Meeting Agenda, 11/5/15

  • Welcome and meeting procedures (5 min.)
  • Round robin—Your name, title, where you work, why you’re in DASIG, and your “I remember…” from the October meeting (5 min.)
  • App (20 min.)
    1. Demo—Jeremy and Jason
    2. Discussion
  • INFORMATIONAL: National Diversity in Libraries Conference 2016 (3 min.)
  • Annual signature event discussion (30 min.)
  • DASIG overview and discussion with the Vice Provost (15 min.)
  • DASIG t-shirts (5 min.)
  • It Made Me Think… (5 min.)—Your motivations and commitments to DASIG, distilled into a few words or a sentence

Meeting Agenda 10/1/2015

• I remember … (all) (5 min.)
• Feedback from the LGBTQA Identities workshops (Jee and Dale) (10 min.)
• Report on the grant opportunities meeting (Dale) (5 min.)
• Recruiting GRA participation for DASIG (Andres) (5 min.)
• App progress (Ben and Jason Molin, DDCE) (20 min.)
• Finalize our decisions about organizing a “signature” DASIG event, training sessions, etc. & start to develop a plan to move forward with the chosen event (30 min.)
• Start to develop an agenda for the DASIG November meeting: We will have a special guest in November, Dr. lorraine haricombe!! (10 min.)
• It made me think (all) (5 min.). As a reminder, the It Made Me Think statement should basically follow this format, as quoted from the March 31, 2014 DASIG meeting report blog:
“It Made Me Think:
We started a tradition of closing the meeting by reflecting on our work together. We each shared one word or phrase that made us think followed by the phrase “it made me think.” We started out:
“Reflecting on our own identity, it made me think.”
“Racial justice, it made me think.”
“Student experience, it made me think.””