Meeting Notes 5/11/2017

Facilitator: Andres
Blogger: Melanie

Attending: Andres, Melanie, Gilbert, Kristin, Loretta, Roxanne, Jennifer

ACRL Diversity Alliance: conference report & UTL membership (Roxanne)

  • Panel presentation at ACRL, both Roxanne and Loretta attended, included 3 people from Diversity Alliance fellowships
  • Alliance FAQ online
  • Alliance is truly focused on librarians; by contrast, at DAC’s Open Meeting, we had conversations about how to promote diversity in other types of positions in the information profession. For example, residency programs are for people already in the librarianship pipeline. How can we recruit more diversity to that pipeline, e.g. high school recruitment?
  • Roxanne provided takeaways from an article on evaluations of academic library diversity residency programs, which she shared previously via DAC list
  • UTL conversations about Alliance membership are on hold due to reorganization, current budget constraints
    • Jennifer Heath is in conversations with current Alliance members to get lessons learned, etc.
    • Timing might be right for DAC to submit recommendations to UTL administration over the summer with pending budget decisions.
    • Ideal is to have two Librarian I fellows (so one person isn’t burdened as sole representative of diversity).
  • Discussion about funding fellowship positions:
    • Loretta recalls  hearing about creative strategies for funding fellowship positions at ACRL.
    • Jennifer mentions 1-time funds, but dependent on Provost office
    • What about endowment opportunities? This is on UTL Advancement’s radar, but there are challenges in seeking donations for this type of thing
    • Discussion around looking at UT Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, how to tie in our effort, seek UT funding opps.
  • Action item for co-chairs: Revisit DAC support for residency program, and raise topic of DAC recommendations in upcoming LSC/Admin meeting early June
  • Action item for DAC team Roxanne and Kristin: draft recommendations

Annual membership changeover / co-chair election (Andres)

  • This month concludes our current membership cycle.
  • Stacy shifting to Associate Member status, with interest in continuing work on reflection space and social media communications.
  • Allyssa needs to step down.
  • Jessica Trelogan shifting to Associate Member.
  • Next steps & action items:
    • Next DAC meeting scheduled for Thursday June 8
    • Get meeting facilitator & blogger signups going
    • Next week, contacting Open Meeting guests and other interested parties to invite them to join
    • Co-chair nominations – Melanie and Andres put together a timetable, with goal of voting in July.
    • July meeting date/time tbd, avoid July 4th vicinity.
    • Meeting scheduling for summer semester pending.
  • Co-chair voting via Qualtrics poll agreed upon.

Open Meeting follow- up / bystander training

  • Many members thought it went well, noting that smaller discussion groups (enabled by the station rotation format) are a rare opportunity.
  • Bystander Intervention Training – targeted audiences/scheduling considerations?
    • Jennifer suggests having sessions bringing both students and staff together, maybe more frequent/options to make it more available.
    • Jennifer volunteers to coordinate it
    • Kristin suggests we investigate a train-the-trainer option from BeVocal
  • FYI Micro Agressions Training DVD available via HR
    • Andres recommends second half with case-study of establishing a program, and will share slides
  • Summary of post-it takeaways from Open Meeting – interest in Outreach/High school recruitment idea
    • Reminder of iSchool Diversity Group & sponsor faculty Diane Bailey
  • Preparing for DAC current response – how to have seasoned/trained facilitators on hand?
    • Jennifer Heath has contacts who could be on hand as guest expert facilitators
    • Suggestion to get DAC members trained up
    • Needs: promotion strategy, facilitation guidance, ground rules for discussion
    • Melanie volunteers to help organize around this

Beyond Barriers event recap (Melanie & Andres)

  • We attended the UTL-hosted a panel event with ALA and TLA presidents, UT DDCE Vice President, & Austin Mayor (recording available online)
  • Discussed highlight from the panel: differing views on value propositions of diversity
  • Suggestion to give feedback to UTL administration that more time allotted for this kind of event would be great – we observed that more time for speakers to warm up, engage with each other, and more time for audience Q/A would provide deeper engagement with the topic.
  • Action item: Melanie to send notes out and share city report on blog
  • Action item: Andres to follow up on Monarch program mentioned by Kristen Hogan in post-event chat.


PCL 3.120 / 11am -noon

Facilitator: Andres Ramirez
Blogger: Melanie Cofield


I remember (All – 5 minutes)

ACRL Diversity Alliance: conference report & UTL membership (Roxanne -15 minutes)

Annual membership changeover / co-chair election (Andres – 15 minutes)

Open Meeting follow- up / bystander training (10 minutes)

Discussion of UT tragedy & campus reaction (10 minutes)

Beyond Barriers event recap (Melanie & Andres – as time allows)

It Made Me Think (All -5 minutes)