Meeting Agenda July 14

  1. Welcome/ I remember… (5 min)
  2. Update on Ally Training – Jessica and Melanie (5 min)
  3. Sharepoint Migration Update – Gilbert and Allyssa (5 min)
  4. Discussion of Section IX of the LSC bylaws, and Ann’s draft of the DA ,  Ann Marchock  (20 min)
    -Please read the bylaws draft that Andres sent out prior to attending the meeting. Ann will include time for your questions.
  5. HR Department representation as DASIG transitions to a standing committee- Jennifer Heath (10 min)
  6. Events Planning Discussion (10 min)
    -Establishing a set of event planning procedures
    -This discussion may be postponed to our August meeting depending on the discussion of the bylaws
  7. It made me think… (5 min)