Congrats to 2 engineering students taking first and second place . . .


AUSTIN, Texas—The University of Texas Libraries have announced the winners of the 2015 Signature Course Information Literacy Award. This award recognizes exemplary student work that achieves the learning outcomes of the Signature Course information literacy requirement. Three winners were chosen from 17 projects nominated by faculty.

Lauren Essary — a  Biomedical Engineering major in the School of Engineering — received first place for her research paper, “Homer in 18th Century America,” written for the  Signature Course “Tales of the Trojan War” (UGS 302) taught by Professor Adam Rabinowitz from the Department of Classics in the College of Liberal Arts. Essary’s work was selected for her approach to refining and developing her topic as part of the research process, her use of evidence to support her argument, and the range of primary and secondary sources with which she engaged.

Sarosh Nandwani — an Engineering Honors student majoring in Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering – received second place for her paper, “Autonomy for Palestinian Women in Israel,” written for the Signature Course “Jerusalem” (UGS 303) taught by Professor Jonathan Kaplan from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies in the College of Liberal Arts. Nandwani’s work was selected for her in-depth analysis of authority and methodology and her deep engagement with scholarly sources.

Laura Van Buskirk — a Biology major in the College of Natural Sciences – received third place for her paper, “Distracted Driving and How It Affects One’s Safety behind the Wheel,” written for the Signature Course “The Role of Technology Among Youth in Society and Education” (UGS 302) taught by Professor Joan Hughes from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education. Van Buskirk’s work was selected for the wide range of sources she used and her approach to research and writing as cyclical and iterative processes.

All three papers have been placed in the open access University of Texas Digital Repository where they are available for review.

The award, which includes a $500 prize for the first place winner, is given annually to projects submitted in a Signature Course, and is judged by a panel consisting of librarians and members of the Undergraduate Studies staff.

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