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The universe within : discovering the common history of rocks, planets, and people by Neil Shubin

The Universe Within by Neil Shubin has just arrived! By the author of Your Inner Fish, this is a light, fun read, with a variety of anecdotes about time, the universe, world travel, science, and scientists. Good for browsing or reading straight through on a lazy afternoon. The mini biographies that pepper the book are tantalizing, e.g. the “Harvard Computers,” women astronomers who collected raw data and worked to interpret them.

Rocks, Landscapes, National Parks of Queensland

We recently acquired several geological guides for the Rocks, Landscapes, and National Parks of Queensland, Australia.

Each guidebook gives the geological origins and episodes of its particular region and then groups the parks by similar geological features. For example, Central Queensland parks are organized by limestones, meta-sediments, violent volcanoes, granites, sandstone belts, and sunken basins. With sketches, photographs, maps, and walking tours, these guidebooks are useful for real hiking trips and for trips of the imagination for those of us who have never been to Australia but have cataloged hundreds of books about its geology.

Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia:

Return from Oz

Earth’s Art : Celebrating the Centennial of the Bureau of Economic Geology

The Bureau of Economic Geology may be the State Geological Survey of Texas, but our researchers investigate the world and beyond!

Laubach, Stephen E., and Scott W. Tinker. Earth’s Art: Celebrating the Centennial of the Bureau of Economic Geology, 1909-2009. [Austin, Tex.]: University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, 2009.

Earth's Art