Meeting Report – 12/15/2014

Present: Ann Marchock, Ben Rodriguez, Cindy Fisher, Debora Hanken Kurtz, Elise Nacca, Jee Davis, Jennifer Heath, Kristen Hogan, Kelly Kerbow-Hudson, Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, Roxanne Bogucka

The meeting started with debriefing about the DASIG event on December 10th. The members received various feedback from the attendees and share it in the meeting. Some feedback includes:

  • The duration of the event was too short to cover the diversity topics that were discussed in the event and it should have been longer; more training opportunities on diversity are needed.
  • The several attendees expressed the desire for hands-on training classes and longer workshops (a half day).
  • Some folks expressed the intention and expectation of the event could have framed better prior to the event.
  • There is a need for ongoing/continuing training to learn proper terms and the use of those terms since they continue to evolve; UTL staff should be familiar with proper and sensitive terms to better serve our diverse user groups.
  • Some staff expressed that they would like training on what different diversity names mean, such as transgender, queer, etc

We discussed some thoughts/reflections after delivering the exciting and successful event:

  • The event has provided us lots of ideas for future events. It has proved that there is great need for diversity education in UTL such as anti-oppression training classes
  • Small group discussion was useful in that staff from different areas who normally do not have much interaction discuss diversity issues that concern them in their daily work; it would be good to have a facilitator for the small group discussion to bring folks to the main discussion point when needed.
  • The event provided a good introductory session to several important diversity matters; there needs to be more concrete takeaways.

After the debriefing, we discussed finalizing DASIG document to Dr. Haricombe. There was vivid discussion on recommendations regarding the Diversity Officer position and the future functions of DASIG. We agreed to the following approaches in these matters:

  • We recommend the future roles of DASIG in UTL as we have been discussed; Jennifer will provide information regarding various groups (e.g. committees, working groups, etc.)  and their roles in UTL.
  • In terms of recommending the Diversity Officer position, we will compile the job responsibilities and required skills of the position. We agreed that it will be difficult and not necessary to come up with how the position will fit in the organization and what the appointment status should be in the document. The members will share some job responsibilities and skills that are related to the position via dasig mailing list by January 9, 2015.
  • Kristen and Jee are responsible for compiling the final document by January 20, 2015.

Participating NDLC ’16 was briefly discussed. It was obvious that we are interested in participating in this conference.

Kristen, Cindy, Ben (and maybe Krystal and Elise) plan to attend a member meeting of BeVocal (The Bystander Intervention Initiative of The University of Texas at Austin) and see the possibility of our getting involved in this campus initiative.

We discussed the article Christmas in a Cultural Center. We discussed how Christian Privilege and Domination prevail in our own workplace. The difficulty among the folks who have a different religion or belief system is also discussed and identified as a societal challenge.

Agenda for next meeting (10-11:30 AM, January 22, PCL 3.120)

  • Discussion on next events by DASIG
  • Final approval for the compiled DASIG document

Action Items:

1. Share the ideas regarding the job responsibilities and skills of the Diversity Officer position via dasig email list by January 9.

2. Compile the final documentation for Dr. Haricombe by January 20 and share it with the members (Kristen and Jee)

Meeting Agenda — 12/15/14

1. Debriefing about the DASIG Dec. 10th Event. Discuss attendance; takeaways we can apply to DASIG; takeaways we can apply to our jobs; lessons learned; etc. (10 minutes)

2. Finalize the package of documents DASIG will present to the new Vice Provost, Dr. Lorraine Haricombe (35 minutes).

• Discuss, as a whole group, any specific changes that need to be made to the “final” drafts from the small groups (5 minutes)
Action items: Small groups: complete your final drafts of your small group documents by the end of the day Dec. 10. Everyone: read, and be prepared to discuss, all the final drafts

• Conversation about our recommendation of creating a Diversity Officer position: what sort of position are we seeking? (20 minutes)

• Conversation about whether we want to recommend that DASIG be transformed from a Special Interest Group into a Standing or Advisory Committee that works with the Diversity Officer (10 minutes)

3. Discuss National Diversity Libraries Conference (NDLC ’16) to be held Aug. 10-13, 2016 at UCLA. (10 minutes)

4. Conversation about an article by Mamta Motwani Accapadi about Christian privilege around “Christmas time”—“When a Safe Space becomes an Oppressive Space: Christmas in a Cultural Center.” We thought this would be a very timely topic, and expect a very lively, thought-provoking conversation! (25 minutes)
Action item: Please read, and be prepared to discuss, the article
Christmas in a Cultural Center

5. Plan for January’s DASIG meeting. (Co-Facilitators Jennifer & Debra; Blogger: Jee) Possibly do something similar to what was presented in the article about the social and racial justice campaign that was previously shared by Cindy? (5 minutes)

6. Close the meeting with “What made you think?” (5 minutes)

Meeting Recap for 11/17/14

Before we began, we collectively read of a list that Kristen had compiled of DASIG activities and accomplishments since DASIG’s inception. It was impressive to see how much we had accomplished in a short amount of time.

Next, in small groups we discussed how to integrate what we have learned and continue learning in DASIG work into our daily work. Then we shared out in larger groups what we talked about. This is brief recap of some of our opportunities, reflections, and ideas we shared:
  • The existence of DASIG as a resource for us with colleagues to support us should we encounter difficult conversations;  we discussed feeling united as a group to empower or advocate on behalf of diversity issues
  • How to integrate what we’ve learned into the hiring process and questions for candidates
  • Using what we’ve learned in daily conversation to deal with microagressions in order to bring positive change our to environment
  • Integrating ideas of social and racial justice into the classroom
  • Ways to bring our perspectives to meetings and to be a positive change within library departments
Next up: Discussion about our UT Libraries specific December 10th event. We discussed the current outline of the session and described how it might happen.
  • Reprise the earlier DASIG panel with campus partners, integrating an outside consultant to coordinate with library staff about how we would apply this to our daily work
  • The panel facilitators will talk among themselves about what they think might work best for us here.
  • Building the panel into a workshop, also asked for our feedback
  • The group liked the outline the that panelists presented; liked the idea of a small group discussion so that we can all participate; had thought about discussing privilege
  • Identity wheel comes up as a useful tool
  • There were many great ideas, but in a short amount of time, we discussed  what our specific goals were for our panel:
    • Introduce DASIG to UT Libraries staff to share the work and mission.
    • Begin a discussion about diversity issues to the entire UT Libraries staff.
    • Show that diversity issues not just public services issues but affect how we all work in different aspects of the library
Next up: Documentation to present  to Dr. Haricombe
  • Diversity definitions done
  • 1/2 – 1 page for other groups; hoping to have 3 page totals
  • Short term –> event planning aka things we’ve already done  // long term group –> recommendations
  • Long terms/recommendations & justification + urgency –> make more concise
Next DASIG meeting is on December 15th. Jennifer Heath is co-facilitating with Ann and Brittany is blogging. We will come together with our documents to collaboratively edit the document. One person will need to volunteer to tie it all together.