ARTICLES: Building a Barrier-Free Campus exhibit

Two articles about the Building a Barrier-Free Campus exhibit at PCL –

Daily Texan article about the Barrier-Free Campus exhibit and panel event:

UT Arlington College of Liberal Arts article:




Meeting Notes 9/25/17

DAC September monthly meeting minutes
Thursday 9/25, 11:00 a.m. to noon, PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Rebecca / Blogger: Bonnie

Present: Andres, Gina, Rebecca, Jennifer, Gilbert, Kristin, Loretta, Bonnie

Absent: Roxanne, Carla

 I remember (all – 5 minutes):

The group recalled our discussion of ADA parking spaces near PCL on campus and our enthusiasm for naming Gina as co-chair!

Jennifer brief update (5 minutes)

Jennifer reported on an exciting development opportunity that may allow us to participate in the ACRL Diversity Alliance program. She will continue to follow up with others in the organization.

Communciations Officer (Andres & Gina – 10 minutes)

DAC is still looking to fill this position, particularly given the priority for outward-facing communication. As per the by-laws, this role serves as a liaison to the UT Libraries Communications Officer, distributes monthly meeting minutes, manages a web presence, and works with event planning committees on event promotion. Since no one has stepped forward, it was suggested that it could possibly be a shared position between two people. For social media and other public presences, the group agreed that it would best to work with Travis and use UTL’s existing channels, rather than initiate them independently. Whoever fills or shares this role would move forward with that.

Action items: Renewed call for volunteers with the notion that the responsibilities may now be shared. Gina and Andres will follow up with potential nominees.

Workshop planning (Andres – 10 minutes)

Only three people signed up for the BeVocal training, so it will need to be rescheduled. Meanwhile, the next Ally Toolkit workshop is scheduled for Oct 27. Looking forward, we will also be scheduling our event for Hearts of Texas and a disability ally workshop. The group agreed that November might work well for the BeVocal rescheduling, and that spring might be best for HoTs and other events.

Action items: Andres will share a Box document to align planning and brainstorming.

Campus diversity groups (Gina – 10 minutes)

Gina has been following up on an initiative Melanie started with Beth Dodd to connect with other departments and schools on campus who have groups and efforts around diversity and inclusion. Loretta, also, has been proactively approached by the BFSA. The group will consider the best way to work with subject liaisons as we navigate these connections and what we’d like to do or gain by doing so.

Action items: Begin reaching out to liaisons and also JH will reach out to the DDCE about the possibility of forming a list of such groups.

Reflection space update (Kristin – 5 minutes)

The signage is up, the furniture is in, and people seem to be using it! There has been little to no promotion of the space, but its presence will be added to the library website. Also, a light sensor will be added to the office portion of the space, because right now the lights can be turned off (which invites mischief).

Hearts of Texas planning (Kristin – 10 minutes)

Kristin attended the HoTs planning event on behalf of DAC and shared ideas about what might be a good fit for DAC to sponsor – themed Bingo? As discussed earlier, spring feels like a good time for the DAC schedule – perhaps February / Valentine’s Day – “Hearts” in February.

Action items: Kristin will send list of possible sponsorship events

Barrier Free exhibit update (Andres – 5 minutes)

UT Arlington’s “Building a Barrier-Free Campus” exhibit has been approved to visit UT Austin. It will reside in the PCL UFCU from Oct 11 – 23, with a panel discussion on the 11th. October is Disability Awareness month, so there will be opportunities to cross-promote.

Action items: Andres could use assistance with coordinating this if anyone is available to volunteer



DAC September monthly meeting agenda

Monday 9/25, 11:00 a.m. to noon, PCL 3.120

Facilitator: Rebecca / Blogger: Bonnie

  • I Remember… (All – 5 minutes)
  • Communication Officer (Andres & Gina – 10 minutes)
  • Workshop planning (Andres – 10 minutes)
  • Campus diversity groups (Gina – 10 minutes)
  • Reflection Space update (Kristin – 5 minutes)
  • Hearts of Texas planning (Kristin  – 10 minutes)
  • Barrier Free exhibit update (Andres – 5 minutes)
  • It made me think… (All – 5 minutes)