Meeting recap for 1/22/15

Brainstorming Next DASIG Events:

  • In anticipation of the new Gender Neutral bathrooms coming in the fall, we would like some disability and LGBT advocacy training. The Panel event made it apparent that Libraries’ staff wants the vocabulary to talk about these issues, so training around that would be helpful. We will aim for spring or summer, keeping limited meeting space for this semester in mind.
  • Kristen is going on a tour of Gender Neutral bathrooms on campus to take a look at signs. She’s meeting all interested people at the PCL New Books shelf, Tuesday 1/27 @9am
  • All group members expressed interest in doing some independent research around how these spaces work on other college campuses.
  • Ally training – 2 hours. There is a form online: to request training. We need to discuss a few dates and times before we request the training.
  • We had a short discussion about recurring vs. one-time training and a discussion about mandatory training, such as may be the Gender Neutral Bathroom training, vs. self-selecting training, such as the Ally training.


  • Will be brought to Executive Management Meeting, the next one is Lorraine Haricombe’s first.
  • At this point, we think inviting all DASIG members to present at the meeting is a good idea.
  • Presenting a a future VP coffee is also on the table.

Article for discussion

  •  Jaena Alabi, “Racial Microaggressions in Academic Libraries: Results of a Survey of Minority and Non-minority Librarians,” Journal of Academic Librarianship, January 2015:
  • Ann brought up the point that 20 years ago, when she was a grad student, the conversation about diversity in the profession was in a similar state: it’s still a profession for white women.
  • Cindy remarked that the profession is getting younger than ever – more people under 35 – this may signal more interest in social justice issues in the profession.
  • Many in the group thought this article highlights the need for mandatory training – preferably campus-wide, since our jobs deal so much with the campus at large. Roxanne suggested bringing this issue to the attention of cultural competency groups already existing on campus. DDCE has apparently been working on compliance training on this issue.

Lessons Learned