Meeting Recap, 4/7/2016

Attendees: Allyssa Guzman, Brittany Deputy, Dale Correa, Jee Davis, Jennifer Heath, Ann Marchock, Andres Ramirez, Ben Rodriguez, Ronda Rowe, Roxanne Bogucka, Frank Meaker

Facilitator – Jennifer; Blogger – Ann

I remember …

Andres remembered our discussion about transitioning to a standing committee and deciding on a new DASIG co-chair.
Jee mentioned how important the Open House meeting is so that we can strengthen our membership.
Ann remembered that we decided we would decide on a new co-chair through a nomination and voting process within DASIG; and that a member of LSC would be in a liaison role, but did not necessarily have to be a co-chair of DASIG.
Ben remembered welcoming Brittany back and that we were going to contact Professor S. Craig Watkins to be a panelist at the DASIG event. Jee and Dale responded that Dr. Watkins replied too late to their requests so he will not be a panelist.
Roxanne said she was not at the DASIG meeting last month. She was at the Freshman Research Initiative instead, and she was reflecting on how FRI relates to the issues we discuss in DASIG.
Dale remembered giving a send-off to Cindy Fisher during the last DASIG meeting.
Brittany mentioned that people have been asking about the InclusiveU App on chat.
Jennifer remembered being energized by DASIG becoming a standing committee instead of a staff interest group.


Jee announced that there will be an event at the Multicultural Engagement Center to celebrate the publication of Kristen Hogan’s new book, The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability. Jee said that Kristen was involved with every aspect of publishing her book, and that Kristen did not agree with the CIP data for the book. Jee assisted Kristen with informing the Library of Congress about the discrepancies in the CIP data. Jee will be part of the panel at this event, and will be discussing the importance of getting the correct subject headings and call number in the CIP information and on the catalog record in order to allow for the best searching and retrieval responses for our users.


Signature event:

Jee discussed her plans to contact Travis Willmann about making progress with the publicity for the DASIG event. Jee is going to be meeting with Travis today to finalize the poster. Roxanne said Jee should have Travis send it to her as a tabloid and a slide copy, and then Jee can send those two electronic files to the various organizations on campus that need to publicize the event. These different organizations can print their posters from those electronic files.

Jee said that she and Dale are going to try to meet with the panelists before the event to organize the panel discussion topics. Jason Molin, DDCE, had contacted Jee, and he would like the event to be recorded in some manner. The group discussed our options for recording the event. Basically, it came down to two options: 1. Have Travis Willmann take photographs, or, 2. Have TIS videotape the event.

Roxanne mentioned that we need to inform both the panelists and the audience that the event is being videotaped if we go that route.

Ben said he would like it videotaped, so he could possibly use it as part of his diversity conference poster. Ben also suggested live streaming it. Jee said it is probably too late to request it to be live streamed.

Jason also suggested to Jee that he would like there to be an interactive component to the panel discussion. He would like to ask the audience to download the InclusiveU App during the event. Jeremy Thompson can show the video he made about the app. It would also be a good idea to tell the audience how they can give feedback on the app.

Andres gave a summary of where we are currently with planning the event. He said Jennifer has contacted Geoff Bahre about setting up the room, and that Gennell has ordered the pizza. Andres suggested that we volunteer to post the posters around campus. Roxanne said usually students post event posters. Andres is going to inquire whether the students who work in his unit would be able to post the event posters for the DASIG event.

Jennifer said we don’t need any additional help setting the event up. She said Frank and Matt McGuire will set up the room and break it down after the event. Jee inquired how did we decide to have seating for 120 people. Jennifer said that is how many the room will hold. The group discussed how many seats would be appropriate for this event. Frank said the middle section of the room will accommodate 75 chairs. It was decided that 75 chairs would be a good number, and that Frank can be on stand-by in case more chairs are needed.

Dale recommended we have ushers for the event. Jee and Andres volunteered to be the ushers.

There was a question about promoting the event through social media. Allyssa volunteered to do this if Travis does not have time to. Roxanne pointed out that, due to the recent tragedy on campus, President Fenves would like there to be more control about what gets posted on social media at this time. Jee said she will ask Travis whether it would be appropriate to post to social media about the DASIG event at this time.


Dale discussed the NDLC travel awards opportunity. She suggested that Ben apply for this award to cover his travel expenses for the poster session at the conference. Dale said other members of DASIG could apply, as well. Ben said he would appreciate a travel companion. Ben said Jeremy will be on Skype during the poster session. The conference is to take place August 10-13, 2016 in Los Angeles.


Transition to Standing Committee:

Jennifer asked Dale to discuss the current status of the transition to a standing committee. Dale said there hasn’t been much movement as of yet. Jennifer asked whether there is any timeline in place, and Ben responded the sooner the better. Ben said Missy Nelson and Boris Brodsky are reviewing the current LSC bylaws. Ben gave Missy and Boris a copy of the UTSC bylaws for comparison. Ann mentioned she had contacted Missy about the bylaws, and Missy said she thinks they will only add a few sentences and that the whole process should cause minimal disruption. Ann inquired whether the new bylaws need to be more universal and able to be applied to any new group that may become part of LSC. Ben replied they do need to be applied to any new group that is going to be reporting through LSC to the Vice-Provost Cabinet. The Staff Advisory Committee for Library Advancement (SACLA) is another group that reports through LSC to the VPC.

DASIG Open House:

Dale suggested we discuss the term and concept safe as part of the Open House. The group agreed this would be a good idea.

Jennifer suggested we use PCL 1.124 for the Open House. It was suggested that May 5, 2016 would be a possible date for the Open House. Jee said we should arrange the furniture as a round table and provide a potluck like we did last year. Jee and Dale said having the Open House around lunch time would probably work best for more staff members to attend.

The group discussed the format of the Open House. Dale can facilitate the event. Jee said she will discuss the background of DASIG, and explain DASIG’s work. She will also explain about DASIG’s transition to a standing committee. After Jee’s opening discussion, we could split into smaller groups to discuss the concept of safe. Dale suggested we also discuss fostering cultural diversity. Jennifer said we could discuss our diversity definition draft at the Open House. Jennifer said we should finalize the topics for the Open House at least a week before the event.

Ann asked how long should the Open House last. Brittany suggested having the actual formal meeting for 1 hour (12 noon-1 PM), and then having time to chat or more informal discussions for an additional 1/2 hour (1-1:30 PM).

Jee said we should announce the Open House as soon as possible–maybe we could announce it at the DASIG app event. Ann, Jee, and Andres volunteered to set-up the room for the Open House. We can sign-up for the potluck through email. We should also contact Gennell about providing coffee and juice for the Open House.

Andres suggested providing a feedback or evaluation form for both the DASIG app event and the Open House. Jee asked whether Roxanne uses a feedback form for the Science and Pizza events she organizes. Roxanne said she does, and we could adapt her form for the DASIG events. Andres and Roxanne volunteered to work on the evaluation survey form for the two DASIG events.

It made me think …

Allyssa said the evaluation survey is a great idea.
Ben said he can’t believe “We are doing it!” He said he hopes we are overwhelmed with interest in DASIG.
Jee said she realizes the importance for DASIG members to truly understand the issues surrounding diversity.
Ronda said she thought the announcement of the app event made the event sound really significant.
Jennifer said she realizes the need to plan events early. She said we should probably start to plan now for any events that we may hold in the Fall.

Action Items

  • Jee will contact Travis about the event poster.
  • Jee will also contact Travis about whether we can post the event on social media sites.
  • Jennifer will contact Geoff about recording the event.
  • Jee will contact the panelists about meeting before the event.
  • Andres will inquire whether the students he works with can post the posters around campus for the event.
  • Andres and Roxanne will work on creating the evaluation survey for the two DASIG events.
  • Ben will send the UTSC bylaws to Ann and Andres for comparison.
  • Ann and Andres will wait for Missy and Boris to contact them about the bylaws.

Meeting Agenda, 4/7/2016

Facilitator: Jennifer H.; Blogger: Ann


  • I remember … (blog entry for the last meeting: (all)
  • Announcements
    • Kristen Hogan’s New book celebration at MEC (Jee)
    • lorraine’s email message on NDLC travel awards opportunity (Dale)
  • Signature Event planning (Andres)
  • Transition to a standing committee (all)
    • A group discussion regarding the three charges from lorraine
      • Draft a concise UT Libraries diversity definition for consideration by VPC;
      • Work with Chris Carter to develop an approach to safe spaces at UT Libraries;
      • Work with Chris Carter and Jennifer Heath to incorporate the work of fostering cultural diversity at UTL into our organizational development operations.  Library Staff Council is our first choice as a mechanism.
    • Subcommittee to review LSC by-laws (Andres and Ann)
  • May Open House planning and idea (all)
  • It made me think … (all)