DAC Meeting Agenda for July 13, 2017

Thursday 7/13, 11:00am-noon, PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Roxanne Bogucka
Blogger: Kristin Walker

I remember (all – 5 minutes)

Co-chair Nominations (Andres – 10 minutes)

Reflection Space update (Kristin – 10 minutes)

Barrier-Free Exhibit update (Andres – 10 minutes)

Campus Climate Response Team report (Jennifer – 5 minutes)

It Made Me Think… (all – 5 minutes)

Meeting Notes 6/8/2017

Present: Melanie, Andres, Kristin, Jessica, Carla, Gilbert, Roxanne, Loretta, Bonnie, Stacy, Jennifer

Absent: Allyssa, Rebecca, Gina

Welcome new members/ farewell for departing members (Melanie)

Melanie reviewed DAC guidelines for group discussion.  She introduced present new members (Carla, Bonnie), continuing members (Andres, Kristin, Gilbert, Roxanne, Loretta, Jennifer) and departing members (Allyssa), and members transitioning to Associate Member status (Stacy, Jessica & Melanie).  Melanie will not be continuing as Co-chair and will be transitioning to Associate Member status.  Suggestion that Andres check with Associate Members on list and Ann and Jeremy whether they want to be on the email listserv.

Online Orientation/ Monthly meeting signup (Melanie)

Members have been updated on the blog.  New members should now also have access to DAC blog (meeting agendas & notes, posting articles), DAC UT Box folders (collaborative and in-process documents), DAC SharePoint (finished guides and resources), and DAC email listserv (announcements, sharing articles & news, discussion).  Melanie provided a tour of each DAC online platform and what each is used for.

Andres pointed out the revised meeting leader signup document on DAC SharePoint page.  Each full member is expected to sign-up to serve as facilitator and blogger once for each role throughout the year.  Sign-up is first come, first served, though members can trade if scheduling conflicts.  There is Guide for Meeting Facilitators in SharePoint Documents for reference.

A Doodle Poll will be sent out shortly for members to vote on meeting time for recurring monthly meetings.  Branch members encouraged to consider scheduling meetings at their branches (Life Science and Benson).  Stacy still willing to offer Geology as a meeting location.  Carla suggested meeting at Benson either later fall or early spring for most pleasant walking weather.  Suggestion of exploring earlier meeting times for branch meetings.

Nominations: Co-chair /Communication Officer (Andres)

Melanie is completing her partial term as Co-Chair, and will be transitioning to Associate Member status.  Allyssa is completing her term as Communication Officer, and will be stepping down from DAC.  Therefore, nominations are open for both of these positions, with an online poll election to follow.

Andres reviewed duties for both Co-chair and Communications Officer, from current by-laws draft (available on SharePoint).  Melanie reflected on being Co-chair for members considering.  Suggestion that Alyssa also contribute reflection on being Communication Officer.

LSC/Admin meeting (Roxanne/ Jennifer)

Andres, Roxanne and Jennifer attended the June LSC/Admin meeting.  Roxanne reviewed possible membership in the ACRL Diversity Alliance, which was proposed at the meeting.  Lorraine has been interested, and was glad to be reminded about this program.  Lorraine said that UTL will be joining as a member, though cannot yet commit to creation of residency program fellowship due to budget concerns.  Jennifer added that the current proposal for creation of fellowship is scheduled for further conversation at end of June with VPC.

Roxanne discussed proposal draft recommendations. Should be more than one (staggered cohort), fellows should have mentors, have dedicated pot for professional development funding.  Added recommendations were matched to specific points in UT’s recent Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan:


A map of diversity residency programs shows a lack in this region of the U.S., and Texas A&M is the only other Texas member university.  For membership in Diversity Alliance, a university is not required to establish residency.  They will take your $500 membership fee.  Roxanne agreed to share the draft recommendations on UT Box after the meeting.

Jennifer clarified that identifying funding sources (“cash”) would be most helpful at this point. An endowment would be great, potentially reaching out to other partners.  Since there is a major Texas major gap for this kind of initiative, this may be a selling point for partners.  Development office – alumni endowment possibilities for 2 year period.

Melanie suggested inquiring with UT Faculty Staff Associations such as PEFSA about possible funding for   diversity in academic professions.  Melanie, Stacy and Roxanne are all members and can work together to develop a language to inquire with these campus groups.  Kristin shared Cornell’s Diversity Fellowship job posting through the listserv, which can help in drafting a job description.

Annual event planning (Andres)

With new membership year beginning, Andres has drafted a DAC Annual Schedule as a timeline for recurring business.  This includes trainings and workshops (BeVocal, LGBTQ ALLY), as well as special annual meetings (Lessons Learned assessment, Open recruitment meeting), and planning goal points (deadline for submitting event forms, Annual Report).  Andres mentioned he will be sharing first Annual Report for group feedback, as well as annual bylaws revision.  He highlighted upcoming trainings and events, and stressed many of these dates are flexible and training times are flexible.   Andres has submitted 3 event forms for Hearts of Texas fundraising event, possible Barrier-Free exhibit reception, and Spring Panel event.

Began discussion of possible Hearts of Texas fundraising.  First, decide which charity we might want to sponsor from the extensive HoT list.  Gilbert and Carla shared link to the list.  Stacy suggested donations of Austin’s Pizza to sell by the slice.  Kristin suggested the return of the Chili Cook off.  Melanie will create a UT BOX event planning document for ideas.