Campus Climate Resources for UTL Community

In allyship with our diverse campus community, and especially in support of our students amidst the current national climate, DASIG would like you to be aware of the following resources.  Please share these resources widely with interested community members and remember DASIG is here as part of the larger UT campus support network.  You may contact any of our members with comments or concerns.

If you support or supervise students, this document compiled by UT’s Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) gathers student support resources that you can post in your offices or share with your students:

UT’s GSC resources are also available online (including mental health and emergency resources and the “I Support All LGBTQA+ People” sign):

Also, the Campus Climate Response Team helps maintain an inclusive and safe campus climate.  You may contact them to report bias incidents or contact the team with concerns:

If you are looking for support for yourself and your colleagues, please consider the Employee Assistance Program:

Meeting Notes 11/10/2016

DASIG monthly meeting 11/10/2016

Facilitator: Dale
Blogger: Collaborative

Attendees: Melanie Cofield, Gilbert Borrego, Dale Correa, Jennifer Heath, Brittany Deputy, Stacy Ogilvie, Kristin Walker, Andres Ramirez, Ann Marchock

Opened with sharing of thoughts on results of election outcome

Ways to show support for Muslim community:

  • Read/share illustrated Bystander’s Guide to Standing Up Against Islamophobic harassment and accessible text
  • Solidarity gatherings at mosque at 1906 Nueces in Austin
    • This mosque is both an Austin community and UT student community mosque
    • Being there as visible allies when worshipers come for services
  • Building links between Muslim community and support networks on campus
  • Mobile App to report incidents?  Dale looking into whether that works with UTPD/Campus Watch

Ways to be proactive at UTL:

  • Ask Lorraine to mention DASIG as resource in Friday update to lib-all
  • Compile resource list to refer folks to when need arises, and to distribute via student supervisors’ list-serv
  • Let HR know about concerns for student workers – they can report, get assistance

Co-chair election results: Melanie

By-laws update

  • New mission statement approved, by-laws approved with minor edit.
  • Sending to LSC & VPC for final review in their November meetings

DASIG transition schedule

  • Name change & by-laws ahead of schedule – yay! what’s next?  
  • Branding/logos? Members interested in working on this, maybe holding a competition

UTL Space Assessment Team update

  • Kristin Walker and Stacy Ogilvie coordinating
  • Incorporating accessibility considerations

Event planning

  • Repeat Ally Training needed, people expressed interest – let’s get it on the calendar
    • Observation that GSC’s Ally Training focuses on LGBTQ allyship, not necessarily race or religion allyship – lack of intersectional campus programming, can DASIG help build it?
  • BeVocal/Bystander Intervention programs have broader application
  • Engage MEC/DDCE on other broadly applicable training/programming
  • Andres planning to schedule meeting w/ Thao later this month, with Spring and future plans in hand
    • Signature event – April 2017
      • Panel discussion – libraries’ role in defending patron’s rights, access to information, tie ins with accessibility, Open Access, HathiTrust
      • Need to get panelists lined up before winter break
      • Volunteers to coordinate – Jennifer & Gilbert
      • Co-chairs will coordinate meeting with Thao later this month
    • Other Spring 2017 events
      • Ally training repeat
      • One additional training? Contact MEC, DDCE
      • Compile relevant external campus events into Sharepoint calendar for reference, cross-promotion
    • Other events ideas, recurrence
      • Ally training every long semester
      • DAC/iSchool Diversity Mentorship mixer September 2017
      • Reframe readings discussions as current events conversation/brown bag
      • Webinar format for summer events

Sharepoint site

  • Current session leader signup is a Word doc in Sharepoint, link available in site quick links
  • Build in anonymous comment function like LSC
  • Need strategy to answer & share out in responsible & efficient way

Holiday party decor

  • Discussion of curbing religious symbolism associated with workplace holiday events
  • Conversation should also include office decor
  • Shift to seasonal focus, change annual party name (e.g. Winter Wonderland Party)
  • LSC is looking for recommendations on how to handle, guidelines – should bring up in November LSC meeting

Meeting Notes 10/27/2016

Facilitator: Melanie
Blogger: Allyssa

Attendees-Melanie, Stacy, Kristin, Allyssa, Gilbert, Andres, Jennifer, Loretta, Dale

I remember

Andres- rushing through a lot of things to get to the bylaws, including a summary of the meeting with Thao and how planning ahead seems like a challenge for a committee with cycling members

Melanie- I remember bylaws


Stacy- same

Bylaws update

  • Everyone likes the qualtrics survey format for the next round of revisions
  • Next meeting is on November 10th, co chair election will be announced, and we will have the bylaws final vote
  • Andres will incorporate changes from last meeting and send it out
  • Feedback on mission statement
    • it makes sense to have something easy to scan, an elevator pitch
    • Call for volunteers to help: Jennifer would like to help through email
    • Comments sent in from Ben from VPC meeting were accepted

Co-chair updates

  • Three nominations, two accepted
  • Nominations close on Monday the 31st
  • The ballot will close on November 8th
  • Dale will be stepping down officially on November 10th
  • Contact Andres and Dale together with DASIG business until then
  • Ben Rodriguez has also stepped down as a full member, but will serve on the dis/ability subcommittee


  1. Do we need to wait until May for new members?

Something to discuss/include in bylaws

Suggestion to recruit membership gets below a certain level

  1. Is there a conflict having two potential co-chairs from one department?

No, all agreed, but it’s good to talk about and do our due diligence

Communication update

  • Allyssa sends minutes to LSC
  • Gilbert demonstrated the Sharepoint pages
  • Recommended reading
    • do we need to keep archiving them? If so, do they need to be on Sharepoint or the blog? Are there other groups that do this already? How often do we need to do this?
    • People should post articles to the blog themselves and link in an email.  
    • Melanie will work on categories
    • Allyssa will help coordinate staff to Make a tags list for the blog
  • Gilbert will work with Ethan to rename the blog in January
  • Call for feedback for libraries update

Disability advocate training

  • We have around 29 people signed up

Event planning

  • Sponsoring a Hearts of Texas event for next October, possibly with an educational component
  • Next meeting we will need to have a more comprehensive discussion
  • Everyone should start to consider if they would like to be on the planning committee
  • Ideas for spring signature event:
    • Marrakech treaty on making text accessible for the visually impaired and how that fits in with open access, so maybe partnering with Colleen, ways to talk about how libraries are making things accessible
    • campus tours of accessible routes