Geologic Maps of Turkey = Türkiye jeoloji haritaları

Isparta, TurkeyWe acquired an incredible collection of several Turkish Geological Maps this summer. Thank you to Liz Catlos and her students for the time and effort it took to collect these maps and have them delivered to us!

And this week we finally finished cataloging and processing them, so you can now peruse them in the stacks at your leisure. Included are geological surveys, landslide inventories, and active fault inventories.

Post Shark Week, we bring you more terror : The Tsunami that reshaped America by James W. Mercer

The Tsunami that reshaped America Not Sharknado, Sharkalanche, or Sharknami, this new James Mercer book is about another disaster that will change the course of history. Geologist Mark Malloy is kidnapped by a militia which hopes to use Malloy’s skills to create a mega tsunami that will destroy the American government as we know it. Malloy defies coercion, but can he hold out against the militia until his wife and a renegade FBI agent can rescue him?

The Tsunami that reshaped America is the third Mark Malloy book and is a new arrival to the Geology Library. We also have  The scrolls : the missing eighteen years and The volcano that changed the world.

The Complete Cave Trilogy by Mike Phoenix

Village of the Invalids
Part Three: Village of the Invalids by Mike Phoenix

The Complete Cave Trilogy : exploration and exploitation of Mammoth Cave in the 19th century by Mike Phoenix, is one of a handful of fictionalized accounts of Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave and its renowned explorer and guide, Stephen Bishop. Part One: A Peculiar Education covers; Part Two: Between Worlds; Part Three: The Village of the Invalids.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mammoth Cave, the cave has a varied history as a saltpeter mine, hideout, hospital, national park, and home to endangered animals, but is also an example of the tradition of cave exploration and stewardship by African Americans.

Visit the Walter Geology Library and see our display of Mammoth Cave books and popular cave tours!

Mike Phoenix has another set of books- The Complete Jesus in Space Trilogy. The icon for Jesus in Space is a Jesus fish, head turned upward, like a rocket blasting off into space.