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Dale J. Correa is the Middle Eastern Studies Librarian for the University of Texas Libraries.

Meeting Agenda August 11

Facilitating: Andres Ramirez

Blogging: Roxanne Bogucka

  • I Remember… (Voluntary – 5 minutes)
  • Scheduling monthly meetings (Dale -10 minutes)
  • Scheduling Orlando Readings session (Andres -10 minutes)
  • Planning next events /disABILITY Advocacy training (Dale -10 minutes)
  • Meditation Spaces assessment group & new DASIG name (Andres -10 minutes)
  • Recruiting & mentoring strategies for students (Andres -10 minutes)
  • It Made Me Think… (Voluntary – 5 minutes)

Below are several points to keep in mind for this meeting:

We will be holding discussion of our Bylaws for a separate 2-hour meeting yet to be scheduled.  If you have not yet voted and would like to participate in the Bylaws discussion, please select times in the following Doodle Poll that you will be able to attend:

Due to busy schedules during August, Kristen Hogan has agreed to reschedule the Orlando Readings discussion session for September.

The disABILITY Advocacy training was voted as our next event for early Fall, and we will be looking for volunteers interested in helping organize this event.

Also, Dale and I contacted Facilities earlier in the summer about our charge regarding “safe spaces” and they provided the following guidance:

-isolate functional requirements of the space

-engage representative sample of the projected users of such a space.  At UC Berkeley their student government has pushed for similar spaces, quiet areas around campus that are available for students to meditate, rest, etc.  Here’s an article:

They are going to include one of these rooms in their new undergraduate library renovation:

They are focusing on the “REST zones” from a wellness perspective:

-meet with   Krystal Wyatt-Baxter to think about how best to systematically gather information that would take the ideas DASIG has for safe spaces and operationalize them in a way that we can consider it in the next renovation

-find another term rather than “safe spaces” as all of the libraries are meant to be safe spaces.


Meeting Agenda, 5/31/2016

DASIG Meeting Agenda 5/31/2016
  • Welcome/“I remember…”
  • Introductions/Good-byes
    • Departing members: Jee Davis, Ann Marchock, Ronda Rowe
  • Co-chair Election (Jee Davis)
    • Nominees: Allyssa Guzman and Andres Ramirez
  • Housekeeping
    • Schedule regular meeting time (at least for summer)
    • Reminder: sign up for facilitator/blogger for meetings on the wiki
    • Wiki and blog are getting a facelift – consider assigning a web person to manage these
    • Review priorities from Lessons Learned session
    • Consider second, open monthly meeting for readings/discussion
  • Short-term: summer activities, NDLC conference, VP charges
    • Training/event for summer?
    • Sub-committee to assist Ben Rodriguez with presentation/poster
    • Review definition and safe space discussion from Open House
  • New Business
  • Closing/“It made me think…’

Meeting Recap, Open House 5/17/2016

Attendees: Allyssa Guzman, Brittany Deputy, Dale Correa, Jee Davis, Jennifer Heath, Ann Marchock, Andres Ramirez, Ben Rodriguez, Ronda Rowe, Gilbert Borrego

Guests: Melanie Cofield, Loretta Wallace, Jessica Trelogan, Stacy Ogilvie, Effie Bradley

Facilitator – Dale; Blogger – Dale

Welcome and Introduction

Dale welcomed everyone to the Open House, especially our guests who attended to learn more about DASIG and to consider joining. Jee told the history of DASIG, how it came into being, what it has accomplished, and potential roles and goals in the future. Dale also elaborated on the transition from a SIG (staff interest group) to an independent committee reporting to the VP through LSC. A suggestion was made that DASIG select a communications officer (or similar title) for promotion of events and shepherding of the blog and wiki.

Break-out groups

Charge #1: Diversity statement for UTL (Dale Correa, Jessica Trelogan, Stacy Ogilvie, Jennifer Heath, Brittany Deputy)

Through much discussion, the group working on the diversity statement for UTL came up with the following:

“UTL welcomes and respects all individuals and communities by valuing and consciously maintaining awareness of diverse perspectives and experiences. We believe inclusivity is critical to fostering excellence in all of our endeavors, and we promote diversity in the services that we provide as well as in our recruiting, hiring, and retention practices.”

Charge #2: Safe/inclusive space in UTL

The members of this group discussed the approach to inclusive space, noting that it is difficult to designate space in the first place due to legal concerns. Additionally, promotion or education around inclusive or space safe would be essential to the success of such a project.

Ideas for approaching safe/inclusive space also included:

  • Getting input from students/organizations
  • Room of all-purposes
  • The GSC (Gender and Sexuality Center) has studied safe/inclusive space
    • Work with campus partners with more experience
    • Prioritize the needs of inclusive space
  • Form a sub-group/committee
  • Gather evidence of current inclusive space by working with campus partners
  • Strategies to educate or promote the inclusive space issue

New Name for DASIG as an Independent Committee:

The Diversity Statement group took this one on as well, and suggest the following: the IDEA Team (Inclusivity and Diversity Education and Action Team).


Our discussions were long and fruitful, and we took the entire hour and a half. Wrap-up included a reminder to look for an email asking to commit (for new members), and dividing up the remaining scrumptious delights.