An earthworm for a bookworm

Worm’s-eye views is a Library of Congress cartographic materials genre term. In terms of drafting, photography, and cinema, a worm’s-eye view offers the perspective of the world as seen from the ground.

Although worm could refer to many creatures, even to ancient serpents or dragons, I most often think of the earthworm. Earthworms do not even have eyes- they have photoreceptors. Maybe I unfairly stereotype earthworms as creatures that exist and toil with no interest in their marvelous nature nor in their important role in the cycle of life. So how would a worm gain a gloriously unique perspective of insight and beauty?

Your stars, they wound me

Astrobleme, or star wound, is a vivid synonym for impact structure. I came across this term in Philippe Bouysse’s Explanatory Notes for the Geological Map of the World.

Bouysse also included this quote on the title pages:

«Ce qui est simple est toujours faux. Ce qui ne l’est pas est inutilisable.» Paul Valéry (Mauvaises pensées et autres, 1942)

Geological map of the world sheet 1