Meeting Recap, 3/3/2016

Special Planning Session

Attendees: Allyssa Guzman, Brittany Deputy, Dale Correa, Jee Davis, Cindy Fisher, Jennifer Heath, Ann Marchock, Andres Ramirez, Ben Rodriguez, Ronda Rowe

Facilitator – Dale; Blogger – Jee


Dale welcomed Brittany back, who had to suspend her DASIG service due to her additional work duty as the interim business librarian since June 2015. As UTL hired the new business librarian Brittany rejoined DASIG.

Dale also acknowledged Cindy Fisher’s participation in and contribution to DASIG since its beginning in 2014. Cindy has accepted a position at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) as a Library Technology Consultant. DASIG hopes to continue to work with Cindy in her new role at TSLAC related to diversity and wish her the best in her new career adventure. Cindy’s last day at UTL is March 9.


Signature event:

The members discussed the logistics of this year’s DASIG Signature Event: InclusiveU App Launch event, including date, panel members, venue, and audience. The following decisions were made:

  • Event date: we are aiming for Wednesday, April 13.
  • Tentative panelists: Jeremy Thompson (student app developer), Jason Molin (DDCE), one representative from GSC, S. Craig Watkins (Professor, Radio-Television-Film), Dale Correa (DASIG – panel moderator)
  • Event place: UFCU

Once we confirm event date, place, and panelists, the subcommittee (led by Jennifer Heath) will organize/coordinate the event and call for volunteers.

Transition to a standing committee

Dale gave the members an update on the meeting among lorraine, Doug, Jennifer Heath, Dale, and Jee on March 2. The meeting focused on DASIG’s transition to a standing committee under the umbrella of the LSC structure.

The members discussed the chair selection process, in particular under the LSC’s umbrella. Three possible options were explored:

  1. The incumbent chair nominates incoming chair and the members approve or disapprove; a liaison member from LSC
  2.   One chair elected from the DASIG membership and the other chair appointed from LSC
  3. The DASIG members select incoming co-chair through nominations and election; a liaison member from LSC

The members explored all three options carefully and favored the option #3.

The members decided to have this year’s DASIG Open House in May after the Signature Event.

Remaining agenda items

  • Chair nomination and election process
  • Responsibilities of chairs and members in the standing committee
  • Number of members in the standing committee
  • Update charges and objectives (based on priorities list)

Action items

  • Dale will contact and invite Professor Watkins.
  • Dale will reserve the UFCU room.
  • Dale will contact Roxanne to see if this event can be arranged as a Research + Pizza event.
  • Jee will contact other panelists once the date and place are confirmed.
  • We will invite current/future partners, UTL staff, students, etc. Basically every UT communities are welcome and invited to this event.
  • Dale and Jee will schedule a meeting with LSC to discuss adding DASIG to LSC.

Meeting Agenda, 3/3/16

Signature Event

  • Confirm date, panel members, and venue
  • Identify roles for DASIG members at event
  • Communication with administration (approval; budget)

Transition to Standing Committee

  • Chair responsibilities and selection process
  • Number of members
  • Member responsibilities, including attendance and contribution
  • Revise charge and objectives (based on priorities list)
  • New member recruitment (Open House)