her speaker fee (15 minutes) –- submit ideas for larger UT Libraries event.

Discuss next step proposals (15 minutes) -– What would we like to show to the incoming VP?

Informal forum for mid-term DASIG check-in (20 minutes) — small-groups can report out

Confirm next meeting co-facilitators and bloggers (5 minutes)

Ending round robin exercise (5 minutes)