Meeting Recap, 10/1/15

DASIG minutes from 10/1/2015

Present: Jee Davis, Cindy Fisher, Allyssa Guzman, Jennifer Heath, Ann Marchock (facilitator), Andrés Ramirez, Ben Rodriguez (blogger), Jason Molin (DDCE guest)

We started off the meeting discussing the opening and closing of our meetings and the purpose they hold. Our openings always start with “I remember …” from our last meeting. This is to help remind us what we went over in the last meeting and what stood out to that person, what made them think. The closings of our meetings is to help bring out the action items and the inspiring/motivational aspects of the meeting. We decided to continue doing these.

Workshop feedback from the LGTBQA event. The electronic results of the survey are on the Wiki. We hope to engage with more administrators in the future regarding diversity education. Therefore our next workshops should be marketed to everyone including our administrators. Kristen Hogan will give us a list of opportunities for future GSC workshops. We will continue the workshop event sponsored by DASIG throughout the year.

Grants-Residency Program. We are looking into a Planning Grant to fund this idea and several folks from DASIG went to a lecture on grants. Next we need to start brainstorming for applying.

It was discussed as to how as an interest group we are limited and our hope to become either a standing committee or once a Diversity Officer is hired, support that positions much like SACLA does for Natalie Moore.

Ben ask that LSC mention after their elections of a Student and GRA to their committee they would mention to those who were not selected to keep watching for future rolls in committees such as DASIG and others. This did go out to all after LSC’s elections

App discussion

  • First generation app doesn’t need database. If we prefer to get a prototype up and running sooner than later, we need a system to finalize content
  • Second generation app can be an overhaul for pulling dynamic content
  • In order to finalize content for 1st gen, current decisions about strategy and scope must be wrapped up so content can be reviewed and finalized.
  • I have a ULN intern that might be able to make the android version
  • I will investigate and facilitate server setup and funding search
  • Notes
    • Have prototype ready for Dr. H by Nov. 5, 9:30? Jason and Liz too.
    • Content first, show stakeholders, get feedback
    • Talk to other Univ’s about possible uses?
    • Project paths
      • App development and user testing
      • Partner development and stakeholder buy-in
    • Ben and Jeremey at Pickle

It was hoped that we could have one of our events this semester as the release party of the App.