Reality Now Rare

On my way to work in morning, I walk past a sign that advertises “Reality Pros.” No wait, that’s “Realty Pros.” Realty professionals manage property, not reality.

Although the roots and meanings for reality and realty overlap, I’m much more interested in questions concerning:

reality– Real existence; what is real rather than imagined or desired; the aggregate of real things or existences; that which underlies and is the truth of appearances or phenomena.- OED


realty– a. The quality of being real, reality; real existence. Cf. reality n. 1, 2a. Now rare.- OED

rather than

realty b. Law. As a mass noun: real property (cf. real adj.2 7c); (now chiefly U.S.) real estate. Freq. attrib.OED

In compiling a reading list for geoscience fiction, I discovered a number of books and films about dangerous sea creatures with lethally sharp teeth.


If a book summary describes a monster lurking in the murky depths and is tagged under the category of cryptozoology, how do I decide if a book concerns science (reality) or fantasy (legend)? Are these sea creatures extinct sharks or megalodons? Sometimes in popular science fiction, even legendary creatures are recipients of scientific explanations and eat Scully’s dog Queequeg. The definition of cryptozoology encompasses a wide range of the real and imagined.

Cryptozoology: The study of unknown, legendary, or extinct animals whose existence or survival to the present day is disputed or unsubstantiated.

I would gladly hire the services of a reality pro to interpret vague plot summaries and to distinguish between extinct animals such as megalodons and cryptids such as the Loch Ness monster.