Meeting Notes 9/22/16

DASIG meeting 9/22/16

Facilitation: Dale Correa

Blogger: Kristin Walker

Attendees: Andres Ramirez, Dale,  Correa, Gilbert Borrego, Brittany Deputy, Jessica Trelogan, Loretta Wallace, Stacy Ogilvie, Melanie Cofield, Kristin Walker

Absent: Roxanne Bogucka, Jennifer Heath, Alyssa Guzman


AR reported on the DASIG and LSC  Co-Chairs meeting with UTL Events Planner, Thao Votang  on 9/21

      • For recurring events, Thao to know planned dates of events by the summer before in order to plan for the coming academic year Events process discussed. Please add events to the Main UTL Events calendar
      • We asked for clarification on “advance notice for events” depends on how much support you need for the event . Allow more advance notice if more support is required, such as AV support to record event. Allow at least 6 weeks for posters.
      • There is a revised Event Form created by Thao for UTL staff to use when
      • Please note that UTL events are not approved by Thao, but by your AD or D.
      • DASIG asked about a recurring budget for DASIG events, we are awaiting a response on this which will be brought up by LSC co-chairs at next VPC meeting.
      • LSC prefers for event coordinators attend, rather than mediate event development. Ask Doug to be added to agenda.

AR announced that Ben Rodriguez is leaving DASIG, but will continue to participate as a volunteer with the Disability Sub-Committee

BD discussed the DisABILITY Advocate Training Event progress and the following points were covered:

    • Date chosen, e-poster created, UTlearn registration initiated with Lib HR.
    • The date will be November 10, 1-3pm , PCL 1.124
    • GB recommended that we add UT learn link to eposter
    • SO recommended more “inclusive” snacks at events due to food allergies.

Our new group name is DAC (Diversity Action Committee) Beginning in January 2017 with our new committee status.

Safe Spaces -Space Assessment sub-committee.  Stacy Ogilvie and Kristin Walker volunteered to co-chair this sub-committee

Bylaws discussion

AR sent a survey to approve or disapprove bylaws by section.

We discussed each section and reviewed any items that were not approved unanimously for the group. We completed the bylaws discussion with revisions and will issue a final draft for review soon.

The following points were reviewed and modified in the bylaws.

  • Some questioned maximum number of members allowed for group. Distinguish between volunteers, associate members and full members.
  • Title for volunteers needed?
  • Add section on officers to elections section
  • Subcommittees
  • Representation- Approved
  • Attendance -all approved but replace “unexcused” with “unreported” for absences
  • Probationary employees joining the group, 6 months before joining as a full member
  • Co-chairs
    • Nominations, elections, staggered terms, eligibility, duties