Meeting Notes 1/12/17

Held in Life Sciences Library
In attendance: Gilbert (facilitator), Stacy, Jennifer, Andres, Allyssa, Roxanne, Kristin, Jessica (Blogger)

Transition from DASIG to DAC
Andres reported:
Blog: has been renamed, but we still need to change the URL
Listserv: is changed to DAC, but the subject headings still say DASIG… ¬†Gilbert asked if there’s a way to forward from the old address to the new (Andres will check)

-About page has new text (all agreed we should put the mission statement there, and that we don’t need further explanation than that)
-Documents folder: older DASIG documents are in a sub-folder. Main folder contains there are facilitator/blogger guidelines, bylaws, and various other resources.
-There are only a handful of registered members listed on sharepoint. People need to get themselves registered/signed up.

Note that session leaders are now called “meeting leaders”
Moving forward: Andres suggested we need a clear communications plan document to describe where stuff goes, what the process is for communications, etc.
Official announcement:

-will be going out probably at Feb all staff meeting (but we are waiting to make sure everything is squared away to avoid confusion).
-we need to make few key points: transition, name change, announcement of new relationship with LSC, announce the upcoming open house.

Open house not scheduled yet, but we could announce that we’re thinking about April. Allyssa pointed out we should do the open house close to the members transition. Lessons learned session probably happening in March.

Lessons learned
Andres reported:
This is traditionally an annual self-assessment session, held in February. Usually this is facilitated by an outsider. Facilitated by Dr Betty Jean Taylor last year (possibly also the yr before).
Discussion: who should do it this year? should we even do one this year? It’s not in the bylaws…yet. We do probably want some form of assessment to talk about leadership, strengths of group, goals setting, etc., but maybe not necessary?
Last year: Dr Taylor solicited questions prior to the session via a Qualtrics survey. Asked about what were strengths/challenges of group last year, priorities, etc.
Kristin suggested we ask Krystal Wyatt-Baxter — she could walk us through the whole assessment plan.
Jennifer recommended Deborah Fields (training specialist here on campus).
Kim Burdine and Joey Hannah were recommended by Kristen Hogan (GSC)
Everyone agrees we ought to go ahead and do it.
We all seem to agree Krystal would be a great
Andres will send an email soliciting suggestions and close it 1/13. He’ll ask for nominees next week.
We also took a vote to confirm that we all agree we need a session (unanimous yes)
Andres will forward us the results from last year (and solicit suggestions for facilitators)

Meeting with Dr. haricombe
Dr. haricombe has approved/signed the event form, she is pleased and wants to talk with us “early january” to hear more results.
Andres invited her to this meeting but also suggested a separate meeting to discuss:
-clarifying communications plan, managing expectations. What do we want her to share out? Where are the boundaries, etc.
(e.g. staff wanted response to PULSE shootings, is it appropriate for us to respond to tragedies like this officially/formally?)
-What does lorraine think? What is she faced with (wrt Pres and Provost office). What can/can she not say?
Someone noted that we don’t really blog on our blog — this could be a place to share more info/thoughts related to current events?
We want to be responsible, but to have checks in our group, checks within UTL, etc.
We should also clarify when a committee report is expected and what it should contain.
JH: President’s office is going to be pushing for faculty more representative of students. Ripple effects will be beneficial for our recruitments, etc. lorraine is asking how we make our own recruitments more reflective too.
JH suggests that Andres/Melanie go to next LSC admin meeting
Andres will send an email inviting her to the next meeting, telling her where we are, etc. make sure our meetings are on her calendar.
RB: will our group have a role in fact finding, etc. about the more representative hiring push? Jennifer suggests we explore that and dig deeper with what we’ve done, etc. we’re doing well

Spring Panel Update

Jennifer reported that they have set a date (April 13th), and a room (Learning Lab 1) and they have talked to many panel members
Team has been working with Thao on basecamp and Thao will let Travis know about it.

-Announce at Feb all staff
-put on HR update
-put on Lib calendar
-tell our partners DDCE OIE GSC

Final Title has been settled: Gilbert will send that around.
Dr. haricombe also has an event in april (about breaking down barriers) — this is more of a collab with non-ut austin universities, but fits nicely with the theme
call for logos/graphics

RB: question about events like this and what kind of admin/official support there is for our evaluations (i.e. as professional development opportunities)