DMPTool adds 100th institution

The DMPTool, a customizable interface for creating data management plans, has added its 100th institution-Baylor University. UT Austin has been partnered with the DMPTool for over a year. You can login to the DMPTool with your EID and password, and then create your funder-specific data management plan while seeing links & help text for UT data resources.

For more information about the 100th addition:

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Citing data

DataCite has developed some guidelines for citing data sets. They suggest using this format:

Creator (Publication Year): Title. Version. Publisher. ResourceType. Identifier

  • Creator: In literature citations, this would be the place to list author(s)
  • Title: Title of the data
  • Version: Data sometimes goes through multiple versions-this element is meant to indicate which version you’ve used
  • Publisher: The entity making the data available to others. It might be a subject repository like Dryad, an institutional repository like UT Digital Repository, a PI through their website, or many other options.
  • ResourceType: The type of thing you are citing. Examples: data set, image, software, etc.
  • Identifier: Ideally this should be the DOI or a persistent URL

For more information about citing data sets:

Why Cite Data?

Citing data (without tearing your hair out)

Metadata standards from DataCite: