Meeting Recap, 6/9/2016

Attendees: Roxanne, Andres, Kristin, Stacy, Allyssa, Gilbert, Jessica, Melanie, Ben
Absent: Dale, Brittany, Jennifer, Frank, Loretta

Facilitator – Roxanne; Blogger – Melanie

Welcome and meeting procedures
Roxanne welcomed us and reviewed general meeting protocols for newbies.  

Communication and Archivist Officers
Andres distributed a handout outlining Communication Officer key responsibilities for review/comment, and summarized the ideas behind the new Communication and Archival Officer roles.  Allyssa and Gilbert each discussed the duties they envision being responsible for as the new officers, respectively.  Attendees discussed potential activities of the DASIG Archivist/Web Oversight team:

    • The current wiki platform is being phased out soon, so we need to decide where to migrate content (e.g. UT Box, blog, repository)
    • Pros and cons of Sharepoint vs. UT wikis
    • Ben advocates for UT Box, ease of use
    • Ben mentions need to update DASIG by-laws to include descriptions and duties of officers

I remember…
Andres remembered being glad that Allyssa volunteered for the Communications Officer role, which feels to him like a natural progression from the co-chair run-off last week.

Roxanne remembered the thoughtful and inspirational comments of departing members.

Ben remembered being glad for the suggestion of a design team to help with the poster for the National Diversity in Libraries Conference in August. Melanie remembered being impressed by the plan to send a DASIG member to the conference. Ben mentioned a new QR code for the Inclusive U app, which he will share with the group for further promotion of the app.

Jessica remembered being excited to join DASIG and is feeling enthusiasm for carrying the torch forward.

Stacy remembers being excited to attend last week’s meeting and enjoyed the playfulness in co-chair election process.

Planning events/trainings
Andres shared the results of the Qualtrics Poll where group members ranked seven event/training suggestions for the coming year. Attendees agreed to prioritize the two most highly-ranked events: Disability Advocacy and Ally Training. Roxanne suggested Ally Training  for UTL staff would be an ideal summer pursuit, and that a Dis/ability training/event could be more fully fleshed out for a Fall offering. Ben agreed, with reminders that student involvement and PG Moreno’s availability for collaboration are better in Fall.

A call for volunteers to coordinate these events led to discussion of what is involved:

  • Event duration expected to range from a couple of hours to a half-day
  • A subcommittee of 2 DASIG members + external partners is typical
  • Early steps: obtaining approval for funding and release time for staff
  • Securing room reservations, coordinating refreshments
  • Publicizing event (working w/ Travis, asking administration to provide statements to incorporate into promotional materials)
  • Coordinating with external partners
  • Developing assessment plans/instruments

Melanie and Jessica volunteered to coordinate Ally Training.

Andres will announce event/training priorities and call for volunteers on DASIG list, and plans to mention plans for Ally Training at all-staff meeting Friday 6/17.

There was discussion around when & how to encourage GRAs to help out/be involved in DASIG events.

Kristin suggested creation of checklist document for event planning/organization with contact info for future use. Roxanne mentioned Basecamp as a useful project/planning tool.

Andres will gather info for next meeting on event planning tips/steps

Diversity statement
The only revision suggested  thus far was to spell out University of Texas Libraries. Andres confirmed the next step after DASIG approval is for the statement to go to lorraine for approval. We had a unanimous vote in favor to send it forward for approval, quorum of 8 group members present.

Open Discussion
Melanie asked about what remains for the group to transition to a standing committee, such as renaming, and the timeline.

  • Andres mentioned ongoing work to draft by-laws, invited interested members to help; Ben mentioned cheat-sheets and book on Robert’s Rules are helpful.
  • The diversity statement, drafting by-laws, and developing a plan for safe spaces are the charges given to us this year – we are now checking off the first one, shifting focus to other two.
  • We will still be DASIG until December and new by-laws are due by December. lorraine wants progress reports between now and then. Our group name should be finalized by then and incorporated into by-laws.
  • LSC by-laws were recently settled; Ben will have Missy Nelson contact Andres about the status and how DASIG and SACLA are referred to, for continuity in our by-laws.
  • Stacy volunteers to help with editorial work on by-laws.
  • Definitions for the structure of the group are welcome at this point; currently Andres and Dale favor a model allowing for flexibility.

Melanie suggested using a shared calendar for tracking DASIG activities, deadlines, etc.  Another recommendation for Basecamp, from Kristin. Andres and Gilbert will confer with Allyssa on that suggestion.

Allyssa will facilitate the next meeting instead of Andres due to vacation schedules.

No one knows exact date wiki is expected to be discontinued.

Melanie mentioned and other attendees agree that a Sharepoint presence for DASIG is critical, even if we’re linking out to other platforms for most content. 

Logistics of Basecamp accounts? Natalie Moore manages library account

It made me think
Ben: I have a lot of action items!  

Gilbert: We’re really getting down to the nuts and bolts of action.

Kristin: Once we get our new group framework in place, we’ll start having some real fun!

Andres:  Sounds like we’re all on the same page.

Melanie: Maybe we need a cookie/snack signup per meeting?  (include gluten-free options)

Action Items

  • Allyssa & Gilbert will confer to further define their positions
  • Ben to contact volunteers to begin poster design work
  • Ben will share QR code to promote Inclusive U app
  • Melanie and Jessica will investigate GSC availability to provide Ally Training during summer, taking next steps from there.
  • Andres will announce event/training priorities on list-serv, put out call for volunteers
  • Andres will mention plans for summer training at all-staff meeting 6/17/2016
  • Andres will gather info on event planning tips/steps for next meeting
  • Co-chairs will forward diversity statement to lorraine for approval
  • Ben will share by-law drafts, cheat sheets and Robert’s Rules info with persons within DASIG who are working on writing the by-laws
  • Ben will ask Missy Nelson to contact Andres about the LSC by-law status and how DASIG and SACLA are referred to there, for continuity in DASIG by-laws
  • Andres and Gilbert will confer with Allyssa on suggestions to use Basecamp for DASIG planning.


May 31 meeting notes

Attending: Jennifer Heath, Melanie Cofield, Stacy Ogilvie, Dale Correa, Brittany Deputy, Jee-Hyun Davis, Gilbert Borrego, Andres Ramirez, Kristin Walker, Ben Rodriguez, Jessica Trelogan, Roxanne Bogucka, Ronda Rowe, Allyssa Guzman
Absent: Loretta Wallace, Ann Marchock, Frank Meaker
“I Remember” round robin was a lot of remembering the Open House. Members said thanks and goodbyes to Jee and Ronda and Ann, who will be stepping down from DASIG (for now).  Everyone introduced themselves and spoke about their interest in joining DASIG.
Co-chair Election
Jee asked Alissa and Andres to briefly gave their vision statements and speak about what being co-chair entails.  Members voted in secret ballot.  Andres was elected as new co-chair. Discussion of summer meeting times, Fall meeting times.  Dale will be out next two months but will be available through email.  Due to changes in schedules from summer to fall June, July, August meetings will be scheduled second Thursdays for summer.  Fall meeting times will be set later once members have better idea of their fall schedules.
Dale will send Outlook appointment for upcoming meetings. Update wiki  add signup for summer session facilitators/ bloggers. 
Dale brought up discussed on DASIG Communication and Web Maintenance. Last year we had proposed sharing DASIG updates with Travis to be included in monthly Libraries Update, though we have not kept up with this.  Dale proposed establishing officer position responsible for communication such as reaching out to Travis, tweeting, maintaining site.  Allyssa volunteers, all agree. Jennifer suggested at next All- Staff meeting giving DASIG update through LSC update, including new members are announcement. Allyssa mentioned having a template for minutes, and possibly sending out with LSC or separate.  We could include 2-sentence summary and link to DASIG blog.
Lessons Learned Review
Dale was intending to review our Lessons Learned session from February.  Due to time suggests everyone review summary (February 4th blog) and discuss later.
Additional Meeting to Discuss Readings
Andres had suggested adding a monthly/ bi-monthly meeting to discuss readings open to any interested staff or students.  This would fulfill more of the traditional “staff interest group” role of discussion group. Roxanne points out this will be a lot of work, perhaps for a subcommittee.  We could post readings and see if there is interest in meeting to discuss (perhaps need at least 5 respondents to have meeting).  Could hold these meetings during lunchtime and potentially rotate to other branches.  Can send out notice to lib-all and lib-gra lists.  Also, LSC student members are interested in joining DASIG for some meetings, and this might be a good venue for that. Roxanne is nominated to coordinate diversity readings discussion group, and begin compiling a selected bibliography of articles.  
Events & Trainings
Began suggesting ideas for upcoming events and trainings.  Dale suggested that we consider events and trainings that we can offer this summer and early fall for interested staff. Possible Trainings with GSC, bringing BeVocal to the libraries, a training with MCEC, or Services to Students with Disabilities.  Discussed the difficulty getting to PCL considering the ongoing construction. Possibly offering next step for Ally Training at PCL. Considering schedule for fall  especially early fall, as students quickly get busy. Roxanne suggested starting Google Doc for collecting ideas for events and trainings.  Andres will send out Google Doc.
NDL Conference
Ben is still going to the National Diversity in Libraries Conference to present poster about the Inclusive U app; Jason will not be attending.  Waiting to hear back about funding for trip for presenting poster at conference.  Registration is sold out, however there is a long wait list.  Look into library paying for members to attend. Proposal to have subcommittee to help Ben with Poster  design, content and layout.  Roxanne suggested involving someone new to DASIG for fresh insight. Ben will also be sharing the video Jeremy created.  Skype will be difficult in poster presentation format, could add the video to YouTube.  Kristin suggested creating a QR code for the app.
Diversity Statement
Diversity Statement was revised during the Open House from Jennifer Heath’s eloquent original draft.  Current draft was presented, all liked, no changes suggested aside from spelling out UTL.

Meeting agenda, June 9, 2016

Welcome and meeting procedures (5 min.)

Round robin—“I remember…” from the May 31st meeting (5 min.)

Duties of communication officer & archivist/web oversight team (10 min.)

Communication Officer Key Responsibilities

  • Send DASIG updates to UTL Communication Officer for Libraries Update.
  • Send link to meeting minutes and a short summary to the Library Staff Council for inclusion in their meeting minutes bulletin.
  • Manage DASIG blog, recruiting volunteers as necessary:

1.  Follow up with bloggers to ensure timely posting of meeting minutes

2. Help new members get set up with WordPress accounts through TIS

3. Coordinate updates to the blog appearance and interface

  • Work with event planning committees on event promotion.

DASIG Archivist/Web Oversight Team

1. Manage DASIG wiki/possible migration of content to Sharepoint

2. Advise DASIG on version control for working documents and storage

3. Select documents for archiving in Texas ScholarWorks

  • Planning 2016 events and/or trainings  (20 min.)
  • Vote and finalize diversity statement (10 min.)
    Feel free to view the statement and comment before the meeting.
  • “It made me think…” (5 min.)—Motivations and commitments to DASIG, distilled into a few words or a sentence