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New maps added this week: November 3-7, 2014

Stig Nygaard : Aerial view of Greenland seen from flight DL 0069 (Copenhagen - Atlanta).
Stig Nygaard : Aerial view of Greenland seen from flight DL 0069 (Copenhagen – Atlanta).

We added almost the complete set of Geologisk kort over Grønland last week!

Geologisk kort over Grønland (Geological map of Greenland)
Grønlands geologiske undersøgelse (The Geological Survey of Greenland)
G 3381 C5 S100 D4
60 Ø.1 Nord. Lindenow Fjord. 1998.
70 Ø.1 Nord. Hurry Inlet. 1981.
70 Ø.1 Syd. Kap Brewster. 1986.
70 Ø.2 Nord. Kap Leslie. 1980.
70 Ø.2 Syd. Vikingebugt. 1984.
70 Ø.3 Nord. Rødefjord. 1983.
70 Ø.4 Nord. Rolige Bræ. 1977.
70 Ø.4 Syd. Vestfjord. 1984.
71 Ø.1 Nord. Fleming Fjord. 1983.
71 Ø.1 Syd. Carlsberg Fjord. 1980.
71 Ø.2 Nord. Sydlige Stauning Alper. 1977.
71 Ø.2 Syd. Gurreholm. 1976.
71 Ø.3 Nord. Frederiksdal. 1975.
71 Ø.3 Syd. Renland. 1976.
71 Ø.4 Nord. Charcot Land. 1975.
71 Ø.4 Syd. Krummedal. 1975.
81 Ø Nord. J.C. Christensen Land. 1986.
82 Ø Nord. Nordkronen. 1986.
82 Ø Syd. Wandel Dal. 1986.
83 Ø Syd. Harder Fjord. 1986.

60 V.1 Nord. Nunarssuit. 1967.
60 V.1 Syd. Nanortalik. 1973.
60 V.3 Nord. Søndre Sermilik. 1996.
61 V.1 Nord. Neria. 1975.
61 V.2 Nord. Midternæs. 1974.
61 V.3 Syd. Narssarssuaq. 1973.
62 V.1 Nord. Bjørnesund. 1985.
62 V.1 Syd. Nerutussoq. 1976.
62 V.2 Syd. Nigerdlikasik. 1976.
63 V.1 Nord. Buksefjorden. 1983.
63 V.1 Syd. Grædefjord. 1982.
63 V.2 Nord. Kangiata Nuna. 1981.
63 V.2 Syd. Sinarssuk. 1980.
64 V.1 Nord. Fiskefjord. 1989.
64 V.1 Syd. Qôrqut. 1984.
64 V.2 Nord. Ivisârtoq. 1988.
65 V.2 Syd. Isukasia. 1987.
67 V.1 Nord. Agto. 1984.
68 V.2 Nord. Ikamiut. 2006.
68 V.1 Syd. Kangaatsiaq. 2004.
68 V.2 Nord. Kangersuneq. 2005.
69 V.1 Nord. Mellemfjord. 1987.
69 V.1 Syd. Uiffaq. 2000.
69 V.2 Nord. Pingu. 2001.
69 V.3 Nord. Ataa. 1995.
70 V.1 Nord. Agatdal. 1974.
70 V.1 Syd. Qutdligssat. 1976.
70 V.2 Nord. Agpat. 1987.
71 V.1 Nord. Svartenhuk. 1991.
71 V.1 Syd. Igdlorssuit. 1983.
73 V.1 Syd. Tasiussaq. 1984.
74 V.1 Nord/Syd. Kuvdlorssuaq. 1985.
70 Ø.2 Nord, Kap Leslie ; 70 Ø.3 Nord, Rødefjord Text. 1988
71 Ø.2 Nord, Sydlige Stauning Alper ; 71 Ø.3 Nord, Frederiksdal Text. 1980
71 Ø.4 Nord, Charcot Land ; 71 Ø.4 Syd, Krummedal Text. 1982
61 V.1 Nord, Neria ; 61 V.2 Nord, Midternæs Text. 1990
63 V.1 Nord, Buksefjorden Text. 1983
64 V.1 Syd, Qôrqut Text. 1993
68 V.1 Nord, Ikamiut ; 68 V.1 Syd, Kangaatsiaq Text. 2010

Internationale hydrogeologische Karte von Europa (International Hydrogeological Map of Europe)
International Association of Hydrogeologists

Plate Boundary Model PB2002
Peter Bird
G 3201 C55 2003 B5

Mining and Mineral Processing Operations and Significant Mineral Deposits
Australian Mining Industry Council
G 8961 H1 1987 A8

New maps added this week for October 20-24, 2014, from Oregon to the Rains down in Africa

Cartes des Pluies Annuelles en Afrique, IRD
Cartes des Pluies Annuelles en Afrique, IRD

Geologo-strukturnai︠a︡ karta s ėlementami neotektoniki, Mongolʹskai︠a︡ Narodnai︠a︡ Respublika
G 7896 C55 S1000 A4 K-47-M-50 GEOL MAPS

Geologic Map of Oregon
Compiled by G.W. Walker and P.B. King, U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
G 4291 C5 1967 W3 GEOL MAPS

Carte des pluies annuelles en Afrique (Annual rainfall map of Africa)
IRD, Institut de recherche pour le développement
G 8201 C88 2012 I5 GEOL MAPS

New Maps added this week, from Mississippi Delta to Mongolia : October 17-20, 2014

International Geological Map of Asia, Scale 1:5,000,000, CGMW
International Geological Map of Asia, Scale 1:5,000,000, CGMW

We have some new geological and hydrogeological maps this week:

Black Bay 30 x 60 Minute Geologic Quadrangle

Mississippi River Delta 30 x 60 Minute Geologic Quadrangle

International Geological Map of Asia
G 7401 C5 2013 C6 SHEET 1-12 GEOL MAPS

Geological map of South America, 1979
G 5201 C5 1979 M47 ROLLED GEOL MAPS

Mongolyn gidrogeologiĭn zurag 1:1,000,000 (Hydrogeological map of Mongolia 1:1,000,000)
G 7896 C3 S1000 Z4 K-47-M-50 GEOL MAPS

Double Drop by H.A. Hurtt

doubledropLooking to hole up with a cave thriller? This just in: Double Drop by H.A. Hurtt!

“When cave researchers uncover a connection between the death of a friend and the desecration of an exquisite Sierra Nevada cavern, they become pawns in a plot to replace the FBI with a Blackwater-styled security firm. The end-game plays out in the labyrinth of California’s longest cave.”

Geologic Maps of Turkey = Türkiye jeoloji haritaları

Isparta, TurkeyWe acquired an incredible collection of several Turkish Geological Maps this summer. Thank you to Liz Catlos and her students for the time and effort it took to collect these maps and have them delivered to us!

And this week we finally finished cataloging and processing them, so you can now peruse them in the stacks at your leisure. Included are geological surveys, landslide inventories, and active fault inventories.

The Complete Cave Trilogy by Mike Phoenix

Village of the Invalids
Part Three: Village of the Invalids by Mike Phoenix

The Complete Cave Trilogy : exploration and exploitation of Mammoth Cave in the 19th century by Mike Phoenix, is one of a handful of fictionalized accounts of Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave and its renowned explorer and guide, Stephen Bishop. Part One: A Peculiar Education covers; Part Two: Between Worlds; Part Three: The Village of the Invalids.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mammoth Cave, the cave has a varied history as a saltpeter mine, hideout, hospital, national park, and home to endangered animals, but is also an example of the tradition of cave exploration and stewardship by African Americans.

Visit the Walter Geology Library and see our display of Mammoth Cave books and popular cave tours!

Mike Phoenix has another set of books- The Complete Jesus in Space Trilogy. The icon for Jesus in Space is a Jesus fish, head turned upward, like a rocket blasting off into space.


Demon duck of doom!

MegafaunaI wish that I had come up with the nickname for Bullockornis planei, an extinct flightless bird, but I didn’t. Speaking of megafauna from a different part of the world, the Geology Library recently added Megafauna : giant beasts of Pleistocene South America by Richard A. Fariña, Sergio F. Vizcaíno, and Gerry De Iuliis at call number QE  881 M475 2013 Geology Library.

Your stars, they wound me

Astrobleme, or star wound, is a vivid synonym for impact structure. I came across this term in Philippe Bouysse’s Explanatory Notes for the Geological Map of the World.

Bouysse also included this quote on the title pages:

«Ce qui est simple est toujours faux. Ce qui ne l’est pas est inutilisable.» Paul Valéry (Mauvaises pensées et autres, 1942)

Geological map of the world sheet 1