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WPS1 ART RADIO presents the new “Bio Blurb Show” hosted by Suzanne Anker.

The subject of the Bio-Blurb Show centers around aspects of the growing trend between art and science, and most particularly the biological and genetic sciences. Hosted by Suzanne Anker, the show features a roundtable discussion of the social issues that are affected by genetic engineering, forensics, new reproductive technologies, the patenting of life forms and related “Art-Sci” subjects.

“The purpose of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) is to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaborations between these fields.”

Royal Society tests new system of free access to papers

By Jon Boone in London

Published: June 20 2006 23:13

The world’s oldest learned society will on Wednesday tear up its 340-year-old business model with the launch of an “open access” journal allowing people to read its new scientific papers free of charge.

The Royal Society in London virtually invented the subscription-based system of peer-reviewed scientific journals when it started the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society in 1665.

But in a trial that will be closely watched by researchers and journal publishers around the world, it will allow authors to pay for costs of publication themselves.

Authors, or their research sponsors, who choose to pay to make their papers immediately available online will be charged £300 ($553, €439) per A4 page.

The open access movement has been a source of concern to commercial publishers such as Elsevier, Blackwell and Springer which have lucrative scientific publishing businesses.


Image and Meaning

Image and Meaning
MIT's Envisioning Science Project, home for the Image and Meaning Workshop Series, has joined forces with Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society and Harvard's Initiative in Innovative Computing (IIC) to present a series of regional workshops to continue our conversations from June 2005, both face-to-face and virtually, and also to expand our community with regional collaborations.